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  1. Did you miss me Michael? I don't own EFX, it's not my company. All the aspects relating to the operations side of the business, I have no control or influence over. .
  2. I compared my track side-by-side and in person to multiple screen-used props that have original track on them. They were indistinguishable with caliper dims as well as overall profile and color. No other t-track maker out there has track that matches mine or the screen-used track. Close but not an exact match. Nothing wrong with close but to say that there is no difference is false. The way I see it is if you spend big bucks on an original graflex, kobold clip, original calc strip, refurbished sterling etc.. that you're going to have in your collection forever, and then want to skimp on getting perfectly accurate t-track to save $20 or because you don't like me personally (even though you don't even know me) is mind boggling to me. Any prop that has t-track on it from another maker is always going to be slightly less accurate than the exact same prop but with my t-track. I wouldn't use my track on my props if that weren't true. .
  3. lol! No matter how much you dislike me personally, doesn't change that his are not as accurate. .
  4. Has Roy, been to the archives? no Has Roy ever handled any real screen-used props with screen-used t-track on them? no Did Roy take dimensions off of real screen-used t-track to make his? no Did I do all of those things? yes Is my track more accurate than Roy's because of that? yes Is Roy's a cheaper alternative for those not needing their track to be 100% accurate or not made from original dimensions? yes In my opinion, is it worth it to spend a little more to have 100% accurate t-track on your valued props? absolutely .
  5. There are none more accurate than this. A bit more pricey but worth it. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/36713-100-accurate-t-track-for-your-blasters-and-sabers/ .
  6. The cameron oakley original armor parts were molded from the outside for making fiberglass parts (which is what was given to CFO). They were also molded from the inside for making vac form parts. There was only ever one original set of inside molds taken and I have them. Any other versions of these molds were derivatives or poor recasts that were later cleaned up etc..
  7. The CFO ROTJ suit was created by vac forming over the top of the handful of fiberglass pieces that came from Cameron Oakley, which would seriously deviate from the original forms. The original armor parts that Cameron Oakley had were molded from the outside in silicone molds. CFO was given castings from those silicone molds to vac form over, but much artistic interpretation and alteration had taken place from what the original suit was like vs the final vac form parts made by CFO. The original Cameron Oakley suit was only about 1/3 complete. Everything else was scratch built. The list of original Cameron Oakley armor parts was the chest, abdomen, backplate w/scratch built details, kidney/butt plate, left shoulder, left bicept inner/outer, left forearm inner/outer, left and right thigh inner/outers, and only one shin inner/outer. Every other piece was scratch built. I've handled screen-used ROTJ suits and the ROTJ that CFO makes is in my opinion not very accurate to the screen-used ROTJ suits if you compared them side-by-side. The one and only set of molds that were taken directly from the inside of the Cameron Oakley original armor pieces (which is what you would need to produce truly accurate parts) have been in my possession since the early 2000s. .
  8. LOL! It's great talking to people at shows. I'll be at wondercon in LA next week. Shame you could not make it.
  9. One of the perks of being the product developer for projects like this is of course I can make my own. I don't have the time to work on projects for myself very much anymore so I like to show off some of my work whenever I get a chance. Even though I work for EFX, I'm still a member of the community and still have a passion for pushing the envelope for accuracy. I could just hide this away along with some of the other cool stuff in my collection that I've never been able to share publicly but I know there are still a lot of people who think it's cool to see.
  10. The hero helmet at the start of this thread is 100% Luke's hero helmet.
  11. This isn't Luke's hero suit. Just another one of the 6 hero's that were made. The diamond plate was not part of this suit, but I had access to a screen-used diamond plate that was from another source. I'm planning on making two trooper displays, a hero and sandy. The 35 year old boots were not in pristine condition as there was some scuffing on the bottom of the soles (showing that they were used at least a little) but other than that their condition is surprisingly good everywhere else. Now I need to ruin their surface by removing the polish and get paint on them!
  12. I agree!!! Seems like it's been forever since I've made something for myself. Yes the helmet is ABS too.
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