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  1. Awesome!! Thanks so much, Ill check out the Imgur and get some loaded.. I will admit I felt like a total badass with just the arms on while fitting.
  2. Hey all! First excited to be here! I ordered a few soft parts from our generous TKs that offer services and everything looks fantastic! I also received my Armor box from Walt's and of course the quality is really good! I have the biceps, forearms, and bells already trimmed and mostly sanded. I started on the thighs and have the fronts attached. My question is this.. is there an all inclusive attachment kit that would have enough strapping, snaps, and all that? I haven't seen one and living out in the desert southwest there really are not many stores to just pop on in to. Once I figure out how to attach pictures that are small enough, ill post some of the build! Thanks in advance, DJ
  3. Welcome, Roswell area member here. Glad to have you on!
  4. Most do, they also confuse Area 51 (which is in Nevada) and Roswell. It is an ... interesting place to live I guess.
  5. Do I have to have a completed suit to apply? Or would I get a provisional TK number?
  6. Greetings all, Part of the Dewback Ridge garrison in the Roswell, New Mexico area.. Yes that Roswell! I started with an Inferno Squad but for some reason I just didn't get the right feel. I have already ordered Armor from WTF and will be hitting up a few of you guys that make soft parts to complete the build. Excited for this build and to be part of the community! DJ
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