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  1. Thanks going to go with ABS, appreciate the replies
  2. Ordering my armor this week, do you guys suggest ABS or PVC? Also has anyone order from RSPripmasters and is there something I should ask from them.
  3. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.
  4. What’s up Clint, Im going to purchase the TK armor from RS Propmasters. Are you joining the local Garrison as well. I’m new to this and glad to see someone else from AZ. 

  5. I joined the forum 2 years ago but didn’t have the info and cash to get my armor then. A few things came up here and there along the way that had priority over the armor suit but finally I have the money to get one. I’m getting a fully commissioned ANH armor from RS Prop Masters, I’m looking for tips if I need to do anything extra to get 501 approval. What are the next steps to join my local Garrison. Do you guys have a suggestion if this is a good purchase or is there a place I should check out. I really want a fully commissioned set, as I’m not great in DIY projects. hope to read some of the comments and looking forward to joining my local Garrison.
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