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  1. Small update Attached neo magnets on the bottom of the scope rail (6ps) that can hold 1.3kg each so it sticks on it pritty good. But also removable if one wishes to. The rest of the greeblies is still pritty much loose as in, the magnets are not glued onto the pieces yet. ''Still awaiting some parts to see wich i like best'' Best thing i like about this is that changes can be made with ease. Some minor details like on the end of the scope rail on the top, there's like a rubber seal button... need some better detail shot's of those. U tracks on the barrel still need to be done... ''In time''.
  2. Recieved the scope today wich is made of aluminium, glass lens.
  3. That's nice to know that you discribed the two holes on the side. i asked that question once, but got no answer. But it looks like you might be right about two different bulbs being used. My M19 has the same full rounded side port aswell, and the serial is 8001. Makes me wonder how far it goes for this version of the M19.
  4. Went last Friday, 3D and all the whistles ... what can i say ... you know
  5. You (or someone else) mounted the Bayonet lug the wrong way around on the E-11 apparently. But you are not the first one where i noticed it.. (pipe builds or...) period of copying other's i guess. Don't let it be a biggie.. unless. What's a bayonet lug ? It's the 3th hole where the bayonet handle attaches to. ''the part that sticks out'' Perhaps in the SW universe it's forgiven, but i don't know... just pointing it out.... I do like your adjustments on it, it looks good. If any questions, you can ask.
  6. A little update, Cold blued the greeblies to match the rest better. They are not stuck on it yet, it will be done with magnets in the end.
  7. Just enjoy with what you have... But i can understand as i understand both and some of you... One like's the screen, screen accurate... Others like to get as close as, and might never be able to, but bring joy to those that want too. (some even in between it, that you never hear of) Something like that It's a shame and blessing at the same time, that a fictional movie with real props, is used in a movie a long long time ago...... But one must do whatever.. (as it's still a movie in the end) Dancing stormies, why not... it beat's not having a suit at all to look at. A real Sterling is heavy, and that a stormie is considered the bad guy, but we should keep it fictional for everyone's desire. Strike the pose... but enjoy
  8. New Hammers are in, this time i chose nikkel finish. They sit loose on it for now, but with magnets i will be able to position them right.
  9. Wall thickness of the mag housing is 1.60mm
  10. I think we are both sad and angry... ''I agree'' But errors like this, could have bin avoided.... ''Perhaps from both sides yes'' You gave me the feeling and indication, that the ones you offered were correct, as you putted others down. My frustration about this whole, that did the most to me, is that people think money grows on trees, and i should be happy with a product wich i'm not. (It makes me feel like a experiment) Anyway's... All forgotten and forgiven, and i understand your frustration in this aswell. Calm down But you said some pritty harmfull stuff, wich i reacted to... so i'm grathefull that you explain a bit further. It doesn't seem so hard to get a correct sized greeblie, as it's bin done allready.. (and no, i'm not skilled, nor do i have the knowledge to do so myself) The correct size is out there, just not in metal. I appriciate your effort, but taking meassurements based on a picture, is something i wished you would have told me before. And not take so lightly that i loose €70,- becouse of it. Taken in account that i payed more then i wanted for the MGC. We all strive for perfectness, in the end. I'll surely take on your offer again, to have it done right... And i appriciate you are willing to do so once more... i really appriciate the help, as i can not do so myself. But things got have gone differently, if some more research ... but most importently ''communication,research'' in between us self.
  11. I'm well aware of you not making money from me.. (i know how shapeway's works, dealed with them before) I'm well aware you were trying to help me. (i thanked you for that) Well aware of a private upload, etc.. etc.. But it's not nice of you to give (critical) information, after i made the purchase and posted pictures. Wouldn't have ordered them, if i knew this. You must be able to understand how that makes me feel. Now i'm being flamed aswell ? (do you know me ?) Just becouse i can spent some cash on items, makes me a A-hole ? Putting cash on the table for others to do work ? NO,i buy items from people that offer them ! (that's how it works right ?,you offered it, right ? *you offered it with lack of information* I don't contribute to the forum in my best possible way ? Pffff. Why would i want to put inaccurate items on a rare MGC. Good luck to you sir..
  12. So...... now you tell me this... ''Not a big deal for some of you maybe, but i'm the one paying'' What a waste... Thanks for letting me be your test subject.
  13. Well you made them files ? Those go with measurements right ? It should be the correct size, depending on your source. They don't print it bigger or smaller. What part makes you think it's too big ? I had them lying on the mgc ''loose'' taken from a angle. The other sanding picture's are almost macro ... like camera lens 6cm away from the item. (all zoomed in picture's) What's your source ?
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