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  1. You could try putting the biceps in the freezer for a while. That makes the superglue brittle.
  2. Ive been going through the same thing with these forums.
  3. I really like these new details. <br><br> Im totally fine with this being a new kind of stormtrooper. Just like the ROTJ was a little different from ANH and ESB.
  4. Don't worry, it will happen. The members who handle the forum registrations are probably just busy with work/ life stuff. Once you're registered you are welcome to come introduce yourself at a local event. You can see some of the props up close. Hopefully you'll get taken care of soon! See you on the NER boards!
  5. Hey Sean! Welcome to the FISD. I hope to see you soon on the NER forums!
  6. Welcome! Hope to see you on the NER forums!
  7. I don't remember seeing him. Maybe he was off screen? Maybe he'll be in an "extended edition" blue ray video?
  8. I don't know what was worse... The fall or the Rubies Stormtrooper costume?
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