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  1. yeah right thanks for sharing all your sources! Did I mention how nice this forum is btw.? I guess I forgot to post this randomly. :D
  2. one question.. did you use latex with ammonia or only water based? This could be the reason!
  3. ...In my opinion yes because there is not even a single replica/recast that is unaltered.
  4. nice looking faceplate ..I can't see why it's called SFS but I like it.
  5. you are correct with the ears Mario. They have "Dave M." - origin but are modified to fit the modifed tubes on the "Brian R." Te/Gino lineage replicas. I am working on this. I had a lot of helmets in my collection but in time I felt not satisfied with them anymore. I felt forced to make something new with a bit of improvement. I love what you did with the helmet Dan! I would like to see how it looks while wearing armor. Marcus
  6. strange for me they look less sharp as the old ones and I think it's even better! They look great in shape!
  7. Vaj

    The GINO Propaganda

    well where does it begin with accuracy? All helmets out of styrene are inaccurate then but it catches more details as if you make copies with HDPE! You have to clean and sharpen up the edges on the molds extremly to get as good results as with styrene. A big difference is the alteration to the tubes on the gino and Te helmets. It is believed not only by me that they were altered for easier demolding and it has been already said.. they were a bit short in original. The SFS helmets have higher undercut because the tubes weren't modified this way. You can guess now why TE2 don't offer them and why DL's and TE's "SFS"helmet runs were only out of ABS and HDPE! Styrene would have cracked while demolding! There are also some recasts of the SFS ones and they have the same problems. The other thing is the dimple in the tears that were removed but is a important detail I think. I would like to see a sideview of this mold here that went to Gino back to that time to see if the dimple is still there. If so gino removed it but if not Te did it. Marcus
  8. Vaj

    The GINO Propaganda

    I don't think they used two different faceplates for the smooth cap n back version. I would say it's a backup face mold. To the right it's the cap n back mold tony uses I think.
  9. got it today! thank you Brian! Nice to see Liz is not only to see from the back
  10. I am glad to see a small company can win over the biggest. I thought there was no justice anymore in this world. Isn't it a Formech 660 Andrew uses Mark? If pictures starting a quarrel here just only post them at the DIY Marcus
  11. It was before my time being into this hobby but me was told helmets like this went for around 8000$ in 1995? Maybe it was only a tour helmet I don't know. I bet one of you guys know. Marcus
  12. I am in for a signed copy please! Marcus
  13. promoting? it's just information ...also ATA's helmet is heavily shrunken so where is your quality? approved ? yes but you don't make a differende in quality in this case. At least PT's features are more sharpness and bigger size. And also Cap's armor details are not as sharp as the TE. I have the exact TE armor in my room that CAP copied and also one of his. ATA is either smoother ( because recast of recast ) or even more modified to have it sharp. ATA armor looks good but it is a lower level than TM or AP. It's nice to have more options for a low price I agree but you better make the differences clear.
  14. you are wrong if you think you have the right to control every forum! The DIY has nothing to do with 501st and I am the owner the DIY! So don't act like you have the right to do it! If I forbid it you have to do it! It is one thing if you suspend 501st members but another if you want control of things that don't belong to you! First you have your spies in our forum then you make things public that is not meant for public! It is not your decision which information is in your opinion for public out of a closed forum! No rule of 501st can give you the right to copy and paste information of a not 501st related forum!!!! No matter if it's insulting or whatever! You make it a personal thing and that's where you fail! You are an open forum and bounded by the rules. I am not on my closed forum so we have different rules to follow! You were a supporter of recasters in buying stuff of them. To the same time you made claims against recasters! You suspended members that you could only know by having your moles in DIY! The DIY is not your territory and it is arrogant to think so! The reason why you want to control it or want to see it destroyed is to defend your backdoor deals and business of your two faced comrades! Just the same politics like TE and Gino etc. TE is selling his stuff through others here yes. He also sold CAP lids as made by him! Others sell inaccurate and altered mic tips as accurate! I always shake my head if always the same members praising each other how nice their products are. It is so transparent that it's marketing. Many have fake nicks that are already banned! And so on and so on!!!!!!!!!!! You sit back and watch and talk about honesty and how helpful you are! A thing we only wanted to make different on DIY! Again I know you know that and this is what makes you two faced for example! Business, propaganda, lies... is what's behind your 501st mask! Remove the pictures Paul.. it's not that no one should know.. it's that you don't have the right if I as the owner of a closed forum tell you to remove it! I also ask you again to tell me who your spies are! I will let everybody know that you are not trying to control the DIY anymore! You can't anyway ..you can only heat the situation up for your additional part of propaganda! Marcus
  15. Like I said it was not okay with the insultings. I appologize for me and the DIY! The thing is we have no rules to prevent it but it's exactly what happens in life all the time. People that think they are your friends make you bad behind your back. That's human. I don't do this as I know how it feels and it's wrong. In this case you are not my friend and not anymore for others. So it's all to tempting for disappointed people of 501st/FISD to talk this stuff. Anyway this is no excuse I only explain it. Everything is heated up and I am open for suggestions to have peace. It can't fall under 501st rules though! At first you remove the pictures of the DIY forum because we are a closed forum please! I appologized so please respect that! Then please show some honesty and tell me who are the moles in our forum that told you what was written there! Without your informants that are hiding in our rows we wouldn't have this quarrel now. We were only insulting... in the background you are organized with spies in our forum! We always knew that and didn't care what we say. Maybe some forgot but now it's your turn to prove some honesty and tell me the moles! No respect for untrusty and hiding persons please! They are your friends Paul I know and you won't tell it. I am not interested in attacking you or anyone else officialy because I want peace and not war. Even if it means we never will have the same kind of view. It's silly to tell you your lies or whatever. It is also contra productive if we want peace. Also I can't prove it. I guess older members can read between the lines and that's enough for me. That kind of people are in the DIY.
  16. You are right that some things that were said at DIY were insulting. It is not our main target to do so. I don't need to tell it to you Paul but to everyone else not being in the staff here... you claim on this forum act all friendly and supportive but this is a masquerade. Some really do but the reason why the DIY was founded is because of what's behind it! The DIY is not a place to hide and the target was not to have all recasters in one forum. We exist because we wanted an honest place and people who are long in this community know who are the real liars. I would also love to know why people that defend you and were also a member at DIY like Terrel wanted to stay also. At the beginning the DIY was an open forum and we were prepared for discussions about recasting. Soon we had a problem with some guys that spreaded propaganda to defend their business or in name of someone. Just the way like it still happens all to often! You have a point to suspend 501st members if they are recasters. I understand that you have to act like this because you are the admin and have to follow 501st rules. Anyway you are not as clean as you let it look like Paul. You have two faces like many others. You ask me to prove it right? You wouldn't ask me if you knew it would be possible. Again you were right to suspend them regarding the rules but you are guilty as well. You set the DIY in a bad light but you won't find more honesty and truth anywhere else. I keep an eye for it and the first step Chris made was to close the forum. I wouldn't have a reason to explain if you weren't two faced and calling me and DIY liars! Keep praying your rules and break them behind the doors again and again my friend you have the force!
  17. in and outside on ANH Hero helmets and stunt helmets were sometimes black and sometime not. At most just white inside. I believe the "stop that ship helmet" was black on the inside and had the screen black painted also. Not so the "move along" helmet which is white inside and had the screen blank. Most ANH Heros were black inside but not every one. I haven't seen a Hero with black painted screen. Rotj helmets were even more different. Some were black insinde and had the mesh painted. Some had foam inside so that you can't tell if painted or not. Correct me if I am wrong but that's what I remember.
  18. as far as I know they didn't have it in the movies. Must be a tour suit. You can also see it at Jez's site!
  19. I already love it Armando! ..do you think it's sharper cause Matt sharpened the mold? I am not sure but the tears look much deeper on this picture for example. Could be just the angle.
  20. does anyone have pics of them from closer or just bigger ones?
  21. sorry mate ..I just meant mine look identical.
  22. I offer this ones if someone is interested.
  23. I couldn't agree more. Sadly this will never be possible until someone casts a dave.M or Brian R. helmet again without removing the details. Maybe another helmet will be found some day again and won't be degraded.
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