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  1. Hi all, I'm Chris from Wiltshire in the UK. Great to finally be a part of this. I received my clearance and designation at the end of November but haven't had a chance to update it or delve in. Been a massive SW fan since I was young and although I was a fan of the rebels, I had a secret yearning to be Stormtrooper. Fast forward a lot of years and a fair amount of help from CableGuy (Dan), I'm now living the dream. Hopefully catch up with some of you in the future, but definately looking forward to the adventure! Chris (Harrybeau)
  2. TK-18164 of the UK Garrison requesting access to be enabled please https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=33081
  3. Thanks for the welcome all After 8 months of building, several beers and an awful lot of bad language, my armour is finished and cleared. Over the moon to get my TKID!! I guess my only question is , what happens now?! Chris
  4. Hi all, I'm Chris from the wilds of Wiltshire, UK. I've been trooping as a Rebel pilot for a couple of years but have always wanted a TK. I picked up a used Jedi-Robe style TK about a year ago and although i love it, I really but wanted to built my own which was fitted exactly for me. I've started my build with kit from RWA Creations and so far, so good although I'll definately be checking out all the relevant posts on here Look forward to making your acquaintances in the future Cheers!
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