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  1. UPDATE: Had to make some refinements and corrections to the magazine model. The walls were to thin to print in metal so I had to increase all walls to 1mm. I also added a few small circular indentations which should appear in the print. I have uploaded it to Shapeways and have ordered a test print.
  2. Okay, so I got to work 3d modelling the cut down magazine. Not to shabby.
  3. If you find me one I’ll give you a finders fee! I am searching every week.
  4. After many MANY years, I am finally getting around to building one of these. I ended up first purchasing a cut up MGC MKV from a gentleman here for spare parts, not knowing what I would need in the future. A year or so later, I purchased another MGC from a guy in England, who completely Frankenstein-ed it with REAL L2A3 sterling parts. Luckily I was able to use the parts from the cut up MGC to replace all the missing pieces. Just recently, I found another MGC MKV in fantastic condition, as rare as they are to find I couldn’t pass it up. After receiving it however, I realized there were small holes near the front of the barrel. It was possibly made into a blaster before but had been changed back to its previous state by a collector. Now I have two of these beautiful pieces ready to build up. I have printed out the scope rail, the gun hammers, and front sight piece (trying to find an original RO72). I have also 3d modeled the U tracks and door catch greeble. I will more than likely be modeling a copy of the MGC MKV magazine for print since they are harder to find than the gun itself.
  5. Sorry for the all caps title but I have searched and found a few threads regarding dark staining of armor caused by soft parts or possibly blaster all with no real good solution. I have had my armor stored away for quite sometime and have made the mistake of storing it with my hyperfirm, neck seal, and under suit; I decided to break everything out a few days ago and put the armor on my mannequin, and that is when I found this blue mess all over my ab plate. I also have stains on the chest plate, shoulder bell, thigh, and back plate. I have tried using Novus 2, I used Oxi Clean, bleach pen, and magic eraser and none of them worked at all. Has anyone had success removing these marks??
  6. I just don't care much about the new look. It's like they didn't even bother using reference material. If they wanted to idealize the armor so that the wearer could have more flexibility, they could have done a much better job. They might as well had used FX armor.
  7. These boots are fantastic! I ordered a pair and they fit very nice!!! These will be the default boots I recommend to members and new comers! Very comfortable! I do recommend ordering a size larger than your actual measurement though.
  8. Thanks man! I have to admit, that last picture is also a favorite of mine. Thank you all for the warm complements. Once I get my 501st ID, I will be applying for EIB and Centurion status.
  9. Thanks man, now I just need to start trooping with the garrison!
  10. Mark does do stellar work, but this one is a TM. He actually made the armor a bit larger to accommodate a variety of builds. It is a bit larger than my old TE ROTJ armor.
  11. thanks man! I know most think ROTJ style is the black sheep of TK armor but it's my favorite!
  12. hey man! I'm a Va Beach resident myself. Welcome to the forums! You will find everything you need here.
  13. So last week I took delivery of a big brown box filled with plastic shiny goodies!!! I swear I felt like a kid on Christmas day!!! Anyway here it is, my fully built set of Troopermaster ROTJ armor. Enjoy!!! The first mod I made was to add Verne's gorgeous silkscreen ROTJ decals. This really helped sell the look and authenticity of the helmet up close. These decals are amazing and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to further improve the look of their helmet, whether an ESB lid or ROTJ. The second mod was to stuff foam into the mictips. I also applied silver to the edges using a metallic paint pen. Last but not least, I added an authentic hardhat liner. At the time of taking this photo, I was still working on the stitching so tape was used to hold it in place. Here I am all suited up for a troop at a local Anime convention. I can't thank you enough Paul for all the magnificent work you put into making this suit! The armor really shines and was admired by many at the convention! Thank you much!!
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