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  1. I will be modifying them to make them look more the part. Mostly just wanted to get all 11 stripes on each side accounted for so I could adjust them together. Probably would been easier to print a stencil but with how the tubes are shaped it was hard to print and line up, but I got their overall positions set to be adjusted.
  2. Well, it has been a busy past few months, BUT I am back with an update on progress! Just stenciled the tube stripes and the 501st paint on the helmet, and picked out a visor. I'm going with a mirrored Chrome visor (Aquired from TrooperbayShop on Etsy, which is where my pauldron and mag pouches also came from) since it does look like their visors are mirrored in-game (but like Phase 1 helmets I think a Black/Dark Blue Visor would work too). I'm still trying out different blues to use for the 501st markings, and the tube stripes will be painted black as per in-game (but I feel like dark blue would work too). My armor is finishing nicely over at 850ArmorWorks, and should be shipped sometime in the next two months, then I'll just need to paint and weather them and hopefully be able to fit after waiting so long xD
  3. SURPRISE! Here's the release of my Phase 3 Helmet! Can't wait to see some of these floating around Just as a reminder, I don't mind if people sell prints/casts, but don't try and resell the file, or claim it as your own Please credit me and Nico Henderson (Titanantinium on these forums and the one who modeled the helmet). Have fun guys! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e3BNRxJONNfYAZ9noHg29s-YyKDZiIF9/view?usp=sharing
  4. Teeth filled in! Tubes stripes and 501st markings next!
  5. Brow and neck rim have been painted, as well as attached the chin and respirators! It's starting to show its Clone/Stormtrooper lineage Need to touch up some areas, but nothing some of the weathering won't fill in. Just need to paint the teeth (which have been a pain), tube stripes, 501st markings, and weathering to make it complete. Then it's just playing the waiting game for my armor
  6. Small update to get the new year started! Currently in the process of taping off and getting ready to paint the brow, teeth, and neck rim. After that it's the 501st marking and tube stripes. Also the past 2 months I've gotten 2 new blasters for my collection: A DC-15s for my Clone build, and a E-11 (which does have lights for blaster and stun settings) for my StormClone! In reality the in-game model uses the ANH version, which I did own at one point... till it broke at a con and I always liked the RotJ version the most, so for now that's my stand-in. Hopefully next post will be an almost finished painted helmet
  7. Painted the grey on the ears and upper back areas. currently working on the teeth (which have been a pain to tape off), then to paint the brow and neck rims black (I'll post pics once both are done). Also, I'll be releasing the Rogue One inspired versions of the helmets for free, which were modeled for me by my friend Skylu3D. Use and edit them how you like, but remember to credit Once everything with my current helmet file is figured out, that will be released (either for buying or free). Phase 3 Rogue One v1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hn6QW9nAtP4bhwhC6u8QJ_XPwJKvFmqX/view?usp=sharing Phase 3 Rogue One v2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a0L2xgB-zXguqfX7KxO4bOqxAoYOJ2Lp/view?usp=sharing
  8. So a bit of an update: Since my last post, work started back up in office so I've been pretty busy, unable to do anything costuming related. BUT with the year coming to a close soon, and with some more time on my hands, I'll hopefully have this beauty painted by 2021 (or before January ends if that doesn't work out)! My RotJ E-11 blaster has also shipped so that's something I'm waiting on too. After that it's just waiting on the armor from 850 to get the build finished (I've also started work on a custom Mando that should keep me busy till then hopefully). I know interest in the helmet files are there, but I have my own concerns on putting them up for sale that I have to think on (since two of us had this commissioned, but never really discussed if this could be sold or not, but I'm the only one still working on it), so we will see. But I do want to release it and let other people build and show off their own Triton Troopers. This trooper I feel deserves more recognition and more spot in the limelight I'll update on my paint progress soon!
  9. The belt is actually either a really low poly clone belt or a new belt entirely. Even the right knee ammo is different compared to the Stormtrooper one. The armor parts that exists currently: Clone Trooper: Hand Plates, Forearms, Elbows, Upper Arms, Shoulders, Chest, Back, Thermal Detonator, Thighs, Lower Legs, Boots Stormtrooper: Codpiece, Posterior, Back Abdomen, Pauldron Ammo Pouches New/Unknown/Guestimate: Abdomen, Belt, Right Knee Ammo, Left Knee Armor, Pauldron, Backpack So for the newer pieces this is what I am using: Abdomen: TK with different colors and other modifications Belt: CT Belt Right Knee Ammo: Different than the TK one, so I had the idea of using these smaller CT ammo and attach them similarly to the TK one Left Knee Armor: CT Knee (might try to attach it to the Lower Leg armor like it's shown to be) Pauldron: Different compared to a normal Sandtrooper Pauldron, but if I ever go down that route, I have normal Sandtrooper Pauldron and Pouches to use Backpack: Different compared to a normal Sandtrooper Backpack, but if I ever go down that route, I might get a normal Sandtrooper Backpack use
  10. Also @Sly11 this was taken to the Clone Detachment when the helmet model was completed back in 2018. They told us it was too Stormtrooper esc and sent us here and to Spec Ops https://501stclonetroopers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/25296-force-unleashed-wii-stormclone-thread/
  11. These references are from the in-game costume (which is slightly more detailed). These were taken from the PS2 version (Ps2/Wii/PSP share the game with slight differences, like the Wii version armor is alot more shiny) These were taken in-game:
  12. Funny thing is I have alot of these mods lol. Ill repost any references I have.
  13. That model looks awesome!!!! ALSO just got the helmet in the mail today! It's not really skinny, it's just the photos that make it look like that. Since i have it in person now I compared it, and its size is very close to the Black Series ROTK helmet. Gonna start painting this in a few days Also about the modded model: It's probably possible to rip it once its released and be used, but it's his work, so if it was gonna be used outside his mod i'd at least get permission (unless it'll be for your own use, but still). But i gotta admit, these models are beautiful! Only difference to mine is the belt (using the clone belt instead of a TK one) Also a word on the models I had made: They were built upon the In-game model (a very polygonal mess ), but even after getting them made, there were some things I wish I could improve or change about them to make them maybe alittle more accurate. I do want files for the helmet to be released, but I want them accurate enough so if people who wish to go for approval with it can. So if it's possible, can we get the CRL team in here and discuss this build and see what we can do to get accuracy on the helmet and the rest of the suit as a whole? Even if I myself aren't going for approval (for now), I'd want other people to be able to at least have a stepping stone for that to happen (especially since my build is getting a lot of recognition on group post and a good amount of people have told me they want to do this build themselves too).
  14. Friend is done priming my Phase 3 helmet! It's now being sent to me to finish up Then it's just the waiting game on my armor.
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