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  1. For the way I did mine, the screws don't actually hold anything in place, they're just "decorative". I drilled holes just big enough for the screws to drop right in, and hot-glued them in place.
  2. I used electrical switch plate screws. The come with the heads already painted white.
  3. I tried the window tint applied to clear acetate...didn't like it. I finally got a replacement welders face shield from Farm and Fleet. It cuts easily, and is plenty dark, but not too dark to see out of...at least in well lit areas. Night troops might be interesting.
  4. Not sure how you'd go about faking the screws. I used light switch wall plate screws. I don't know how accurate they are...close maybe...but they're somewhat low profile so they don't stick out very much. They also come in white. Just mark and drill your holes with a drill bit just big enough to fit the bolt through, but not the head. You'll be drilling through a couple layers of plastic, essentially making two holes for each screw. To seat the screw-head you'll need to drill out the outside hole only on the earpiece to a diameter just less than the head. It'll sit in the bigger hole and stick out less that way. Depending if you trimmed your earpieces down, you'll be able to see the end of the screw through the inner hole inside the bucket, or it'll be sticking out some. I just shot some hot glue into the hole and it seems to be holding fine.
  5. On the parts that you do use the industrial velcro, lightly sand the surface where the velcro will be applied to remove the gloss on the plastic. It will help with adhesion.
  6. Nice job on the ears. I was too much of a chicken to do that mod...I had a hard enough time just getting the paint right. Anyway, what decals will you be using? I orded the ANH set from trooperdecals...some fit ok, some didn't. The teardrop was a little small, but seems to work ok as is. The traps just above the brow trim will need a bit trimmed off the bottom edge. The most difficult was the decals for the rear of the helmet. The angles were wrong, as was the length. I needed to make a template by rubbing pencil on paper over the indents in the helmet, cut out the template, and lay it over the existing decal. Draw the outline with thin black Sharpie, and cut it out with an X-acto knife. Make sure the stripes are centered...and you will lose a stripe or two on each decal. You will also need new 1/16" black pin-striping to make a new outline. I used this... ...instead of auto pin-striping. It should be available at hobby shops where models are sold. The angles of the striping were too sharp to just bend it, so I had to cut it in sections. It's not noticeable unless you're really close up...and thats too close.
  7. I trimmed my brow back a little using the trusty Dremel again with the small sanding drum. I nicked the face plate underneath some, but that was sanded and puttied. I just marked the line where I wanted it with a pencil and started carefully sanding away...with the emphasis on carefully.
  8. Well...here it is...mostly finished except for the interior. I'm waiting on a TCI box and some knee-pads to finish the inside, but it is troopable. I'll give it the "maiden voyage" this weekend. Theres a few cosmetic flaws that shouldn't be too noticiable to the casual viewer, and I'm getting used to them...after all, nothing's perfect.
  9. I'll echo Terrell's opinion. I haven't had any problems with Plastic-Weld either...other than the color.
  10. Study all the different MR UK CE threads around here...you will find the answers you seek. You will also find that it will take a lot of work. If you are confident in your construction skills, then have at it. Different runs of plastic from different armor makers may or may not match. The colors may vary from batch to batch, or manufacturer to manufacturer. Hard to say if any helmet will match your armor or not unless it comes with your armor kit. Buying a completed helmet can be pricey...theres a good one available on these boards right now. Do you have access to the Imperial Commissary section?
  11. Thanks...as long as no one gets too close, they won't see the goofs.
  12. Makes sense...thanks for the help.
  13. Progress report... I have a smooth enough finish sans the shine at this point. I've hand painted the frown, ears, and vocorder, and am ready to apply decals. Here's where I'm stuck though. I'm planning on using Turtle Wax for the shine...I've tested it and it yields a light to medium gloss...it should match my armor's shine. Should I apply the decals and Turlte Wax over them, or apply the Turtle Wax, then decal over that? Will the decals stick to the surface if it's been waxed?
  14. So far, I haven't been able to locate those knee pads here in the states. I've checked all the "big-box" stores and some of the smaller ones. They must be only available in the UK. I haven't even been able to find a reasonable facsimile yet.
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