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  1. I'm still interested - and any chance of a removable stock?
  2. I'm interested in one with an optional assault stock and the pistol?!
  3. I've been emailing to the address here: http://www.crow62prophouse.com/ Not sure he is still making boots. Has anyone else heard from Gio?
  4. I've tried multiple times to pm and email Gio but haven't gotten any replies. I hope there is someone else out there working on these.
  5. So when do you start work on the design of the mini pistol?
  6. I'm interested in a set of both the blaster and pistol with any extra goodies you can cram in them! Wouldn't want to be lost in space without proper protection!
  7. Anyone know the best way to reach Gio other than his website shop msn email or his pm address? Can't seem to reach him. Is he still making Legacy boots or is there anyone else creating them? Thanks!!!
  8. So where can we find the latest CRL for this armor?
  9. Those are a lot of pieces! I'm waiting to see what kind of instructions come from Kevin! And I'm interested in the helmet design!
  10. I have a set coming for my wife as well. I saw the boots from the UK. What does Giovanni offer? Does he offer a white-soled Chelsea styled boot? It'll be great to see these suits in action!
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