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  1. We had our yearly Halloween party at work once again, and I dressed up as the TK again for the third year in a row. This is the completely final version of my armor. The Gino bucket is now finally completely done, and since last year I've lost quite a bit of weight. I've been able to take about 2 inches on each side of my side gap armor! I feel and look a lot better, and I couldn't be more proud. The Gino helmet finally gives it the look I've longed for. Can't wait to do more troops in this thing!
  2. If you took it from the outside vs the inside, and knew the thickness of the plastic used, shouldn't you get the same sized helmet regardless of which way you do it though?
  3. Awesome point. This could be the problem then. I didn't know that moulds could vary this greatly in size. So which is more accurate as far as size then... TE2 or AP?
  4. Yep, I know that the distance from the top of the eyes to the brow (and even to the top of the dome) can vary by means of construction, so I've not been comparing them that way during troops. The height (or at least some of it) seems to be coming from the faceplate itself... BELOW the top of the eyes. This means that the height difference, at least to my understanding, even if constructed differently, should be coming from the face itself.. unless the angle of the face is so different that it's making it appear one to be shorter than the other. My first thought when comparing the two was to immediately look at the height difference of both buckets from the top of the eyes up... assuming that the height difference MUST have come from there, as it would only make sense. However, I found that the domes had a very similar height, and nothing that would account for the huge difference in height I saw between the two. I also distinctly remember some of the elements of the face (tear boxes, frown, eyes) NOT being the same height on the buckets when compared, which is what really got me thinking about this. Again, whoever mentioned the angle of the faceplate, could be onto something, as it's not something I thought about. However, I'd not suspect such a huge height difference coming solely from the angle of the face plate. Maybe a half inch, but not 1.5 inches. Anywho, we'll see. I'll post pictures of my bucket next to my friend's by next week.
  5. Well, I see my buddy who has the AP kit this Thanksgiving, so I'll post some pictures with measurements side by side then . The girl who has an ATA in our Garrison I don't see terribly often, but I remember hers being the same shortened height. Either way, anything you can provide would be really helpful!
  6. That's an awesome picture! And I didnt' know they went up that far on TE buckets. Very cool. But, this wouldn't affect the height of the faceplate (where the eyes, frown and nose match up) as all the excess material is at the top, right?
  7. No no, I'm saying the TE2 is larger. The eyes, frown, etc seem to be all the same size, but it's like the distance between all those is different or something because the parts (eyes, frown, etc) don't match up bucket to bucket. Btw, thanks for the other posts. It very well could be the angle of the faceplate. My buddy's AP bucket is more of a Hero look (it's not a hero, but you get my point) than mine which is more of a "move along" look. However, if the angles of the faceplates are the same (again, I'll have to check on this), wouldn't the height of the eyes, nose, and frown be the same for TE2, AP and ATA? Because other than the angle you proposed, I don't see why they would be different if they really came from the same source and weren't changed drastically at all. Btw, while I don't think the dome part you mentioned would be a concern in this case (as I'm measuring faceplate height, and not dome height), your point about "deeper" sections might be true in the aerator areas. This area is typically VERY weak with the accurate buckets, so maybe AP and ATA's have more of a sag there, resulting in a shorter faceplate.... Things to ponder about... If anyone else has any ideas, please share!
  8. Ok guys, just curious here. To my knowledge (hopefully I understand this correctly), TE2, AP, and ATA (along with PT, etc and even TM to some extent) all derive from TE armor. I'm sure each maker has probably "fixed" aspects of the armor before they pulled their molds, making each their own.. but something really is bothering me. Why is it that TE2 (or PT) buckets are so much taller than other makers such as ATA or AP? I noticed when I've had my bucket next to some of my friends with these kits, their buckets can be up to 1.5" shorter than mine. I know it's not a problem with my bucket as I've had it next to TE2 buckets (multiple ones, including one I owned) and they're all the same height. I understand that with AP at least, some parts aren't mirrored, etc. and are different, and I understand that a lot of these makers smoothed out some of the bumps to make things cleaner looking and what not, but why would height be effected? What really confuses me, is that it's never the height of the dome (something that could be maybe cut differently). It's the actual face plate.. something that should have the same height from the bottom "chin" aerators to the top of the eyes, that's not matching up. Don't get me wrong, each look perfectly accurate to me, but I'm just trying to understand why armor that's all derived from each other.. despite modest changes.. would have a height difference? As a last note THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE A RELIGIOUS DEBATE. I'm simply trying to educate myself here, and am in no way favoring any armor maker or asking anyone which is better. Thanks, Darryl
  9. Thanks for the update! Btw, I'm a graphic designer, so if there's any type of help you need (clipping images, etc.) let me know. I can't imagine doing all those myself, and with new EIBs added every week that's got to be hard, haha. Let me know, Darryl
  10. Hey guys, I know you were busy before when I requested this about 6 months or so ago, but I noticed despite my new armor ESB being approved for EIB and having replaced my old ANH EIB armor, my old ANH armor is still in the EIB list after all this time. It's not that big of a deal, just wondering how much longer I should expect to wait till it's updated. Just hope you guys didn't forget about me, haha.
  11. Yep it was pretty cool. The ammo belt is parallel with my thigh armor. My leg is at an angle, which is why it looks like it's sticking out. Also, for ESB standards, the shape is correct. That threw me off when I first saw the kit, too.
  12. Yea, it was nice that we weren't made to carry bananas instead of blasters . I never like trooping without my blaster.. I don't really know where to put my hands, and the belt post makes me feel like I'm doing a Darth Vader haha. Yea, it's amazing to see it looks like I stepped off the set. I've owned it for a handful of months now, and I'm still in awe of it as the first day I got the kit. It's funny to know that as a kid, I played with the figures and wished I could be one. I never would have expected to one day own armor that was the spitting image of the films I cherished growing up. Thanks again for the compliments. It was a great troop, and it was really fun giving the new armor it's first troop.
  13. Hey guys! Thanks for the compliments! Yea, it was a really rewarding troop. The kids acted well, which is always a plus, and you could tell they were all astounded to be with us. The younger kids were in awe, and the older kids wanted to "hang out" with us by following us and helping us around . They had a paper "space ship" area where you could learn to make some pretty neat paper airplanes from books they had, and then test them toward a hanging net that had loop targets on it for you to aim at. They had a "make you're own blaster" area, where you could make a blaster out of boxes and wrapping paper tubes, ect. And then other ones, like an area where you got to make your own planet, ect ect ect. It was a great event to do the armor in, as it was indoors, cool, full of appreciative kids, and a very long event which made it quite a bit of fun . Thanks again, the armor is as fun to wear as it is to look at, that I promise you! I absolutely love it, and I could never NOT be a TK, that much I know. Other armors will come and go, but there's something really magical about the TK.
  14. Well, after all the work getting this going and replacing my other EIB armor, I was finally able to go to a troop in it. I have a few pictures of me and the guys. I'm the only TK there, it's my EIB ESB gear. The event was amazing. There had to be at least 300 kids there. They had Star Wars related activities, and even showed episode IV on a big screen. Heck the first picture was actually in the local newspaper! Anywho, here ya go:
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