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  1. Absolutely stunning Marcus! You made it, I know how much effort you have put into this. Congrats buddy. Well I am gong to need to update my Hovi's Cheers A
  2. It is a mark 2 or type 2 3D scanned suit. Cheers A
  3. Awesome helmets, great job Cheers A
  4. Welcome Brian! BTW nice avatar! Cheers A
  5. Thanks to you Paul! It is always easier with a quality helmet I appreciated your advise with the positioning of the facesmask. Cheers mate Thanks Nick, that is some serious affirmation...there are many good ones Cheers!
  6. Sorry I can not please everyone... Sorry I can not please everyone
  7. Thanks a lot for your kind words Cheers A
  8. Ok guys, so finally I got sometime for myself and my helmets. These are the latets pics from Hero TM helmet. Light weathering on and different lighting set I hope you enjoy them Cheers A
  9. That is correct. I used as a reference the hero helmet from the pictures listed below. Sorry for the delay but unfortunately I don't have as much time as i would like to hang around in the forums. I added to my helmet a wheathering pass, I will try to take pictures ASAP and posted here. Cheers A
  10. Great finish! straight from the sets! Best decals there for sure. Cheers A
  11. Thanks guys, so many kind words . I thought this threat was dead long time ago. Maybe I should post pics of the helmet with the light weathering pass added some time ago. Cheers A
  12. First thing I got say is that I am very sorry for those former peers who lost their jobs. Unfortunately I saw this coming, somehow even before Disney acquisition, still I always had hopes for the best. Second thing, I agree that the latest games were not what most of the fans desired or were expecting from Lucas Arts. Now the reasons why the games didn't reach the desired success is not to blame to Lucas Arts crew. I was lucky enough to be part of it not long ago and I can say they were super talented and dedicated people, always trying to please Star Wars fans. There are a lot inside history that escape from attention from people outside Lucas Arts or the development industry. Cheers A
  13. I would suggest to crop the eyes orbit slightly bigger. Cheers A
  14. It is looking absolutely amazing! It fits you like a glove. Cheers A
  15. Can't wait to see the final product. Good luck and keep us posted it Cheers A
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