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  1. Hi all, A few questions... I was lucky enough to attend a Build Party with TKMama a few weeks ago. She (and another members whose name I totally forgot) assisted greatly with me figuring things out and showing me precisely where to cut. As mentioned, I have an RS Propmasters kit. I am following along on their "Building a Storm Trooper" series on YouTube which is also super helpful. I am currently working on the Right Bicep and have a few questions. The seams aren't a perfect fit of course from the trimming. I have put 120 grit sand paper on a block of wood and have used it to get it fairly close. My question is.... How smooth should they "butt up" to each other? Second question. I know that the top section doesn't really show as it is hidden under the shoulder bell. Question though... The inside section sticks out about 1/4" above the exterior side when the bottoms are even. Is that correct with my kit? Working on reducing the photo size to post a photo to get it under 512 kb.
  2. Hi all, I created this account several months ago and started doing a lot of digging. Since then, I ordered an RS Propmasters kit and officially had my BBB Day. With COVID and the lack of build parties, I really haven't worked on anything with the exception of some minor trimming. I have just about all of the tools required for it. Looking forward to getting it completed.
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