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  1. I think yes but to get sure you should call the german embassy!
  2. well the answer would be the one who owns the first generation molds paid a lot for the rights and molds together. There are no rights anyway that can be paid for in real but it's a point of view if you ignore LFL or not. Also it's a good question why someone should pay so much money for wrong rights If no one would pay a lot for wrong rights the recasting discussion weren't that complicated because everyone is.
  3. Why do you think I have something against you?? Are you the only authority? Like I said and I repeat I want to show how ironic it is and not attack someone. There is no discussion I wanted to provocate. Stay cool
  4. what I wanted to say is how ironic it is. I don't want to play the childish games that happen and stay as a observer sorry. Trust is what's missing in general and that is what I want to keep alive on the DIY forum.
  5. well what happens a 100 times again and again is that people or authorities buy recasts from known recasters but never agree they would! Then they say openly they are against recasters and judge others. What a waste of time it is saying the truth to people that are two faced ! But maybe new members that are not familiar with all this lying constructions will learn it.
  6. If I understood it right ANH on one side, ROTJ both sides
  7. Always a pleasure Jez. do you remember who suggested the comparison site? cheers Marcus
  8. the laptop can help you grow in your future and maybe you would be better in school! The armor is just a hobby. It is a hard decision but I would go for the laptop as it is important for you life!
  9. Vaj

    I will be back..

    this are great news Mike! I am glad you got a job it is most important! Vaj
  10. Very cool video Jez! Thank you really for sharing with us Just a suggestion from my side is to compare it side by side with a TE or another very accurate helmet. I like to see if there are noticable differences in the sizes! Is the ESB bigger and the fan made one shrunken due to casting processes? I think so but never saw a proof! cheers Marcus
  11. very nice helmet. hopefully I get the chance some day to buy one! Marcus
  12. I always thought the bubble in the tears are from the laquer that has released from the surface. But after comparing it to some other original screen used helmets it was always there. Another reason for that could be that air was catched in the tear area. If the vac machine had a standard configuration of all settings like vac pressure, heat and position of the face mold the bubble could appear always there. It can appear nearly always the same shape. So it looks like it was part of the mold. That was just a thought. The different pulls in sharpness speaks against this theory. Marcus
  13. I know now that the left one in the picture is an SDS recast. I doubt it's origin is from on original. As far as I know the one in the middle from Keith has the original size of ANH tips. The one on the right is possibly an ROTJ tip. Me was told they were bigger. And I hardly believe at least some tour helmets had bigger tips attached also! This bigger tip came with an MFX helmet from Guidon Messika. He has a tour helmet and probably casted the tips off of it. Marcus
  14. I am very sorry Scott. I hope everything turns good. Best wishes from me brother! Marcus
  15. I can't see a price? Is it for sale or not? Marcus
  16. try to find a similar light scale as you see how it appears on the pictures. A bright white and a dark yellow or a darker white and a brighter yellow light can let the colours appear very different. Is a shadow on it or not? This are things that are playing roles. Marcus
  17. that's what I thought too! It was casted off in the back flexed position so it's not present at the styrene TE replicas. But even on the scanned fiberglass SFS helmet isn't everything correct. The trapezoid on the front right for example is smoothed out to the bottom. Looks like a laminating issue or another casting issue. Marcus
  18. we are in the same boat. I didn't get my university place MArcus
  19. So the white foam shavings are the nipple that you have in your current mic tips? I got a pair of them a while ago and was wondering why the nipple part is extended to the back of the tip? I never found a pic on which it was visible on a real helmet. That way the tips are coming more out of the holes. Can you make this clear Keith? Marcus
  20. Good luck Mike! Good things come to good people Marcus
  21. Rocko has another helmet. Not the ones from ebay "mattisdead" selling on ebay. The ebay helmet is an SFS copy. The SFS helmet has the same deformations on the tubes undersides for example. Marcus
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