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  1. Friend is done priming my Phase 3 helmet! It's now being sent to me to finish up Then it's just the waiting game on my armor.
  2. Friend's almost done sanding and priming. Just needs to print the chin piece then it's off to me
  3. I should of done this ALONG time ago, but for anyone interested, here's the in-game model of the helmet TFU StormClone Helmet In-Game Model This is a model was ripped from the PS2 version of the game when this project started. So if anyone wanted to do their own thing with it you can
  4. Or I'll just end up sell both (One being faithful to the in-game model, one to look more like if it was from the movies).
  5. Maybe not the model I got printed, but I'm getting another model fixed up to be sold (Needs some slight edits and removing the Rogue One elements, also chin has been changed already to match more), but that'll be close to the builds completion.
  6. Friend finished printing my helmet! Once its sanded and primed it's being sent my way to get painted and finished. I also received my pauldron and ammo pouch from Trooperbay (will get a backpack once the build is done to more resemble the Squad Leader/Commander).
  7. Update: Ordered Clone and Stormtrooper parts from 850 Armor Works! Also getting the OG version of the helmet (my Profile Pic one) printed since the print of the new version was too small to fit, and also had to be cut, but I'll get that version reprinted later on. So I'll be playing the waiting game for awhile more
  8. I believe that's because the visor in game reflects light ALOT. Id say Dark Blue, Dark Grey, or Black could be used. We ended us going with Black for this one.
  9. https://imgur.com/a/Gr3riYn https://imgur.com/a/EU7cwCF Printed and painted by my good friend at @insider.propshop (instagram). Should be sent over soon, but with current events who knows. Ill be adding the 501st marking and weathering myself when it arrives :)
  10. The model itself is built off the ingame model, so how some of the helmet is shaped is pretty accurate. And while i do agree on the brow, I didn't want to mess with the design too much, and the look is just very iconic for me Btw, the new helmet was modeled by my good friend Boon from Skylu 3D Props, and you can check his work out here: https://www.facebook.com/Skylu3D/
  11. The new modernized version of the helmet is done, and I'm in love with the finished result! Time to get this printed https://imgur.com/a/Lzw7XJ9
  12. So to start off, I just got my clone boots from ImperialBoots a few days ago. Also got a few of the audio files for the troopers in cutscenes (only 6 but better than nothing) that I'll be sharing here incase anyone wants to use them https://drive.google.com/open?id=1f5TeM74BvAUSe-Y3zrYzx-yayEEDAEIa Voice lines are as follows (1-5 are from the first mission, and 6 comes from the PSP versions Order 66 mode): 1. "Lord Vader! We were ambushed upon arrival, but i have the situation well in..." 2. "Lord Vader, Triton Squad reporting for duty sir!" 3. "Yes sir!" 4. "You heard him men! On the double!" 5. "Yes sir! We're sustaining heavy resistance sir. So far we haven't even broken their frontline." 6. "Yes my Lord."
  13. I'll keep updates here, so following this thread to keep up-to-date on any posts I'd make
  14. I'm actually starting this build up again since I have the time now Only difference this time is I'm not really aiming for approval, and doing more of a modern take on this trooper instead, A new helmet is also being made to fit the changes (the new helmet file might be put for sale once my build is done). Can't wait to show progress
  15. UPDATE from the CTD CRL Team: They discussed this build on Command Staff level and agreed that they can not take care of this build, but hope we can find a home here or at Flagship Eclipse.
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