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  1. Hi Dan, can you put me down for a holster and hardware if you do run 12 please? Hope this is the right place to post, I cannot seem to be able to reply to the Run 11 thread. Thanks John

  2. Please put me down for holster plus hardware!

  3. as you can see, the cap is on the inside, with the open, uncapped side seen on the back of the box. Single cap, indeed. Not a pop rivet, as some may have thought
  4. There has been a bit of a debate going on on FB (maybe on here as well?) about whether the drop boxes were attached to the elastic with pop or cap rivets. Thought I'd add these pics of the RS original belt I took last year to clear things up: it's the same style of cap rivet used to attach the belt to the vac formed front piece. FISD team: Feel free to add those pics to the reference gallery
  5. talk about necro posting It was one of the early Anovos marketing kits. The clean helmet is a modded Anovos standard helmet, the bloody Finn one is the one that came with the kit (also modded a fair bit). The armour has gone through quite a few upgrades and changes since, but it's essentially still the Anovos marketing kit.
  6. How much would it be for a holster only being shipped to the US

    1. R2Dan


      as stated in the thread, holsters are $65 plus $10 for shipping. If you want one, please send me a Private Message!

  7. I really want one set? What should I do?

    Hiroshi Mitsuhashi TK-6022

  8. That dent in the faceplate is there on the original helmet RS cast and as with every part, they did as minimal clean up as possible. I know they had a faceplate mould with the dents filled in at some point, not sure if that is still an Option though
  9. It's not f**ed up, just built that way, I guess to get the high/curved brow. Have you reached out to RS and asked them about it? This is clearly down to assembly and can be handled differently. I would talk to the guys if you're not happy with it.
  10. Apart from it being a questionable action, you will spend more on a good vac table and the material to recast the helmet and then form it than buying another (or a kit from a vendor on here).
  11. A little input on the chest mod defining those side lines: They are nowhere near as deep on the original chests, nor does the line continue on the return edge. Just thought I'd point it out
  12. Latex gaskets. A German Garrison mate made a couple sets for us local guys, but unfortunately his moulds didn't last long
  13. Had my first troop in the TFA TK yesterday (and in fact my first event back in white plastic in 16 months). Did about 6 to 7 hours in costume, but after 4 it got a real strain. This is not exactly old school TK trooping. Still I had a blast! For some odd reason I can only find pics of me with Disney proof weaponry, here's one:
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