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  1. I have a MonCal kit that is unassembled. No helmet though. Let me know if you are interested.
  2. These TK suits look alot like the stormtroopers at Disney parks. The helmets appear symmetrical and the armor looks a bit loose (in order to fit many actors).
  3. You could try putting the biceps in the freezer for a while. That makes the superglue brittle.
  4. Ive been going through the same thing with these forums.
  5. I really like these new details. <br><br> Im totally fine with this being a new kind of stormtrooper. Just like the ROTJ was a little different from ANH and ESB.
  6. I don't remember seeing him. Maybe he was off screen? Maybe he'll be in an "extended edition" blue ray video?
  7. I don't know what was worse... The fall or the Rubies Stormtrooper costume?
  8. You can make these work. Spray them with white fabric/ vinyl spraypaint from an automotive store. That should be shiney enough. <br><br> If the paint begins to flake off in areas of friction that's OK because the screen boots did as well.<br><br> Some Velcro or a snap between the top of the boot and the inside of the shin will help keep everything in place.
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