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  1. As a veteran (3rd Cav INF) I was thinking.about making a "personal" patch, without the obvious 501st wording etc Imagine the 101st airborne eagle replaced with a stormtrooper helmet with a crack in it, and the tab up top reads "veteran" Ideas? Input? Would love to get something going for the veteran community (of all countries etc)
  2. Can you confirm the name.of the vendor? Im on a facebook group with them. Want to make sure. And email as well? Ive gotten 2 different ones
  3. Hello all, Current 501st member here. Bigger guy (fit but just muscular chest etc) so needing a bigger kit! Quick question, on the faceboom group "AM armors costuming group" Victor Matts and a few others are running the page and seem to be the AM armor sellers/makers. Is this correct? Is he the true seller/maker for AM? Does AM have any quality issues etc currently? Thanks!
  4. Hello all, im looking at 850 Armor works Death Trooper Armor, and was wondering if this is an accurate and solid kit? thanks!
  5. Anyone have a link to where I can see the setups offered? Looking to buy one
  6. For under suits etc, is there sizing on point? I'm a big guy buying an under suit and flight suit..and seems if I go Xxl I might need it taken in..<br><br> Anyone used them? I emailed but no response..
  7. Yea my TIE is awesome , 2 month turn around.<br><br> I'm looking at the padding too..
  8. Yea I'm wondering what I should do chinstrap wise I figured get some Velcro and make a tiny makeshift one and cover a part in soft cloth when I wear it? What did you make your chinstrap out of?<br><br> Only reason I need padding is cause tie buckets are big and it sits too low lol
  9. Check out WTF FACTORY on FB..I just got my TIE pilot kit from Walt and the quality and overall build is incredible. He's a great guy and treats his customers like friends.
  10. I'm looking for practicality and, comfort. And also something that will move with my head, so it's not just my head turning etc.<br><br> Any suggestions?
  11. He's great..I have a month wait on my TIE order but he's great and responds to every question.
  12. Oh ok.<br><br> I just bought his tie kit looks great
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