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  1. This is pretty sad, judging by the pictures and the evidences presented here there is little to no doubts at all that Mark work has been recasted. I have not been an active member here for a while but recasting has never been allowed in this community. I can proudly say I get along with everyone and I hate to take sides but this time I stand on Mark side. Sorry mate this happen ed to you. Cheers A
  2. Absolutely stunning Marcus! You made it, I know how much effort you have put into this. Congrats buddy. Well I am gong to need to update my Hovi's Cheers A
  3. It is a mark 2 or type 2 3D scanned suit. Cheers A
  4. Awesome helmets, great job Cheers A
  5. Thanks to you Paul! It is always easier with a quality helmet I appreciated your advise with the positioning of the facesmask. Cheers mate Thanks Nick, that is some serious affirmation...there are many good ones Cheers!
  6. Sorry I can not please everyone... Sorry I can not please everyone
  7. Ok guys, so finally I got sometime for myself and my helmets. These are the latets pics from Hero TM helmet. Light weathering on and different lighting set I hope you enjoy them Cheers A
  8. That is correct. I used as a reference the hero helmet from the pictures listed below. Sorry for the delay but unfortunately I don't have as much time as i would like to hang around in the forums. I added to my helmet a wheathering pass, I will try to take pictures ASAP and posted here. Cheers A
  9. Great finish! straight from the sets! Best decals there for sure. Cheers A
  10. Thanks guys, so many kind words . I thought this threat was dead long time ago. Maybe I should post pics of the helmet with the light weathering pass added some time ago. Cheers A
  11. It is looking absolutely amazing! It fits you like a glove. Cheers A
  12. I guess it depends if you have a firm hands and you feel confidence to redo it all over again. In my case I never use stencils for my helmets, I really like the natural asymmetry I get on my helmets without stencils, but that's me. Also keep in mind that even the original helmets were very off. Cheers A
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