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  1. Congrats Eric glad I could help, you should be a show in for EIB and Centurion! I'm going to the MS walk on the 2nd of November maybe I can meet you there so I can help you kit up.
  2. Michael culp TK1636 EIB Letter size http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/1636-eib.png
  3. Michael culp TK1636 Centurion Letter size http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/1636-centurion.png
  4. I have built a couple of KB props FO's for my garrison mates, I currently have a couple of video on Youtube on how I did it. I also just helped a member in AZ finish her KB Phasma, she just needs to paint it. I have also helped some Californians build there armor, one mailed it to me and two others came down and I helped them build the armor over three days.
  5. One day I hope I can be half as good as you Tony, but on a side note I find all I mostly do for my garrison is build all the troopers not just TK's
  6. I'm going to try in Sept, hopefully it will be done and won't be to crowded. On a side not I am going to try and set up another Fireteam shoot in the desert next month.
  7. I am glad I could help hopefully we can meet up, I will be going to California to Disneyland for the Star Wars park.
  8. Here is the last big armor piece the back and yolk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9in2WGRjiX0
  9. Later tonight i will upload the back and yolk plus show all the parts i have finished. I still need to glue a couple of minor parts, i also need to get both belts and gloves to finish the kit off. Lastly i will see if he wants to paint it or if i am just going to hand paint on the black details.
  10. Ab plate, kidney and ab boxes
  11. Next is the thighs, still need to add a couple of greebles but it is mostly done.
  12. Now to the shins and boy do they look big, i might have to trim them down.
  13. Finally putting together the forearms,
  14. Ok part three, i guarantee it gets better.
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