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  1. I have 10 Com links as kits for sale if you guys are interested... Please drop me a line !
  2. I already have a new computer The files are not to be released
  3. well my computer is broken and I can't use my 3D modelling programs. Actually I only have my laptop which is too weak to work with and I need to make the back piece for the com link! I think I will have a new computer in january and continue this project.
  4. Well done Dan! Great comparison! I have to mention in the future my Mic tips will have the screen mesh already installed! So no difficult cutting for everbody anymore I can also offer them painted with airbrush now if wanted.
  5. would anybody part with their bubble lens? I have a raw FO replica and I still need the lens.
  6. thanks I saw the pictures! Both helmets have their inaccuracies in my eyes but the biggest one is the mic tip area on the ABS version. It looks like they needed to change the design and extend parts slightly to be able to assemble the ABS parts *seemlessly*. Personally I would go for the fiberglas version and deepen the trapezoids a bit more maybe.
  7. I see different claims here comparing them from different pictures with different angles and the cameras focal length makes it not easy to recognize although I collected many pictures. A good side by side shot would be great.
  8. I didn't know Anovos is bashed so much but I read bad things about them just now after I started this thread. It was not my intention to make them bad. For me Anovos still has the best Prerequisites for making it as close as possible except someone takes their helmet and makes measurements from their work and reinterpretes the design. This would be most likely just different then and difficult to get it more optimized. However I am curious of possible differences in shape between the ABS and fiberglas version? Does anyone own both and can compare them side by side?
  9. so the fiberglas version from Anovos is a bit more accurate than the ABS version? What are the differences?
  10. thank you this clears it up a bit more. If I look at the figures from "hot toys" they look quite accurate for me. I wonder if they got the digital files then? I think time will tell us more but if anovos actually claims to offer - Derived from digital files used in the production- helmets and its only 3D scanned I would feel betrayed. I think its still a good looking replica and very close but the claims should stand for what it is. I hope Jez from starwarhelmets will make a nice comparison of the different TFA helmets soon or someone else here on the forums.
  11. I noticed Anovos changed the description of their TFA Helmet. Some time ago it was described as: "Replicated from details utilizing 3D scanning and references from the original piece". Now it says: "Derived from digital files used in the production of STAR WARS™ EPISODE VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS". I remember when I was disappointed when I read it was ONLY 3D scanned because I expected they would have used the digital files directly from the moviemakers! And now the claim is different. As a product designer I know it can make a big difference to scan a helmet or to use the original constructed file. Depending on the afterwork on the 3d scan details might be different. So I wonder if someone can confirm if Anovos changed only their claims or indeed is selling a different product now.
  12. Yes I am working on it. The pictures of the back part nipple I found are not very nice. The diameter of the mic tip and the nipple from the inside fit both perfectly on the black mainbody. The Nipple on the back side is a bit different though at the screen used comlink and it needs to be modified. It would be cool to get some feedback if there is enough interest.
  13. Some people wonder how to install the Screen mesh correctly. I made an instruction that shows how I do it! Its a big advantage having the Mic tips hollow and being able to push the mesh into from the backside!
  14. If possible I would not cut it. Better to disassemble the ears and change the angle of the faceplate by pullig it down. If you decide to cut then most plastics can be just cutted with a sharp scissor or an exacto knife.
  15. One more quick comparison of the Hero "greenish" style to the classic version. Just for the fun of it
  16. the ESB decals are also one big sticker! If you want to have it screen accurate its just like that. TK4510 also offers esb decals!
  17. Naja er möchte sich ja UNTER ANDEREM eine TK Rüstung bauen also schadet es ja nicht vorbereitet zu sein mit der Rahmengröße. Circa 50cm x 35cm für die Abdomenplatte.
  18. A little update on this! I decided to change the bolts to bigger ones as its easier for assembling and it fits just better. This is how the Hovi's look finished to my personal preference and attached to a helmet. The trick is you can attach the bolts with the base of the mic tip to the helmet and can screw the mainbody with the nipple after then! While the exchangerate from Euro to Dollar makes it an unfair price for you US guys I will drop the price to 25$ US-International and 25€ within Europe including shipping for both. I will update this in the sales section! I think this price drop will please the hardliners as well as the people who think mic tips are only a luxury item. Since the price has changed now I will give 10% discount to the customers who already bought some of my Hovi's on their next order! Thank you guys
  19. Thank you I am positive that my printer won`t let me down! Since I cannot change the threads title, can you add: *** ONGOING RUN *** to it?
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