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  1. Here in german, http://www.liberales-waffenrecht.de/2015/12/04/eu-waffenrecht-reaktionen-der-mdep/ Here the new guidelines. http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?qid=1455817453978&uri=CELEX:52015PC0750 In short, Since April 06.2016 are all half automatic weapons wich look like full automatic weapons no more allowed. Also deaktivated ones. It's no more allowed to sell, buy, or resell deaktivated weapons from private to private. Also the so called "old spec" versions.
  2. ..which they not should be allowed to do anymore , if they would be correct deaktivted. BTW: Take a look here what's going on since 06.April.16. Cause of the terror attacks in France and Beligum, where also reused deactivated AK 47 got used , there is a new law for deactivated weapons in action since the 06. April 2016. https://www.all4shooters.com/en/Shooting/law/EU-proposed-gun-ban/ https://www.rt.com/uk/337621-eu-gun-laws-isis/
  3. What else it could be. Sergiu Nice to see that Gino could made some personal copy ('s) for himself of that set which were given to EFX for casting and licenced selling for about 3 or 4 years now. Well, i can not be mean with him,if would be him i had made it the same if i had the chance. But to show it up to here, as "your" armour Gino has a bad taste for me. It's something like: Look what i copied from screen used stuff over the time, cause i had acces o the LFL archieves and worked with EFX . Something you will never ever have cause EFX is meanwhile just skint,stony-broke and will never release anything else of those products which were announced for about 3 years ago. Sorry but that's At the end this thread i think is just something to poke you in a better spotlight, or make some guys envious which criticized you and efx on meanwhile every board, for your bad customer service and your unaccomplished announcements. Btw. Is this a licenced copy you made there for you? And if YOU could made this very nice casts, why not efx could do it in 3 years?
  4. That looks really nice to me. Was there anything written on those helmets , where they come from ?
  5. Which parts exaclty are casted from a original suit and from which kind of suit , if may can ask?
  6. LOL. We all have just seen 5 blurry pic's not even one real trailer or teaser. You really think about now at this stage on a 501st accept for this kind of armour we know nothing in detail ? Man... maybe those ARE from Anovos and than? Happy new year :happy and cheerful birthday:
  7. Finaly some nice trooper costumes. Looks 1000 times better to my eyes as this TFA stuff. Nice to see they do it this way. That's how a trooper should look. OT Style!
  8. Well i still not know what to think about the movie.Sure it was not that worse as Episode I , but to me there was the Star Wars feeling gone after the mid part of the movie. I liked how the movie worked till the mid part as sad, Kylo Ren had could become a bad villian ...till..yeah till he drop his mask of and begun to get a whiny childish teen guy. After that sence the whole movie get more and more boring. Ren did not know if he now should wear his helmet or not, i no longer have seen any sence it that thing also. So did he just wear it to look as his grandfather did ..or just cause it's nice, or cause he had halitosis? At the biginning of the movie this guy acts like a main person of the new order, command troops , execute enemys without any question. And after they changed him to that whiny boy ,it seems he has no clue what he's doing, is not more as trainee from this CGI remake of Grendel out of Beowulf which got called Snoke and get shoved arround from new order officers. At the end of the movie he got beaten by a girl which has more force power as luke and Vader together ever had as it seems and learned to used the force in a speed, like Neo in the matrix did learn KungFu.. That all ruined the whole charakter to me. From bad guy to worse guy in 60 min. Than at next this "Death Planet" which had looked like a big terminator eye or a bad brother of HAL 9000 had the same faults as all the Death Stars before him. Sure...guys... a litle bit new thoughts on the movie could had been there. And it got destroyed from a singel man fighter and some tiny detonators which Han and Chewie placed...lol...same procedure as last year miss sophie? To much stolen from AnH this movie was,....for me more a reboot as a sequel. That Han died was ok for me,Ford wanted that since ESB, but how he died was a joke. I mean Han see his Son and tell him that he loves him so much and he should come back to who?? To him and Lea which he has not spoken for how long...we don't know ...Han Solo you got really old man. I had could understand, if Han had gave " Ben" a slap in his stupid face and after that "Ben" get one of his ADHS attacks and cut him in half with his lightsaber. That would had been a worthy end of Solo. Than what should this Captain Phasma thing be? Screen time less then Boba Fett, looked cool but thats all imho. Big anounced as a stromtrooper commader and squibbed like hot air in the wind. Btw. stormtrooper, they all looked like they are 300 lbs heavy and as it seems they lost there neck. Still not like the disgn, but that's a matter of taste for sure. As one other here also said, there had could been a bit more different vehicles in it as, one stardestroyer 30 X Wings and 30 Tie Fighters. The sets looked realy real which i liked at most on the movie , but they also looked very empty and loveless at some points. The Thing with Lukes lightsaber...is that now metamorphosed into Saurons ring that it called for his master? Sorry ..wrong universe. So there is a lot of disappointment to me in that movie.It just feels like rewarmed coffe for the 10th time and got to much hyped before release for what it really is. The best part for me had Luke, without to say something he had a presence which i not have felt since .....
  9. That's not a screen used helmet, it's a production made helmet. Was wrong declared by auction.
  10. I like the old style hero stormtrooper lenses on that desert mask goggles
  11. May this helps: http://forum.rebelscum.com/t1112032/ -------------------- And something about the history: http://thepropden.aokforums.com/debunking-stormtrooper-myths-perpetrated-by-gino-vt2310.html
  12. Hey i know this... Its as Paul said. For me as more as a prop collector the look was ok as i want it in that look.It should be looked as it is. At the other hand , i have not asked for a worn or "f***ked up look... it just came in it. So if i had liked to get shiny and scratch free "new" stuff for that amount of money, i had been very upset and disapointed. The major problem is as i think, how i say it in english.... ?... Would say...perfunctory, careless and fast-paced working methodes should not be the excuse that it gives the product a screen accurate / screen used look .
  13. Thx Dennis. If i can belive the stamp date listing than it's around 1972.
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