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  1. I see... I will offer them for longer than two years! I will change the description then and make it an "ongoing run".
  2. I will make them on a continuos basis but will start a run first. How big should the run be?
  3. here it is ... http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/31288-vajs-accurate-3d-printed-three-part-mic-tips-hovi-mix-pa2/
  4. Hey Guys, how to get my selling thread pinned?
  5. I have eight sets for sale and made a sale thread for everyone who might be interested: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/31288-vajs-accurate-3d-printed-three-part-mic-tips-hovi-mix-pa2/
  6. If you need help with scaling an stl file or need a print of it let me know guys!
  7. No not yet! I will make a sale thread when I decided which screws/bolts will come with the mic tips. I have some sets ready to ship and the screws with nuts and washers are very close. I just wait a little bit to see if I can find them even closer! For prices please drop me pm! Very cool Aaron! It looks like I found them already but there are no square nuts that will fit this screw thread! Therefore I need to make a compromise soon or maybe I stay with the screws I had from the beginning. I can't wait to see the graingers screws!
  8. While I am still on the hunt for the correct screws I was able to improve the Hovi's white colour. I can print them in a very deep white now and they are not so "milky" anymore. The original Nipple part looks a bit greenish so I tried to match that! I think I will offer this as an option to everyone depending of what you prefer - white or greenish. Marcus
  9. thank you for searching! The ones from Japan look like the ones I already have. They have a rounded head and are close but I hope to find even more accurate screws. Regarding Graingers: You probably mean the Item # 6JB17 I can't find a CAD file so if you could look and verify them that would be great!! The pictures of the screws often show only similar versions so I can't just order 1000 pieces to find out they are not what I expected. This is what I am lookig for: Marcus
  10. They are 4M machine screws with flat heads and I believe 16mm long. I guess Cadmium plated like the ones I found here on the foto. The seller only has a few but I need a long lasting source: Original:
  11. thanks! I think I visited this site before but they haven't real fotos of their products. I should ask them for some samples. I send you a pm for a price - I would like to wait before I got the correct screws until I offer them in the for sales thread. On the other hand its easy to replace them later with different bolts/screws. Marcus
  12. Well its true the form1+ is a complicated device and formlabs had to replace my printer three times. Many people have problems with laser flare which I think is causing the vertical quality issues you mean. I had even worse problems than that but finaly got a printer that works great. I didn't expect that anymore! To prevent bad surface quality you have to orient the model to an angle of like 45 degrees and the support structure needs to be generated with the longer supports on the hinge side and not on the peel side. There are lots of things to consider and a long learning curve with the form1+. In the end and if working properly the form1+ is unbeatable at the moment in my opinion. I alreay got black, white, clear, grey and castable. Most resins work good for me but it feels like black warps a little bit between the support areas on the underside of the models. It might be that the stronger laserpower used on darker resins can cause this but I don't know. Marcus
  13. I did some better pictures of the actual looking Mic Tips - I hope you like them. The bolts, nuts and washers are close but if someone knows where to get the perfect ones gets a free set! Marcus
  14. Thank you Dennis, I've put you on the list! I have the accurate screen mesh and the machine screws with the quare nuts already in and am in the pre production phase.
  15. Yes this is Rhino! I can print at three resolutions in Micrometer: 0.1 / 0.05 & 0.025. Although 0.25 would be the most accurate I only print the nipple part at this resolution as the mainbody looks better at 0.1 for some reason. I use a stereolithography printer which is way more accurate than a FDM printer. You can still see the layers but the surface is very smooth and detailed. very soon! thats right.. good eye!
  16. Its long ago since I was active in this hobby. I decided it last too long Currently I am working on a project regarding to the Mic Tips of the Stormtroopers we all know by the name of “Hovi Mix Pa2â€. As a Bachelor in Product-Design and with the help of my beloved Form1+ 3D printer I enjoy modeling and creating jewelry and now also the Mic Tips in a very accurate 3 part design. I know there are some great creations by some skilled makers here on the forum as well and this is just my personal interpretation with the tools of a CAD program and 3D printing. For the 3 part Mic Tips I used pictures of original worn Hovi Mix Pa2 types (aerators) and was measuring and prototyping a lot before I got to these final results. It was real fun to work on this project I always wanted to but never got the time for. Maybe I just show you some pictures and go to more details if you want me to Marcus
  17. Vaj

    Stunt Helmet

    an old and very early cap helmet. TE copy with AP ears. The molds went to VT. Cap also used this SDS style decals and SDS mic tips!
  18. I have a feeling there is still something left to see that even wasn't published on DIY props?
  19. great everybody can see now how many parts the Hovi Mix PA2 Mic tips really were! And it should be easy now for everyone to recognize how screen accurate "available" mic tips really are!
  20. You are right with Chris and not totally correct with naming me like this. I guess you know better how everything began. Anyway I find it very ironic especially from you to praise Chris this way and you know why! Marcus
  21. does he have new molds? my last knowledge was his armor molds are from AP. The helmets are another story.
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