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  1. If you cut from the inside you can't get sure to meet the outsides groove directly. It is easier to work precisely from the outside! Also the blade slips easier on the insides bump. Marcus
  2. wow that is crazy. I never saw a scratchbuild blaster that was that nice! Real great work! Marcus
  3. ....The grey seemed rather thin and watery today maybe it was the high heat i dont know..... That's a thing I don't like on the humbrol paints also. They are very thin and not caused by the heat. If painting the details two times because it doesn't cover well wait at least 4 hours. Otherwise the paint tears up. I saw it on a helmet recently so it might be worth to mention. Marcus
  4. Always liked the hdpe ones. I know I will enjoy the progress I am not sure if the brow on the right helmet side is a little bit to vertically trimmed.
  5. yeah the trooper behind him sliped awkwardly on the mic that was laying on the floor
  6. can it be used with a walkie talkie headset inside the helmet? I don't know that system but I am looking for a headset without seperate pieces out of the helmet and to use like a walkie talkie. It also has to fit in a small helmet ( screen accurate size ). I don't want to push a button when speaking! Marcus
  7. US52 for the brow and SRW150 for the neck
  8. another way to get it real is to use a non UV resistant clear spraypaint. After a while in the sun it is quite yellow. It happens to my hero accidently Now it looks like the yellow the most rotj buckets have.
  9. well I know some other suppliers in the us offering U channles in the right size. It is no problem to get U channels in the right size. The lip is present only on one side if you bend it. It occurs not only if you assemble it. I had different U channels in the same size but they appear different which means they don't get the "lip" on no side! If you find another supplier that has good U channels with an accurate look let us know That would be very cool! Marcus
  10. although it is just a u channel the really accurate ones you get in the uk They have the so called lip you can see on the movie helmets. It's possibly a question of how they store them on the rolls why the lips occur?? Please correct me if I am wrong but that is what me was told. http://www.sealsdirect.co.uk/
  11. thx for your reply Paul. So the one on the left might be custom made. Why the other both are another size but the same shape is quite clear to me. If anybody can tell more about the different screen used versions it would be cool know Anyway it looks like this thread is dead before it was alive thx Marcus
  12. Hello mates I have different mic tips in shape and size here and wanted to know if anybody can say what is what? I ask this because I read in another thread that there were different versions of hovi's used in ROTJ and ANH. The one in the middle is the newest keith-mic. I duno about the others. The one on the right besides the keith mic looks just bigger but the same in every other detail. The one on the left looks totally different. It would be cool to know what I have. Does somebody know? Marcus
  13. Paul can you put pics side by side? I did not know that.
  14. Even the ANH ones are bigger as the replicas or the casts I think. Possibly the resin that was used has too much shrinkage or a bad silicon was used. If latex was used to make the cast that would be the worst becasue it has about 10 percent of shrinkage. But I agree Keith mics are the best to get. The mics on the Rotj might look bigger becasue the plastic of the helmet is thicker and the shape of the rotj is different also. For me the mics look the same on anh and rotj. The casts could be smaller.
  15. have a look at the esb teeth on a movie helmet. Only the teeth were painted black. Not the outlines of the mouth.
  16. do you only play console games? What about Quake Wars for pc
  17. can you please show the pic again? or email me @ Vajranoid@gmx.de thx Marcus
  18. Excellent paintjob. You said you spraypainted it... Did you use some kind of Airbrush or just out of a can?
  19. If the series would be like the first movies that would be great. Same Stormtroopers Same everything!
  20. I will take enough for two helmets also. Do you think 5 feets is enough?
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