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  1. I know RS had a fire and are probably busy, but were you able to get your sizes updated?
  2. Your assistance throughout my super long build is greatly appreciated. Looks like you are right about the blaster. The thing is I don't know what to do. The blaster is from RS and was assembled like that. It looks to be mostly resin cast. I would have to physically break it and reposition it. It might be easier to just order a new blaster. I spent so long making the TK I really don't want to build a blaster and I have been looking all over for a approvable assembled blaster. I guess I'll just wait until it's mentioned that is a mandatory change before I try and break off that piece
  3. You have been so helpful. Your RS build thread was the first thread I stumbled across that gave me the motivation to make my own TK. Seeing how you were able to tailor the armor to you so nicely made me realize it was possible.
  4. It means a lot coming from someone with so many beautiful kits. Thank you.
  5. Thank you! I appreciate it and thanks for your assistance during my build.
  6. Name: Jonathan Curtis ID: TK-89054 Username: Lord_Potato Garrison: Tyranus Squad: Sienar Fleet Squad Armor maker: Walt’s Trooper Factory Helmet maker: Walt’s Trooper Factory Blaster maker: RS Propmasters Height/weight: 5 foot 7”/153 pounds Boot maker: Imperial Boots Canvas belt supplier: Imperial Issue Hand guard: Bailybuilddesigns Holster maker: Darman props
  7. When my wife measured me, my arm was relaxed and by my side as well (we made sure the measuring tape was not tight or snug). They biceps fit, but when I do flex, it is a tad snug. Out of all the armor pertaining to the limbs, the biceps were the tightest fit. Looks like you also recently purchased this? RS customer service is amazing and I am pretty sure they probably haven't made your biceps yet. It wouldn't hurt to contact them and ask if you could change your bicep measurement. Possibly a couple things to consider: The gloves they give you (though scree
  8. Hey! Looks like you went with the full commission. I hope it's a perfect fit right out of the box. If not there are so many people here to help. As I said before, I had to modify my commissioned RS, so I might be able to give a few tips if it turned out any changes needed to be made.
  9. Well, I would like to see how far this kit can take me. Getting ready for EIB. I just need to touch up my RS blaster, it's been dinged up a bit while trooping with it for the past couple of years. Just need to paint the grip gloss black and other parts with flat black and then I can submit. All of you who have guided me are awesome.
  10. Thank you! And I think I have stormtrooper status now. Not sure how I can verify if I have 501st stormtrooper status.
  11. Requesting 501st access. TK89054 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=28754 Thank you
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