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  1. And BBB day was yesterday, probably ten days from order to delivery. Very communicative.
  2. Hey there. I was considering getting the Imperial Boots leather neck seal. How do you like yours? And how large is your neck measurement? Mine is about 42cm.

    1. Nada


      I think I have a big neck not sure on my measurements but sometimes it doesn't hold up completely if not done up properly so you will need help putting it on sometimes. But other then that it's been nice not to tight and but not lose so it looks nice


  3. Has anyone actually worn this on though? I gotta add it to my order soon, but I don't want to go for the untested one if nobody has yet.
  4. I searched and searched, but couldn’t finds any discussion on the Imperial Boots leather neck seal. I was already ordering boots from them, and shipping might make it worth it. I know many use Darman’s props, and I have one of his for my clone, but his TK neck seal is fabric, And also not currently available on Etsy, and the imperials boots one has that shiny ribbed look I was looking for:
  5. He already replied to the davesdarksidedepot@gmail.com address, with all the pricing info, so I am all set! Thanks everyone!
  6. Thanks everyone, I just sent the email off to Dave’s Darkside armor. The email in the thread above looked like the best one, and Zi requested to join that FB group.
  7. Hi there. I sent an email to the one listed for AM (troopergear@gmail.com) five days ago, and still have not gotten a response. I have an approved 501st clone, so I am used to some makers having delays, but I wanted to know what is the usual response for this maker? Do they have a regular website or other means that is better for contacting them? I was requesting a price list and ordering process for an ANH stunt. I am just over 6 foot, an about 205 pounds, so they seem like a good maker for me. I am open to other suggestions though.
  8. I would like access. CT-25622 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=31203
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