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  1. To know about diferents brands in this ANH armors .
  2. Paul sir are you the owner of ATA works it,s seems that wenever I try to contact them the e-mail send me to here. Believe me 4 times I try to contact them 4 times I end up here...if you are then tell me your prices ???
  3. hi there the name is Javier and I new here I understand your extremly busy but still would like to read all about prices on armor kits alone, ( no helmet ) thanks for your concern in this matter. ps, you can write me here or to my e-mail nobillityman@gmail.com thanks again.
  4. ata works, an elusive company so hard to find anyone who can help me in this matter, providing address or phonenumber I will be in eternal gratitude with that or those persons who can help me with this matter. thank you all a lot
  5. Javier Rivera from Puerto Rico I have been looking for the address of that company for days. Any help in this matter will do fine, I would like if you don,t have problems in helping a fellow from P,R the address of the company and phonenumber if you can help me I will be in gratitude with you man . thanks for any help there.
  6. ...I know that this site is not entirely to buy stuf but when you ad a few email address someone may think that it,s a good help, of course you don,t has total control on any email address you gave, but don,t get me wrong I,m new here and I know the strong side in this site are the tutorials on how,s done this and that, so in time you will know me better my apologies on my first mistake. and keep the aesome job you guys are doing. thanks
  7. disillusion I gave you 3 thanks in advance for the web directions you suggest to were to find troopers armor, the first one I tryed ends me rigth here the others ones send me to web site similar to this one. come to think that I just wanted to buy an storm trooper armor, and believing in your directions. now I has to go back to Ebay the same place you guys criticize about not goin there because it was to expencive....wow what a drag #$@% one more chance were can I buy an ata works(the so called unexpencive one) just give me a email direction and I will try again. this time just like vader said don,t fail me admiral.
  8. thanks,thanks,thanks you alot this is my first time here and all ready love the place, I was about to buy on Ebay but with your advise I will browse around a few companies that you suggest to see who fits me better. if I found something good enoug for me I write you back and maibe with pictures from my new acquisition you guys had help me a lot so far thanks
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