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  1. So it looks like you are taking a different approach than what I did. What I did was align the tops kidney corners to the top corners of the belly plate. I did not this and made sure my strapping system aligned this way then I worked on the crooked issue. I removed return edges and did not remake them. It is not a requirement and I find it more user friendly to not have return edges on most of my armor. But the choice is yours and look like you got some good advice on how to recreate return edges. This is how my back assembly looks without return edges: Once I fitted the kidney and ab plate to my body, the back plate didnt want to sit properly. It was slightly crooked due to what I assume is the same issue you are addressing now. What I did was a drew a straight line at the top of my kidney plate (the part the goes across my back. Once I created a new edge, my back plate was able to align a lot better was the kidney plate was not make my back plate sit crookedly:
  2. I'm so sorry, I have no idea why I didn't see your response until weeks later. I'll take a closure look later and see if I can give any inputs Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  3. Heat bending is tricky. Make sure after you reshape a part in hot water to hold it in place for several seconds and also run it under water while holding the desired shape. When the plastic is cooling it will naturally want to go back to its original shape.
  4. If you wouldn't mind posting pics so I get get a better visual idea of whats going on. I think I understand what is going on but I would like to see some pics to see if I can help. If you can post pics of both side with masking tape holding it together from the inside would be great.
  5. Hey man! Have you made any progress on your ab to kidney issue? There were a lot of things about Walt's kit that gave me anxiety. What I did first was put a butt load of masking tape to enclose the right side of the ab to kidney section, making sure they meet perfectly at the top. Then I slide into the armor and had my wife tape the left side and made sure the top of the kidney and top of the ab plate were flush on that side as well. Then I had my wife take pictures from my back side to see if it was crooked. Just because the left side seems to appear to be lower than the other side, that could just be the natural tendency of the shape. If you put tape to make it meet with the top of your ab plate while you are wearing it, you might see that it won't be crooked. I have a feeling I didn't explain this very well. If you lost brain cells reading this I can try and explain again lol.
  6. Well, it's all over now. Took me a long time but I got approved all the way to centurion. To all of you who have commented and guided me......you are all amazing. Besides entering a pandemic and having my first kid, a lot of my progress was stopped by my own fears of messing up. Sometimes I would start on a piece and realized I need to do a lot of reshaping/adjusting and I'll freak myself out and then just randomly move to another piece. Hence why my build is so random. I think The WTF kit is wonderful kit for those of a smaller size.
  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I truly appreciate the work that you and the DO team do. Such fantastic news!
  8. I appreciate it! Your build thread was so helpful. Thank you.
  9. Thank you, I found that sanding the abs paste while it is still drying helps smooth out bubbles and and gave me a better base to work with vs globbing it down and waiting for it to fully dry.
  10. Trimmed the back plate and reattached strapping system. Looks like it fits together a bit better. Submitted for Centurion. We will see how it goes. Wish me luck!
  11. ***Application filled out as per Centurion Checklist PDF*** Mandatory Information Name: Jonathan Curtis TK ID: TK-89054 Forum Name: Lord_Potato Garrison: Tyranus Armor Maker: Walt’s Trooper Factory Helmet Maker: Walt’s Trooper Factory Blaster Maker: RS Propmasters Link to EIB: Optional Information Height/ Weight: 5 feet 7 inches, 153 Pounds Boot Maker: Imperial Boots Canvas Belt Maker: Imperial Issue Hand Guard Supplier: BailyBuildDesigns Holster Maker: Darmans Props ***fixes after EIB approval include: Filling the gap at the bottom rear of thigh armor, adjusting shoulder bell/chest space, and repositioning blaster counter and adding another coat of paint to grip*** FULL BODY Front Back Left Side Right Side Left Side Detail Right Side Detail HAN snap Action Shot Shoulder Bridges: Abdomen Buttons: Cod and Posterior connection: Posterior Kidney Plate connection: Wrist openings: Sniper Knee Plate (left and right side) Interior Strapping: Helmet Details Front: Left: Right: Rear: S Trim: Ear Screws: Close Up of Hovi tips: Accessories TD front and rear: Holster Attachement: ABS/Canvas belt (rear, showing drop boxes): Boots: Hand Gaurds: Blaster Details:
  12. I put the RS plate against the WTF plate and traced the top portion. Here is the pencil mark where I intend to cut. I honestly think adjusting the size my backplate will result in a better fit and fix my shoulder bells strapping issue. I am hesitant to cut into this completed build.
  13. I removed the counter and installed it to a more screen accurate position: I thought I was good for Centurion submission after all my fixes but realized my shoulder bells are still hovering. Its better, but its still off. After screaming into a pillow I reassessed what the issue could be...... I think I found it: so the tighter strapping for me chest and back plate lifted my chest and backplate a little higher than I wanted.....but I think it helped point out the problem: Back plate is a little high and curving well into my shoulders and i think its lifting the elastic straps causing the attached bells to be hovering... I had an idea......I decided to temporarily steal my RS backplate and see if the shape will improve the fit...... (RS is on the left) looks better.... Solution: I intend to trace the top part of the RS back plate on my WTF backplate and then trim it so it will be a similar shape to the RS. I would really like some feedback on this route. I am already EIB approved and I am a little worried doing something like this. But i am 99 percent certain my backplate is causing my armor to not sit perfectly.
  14. Next problem fixed: Gap at the rear bottom of my thighs.... before: After: So I have been working on the hardest issue (other than the blaster). My shoulder bells and straps float a little above my shoulders. Been experimenting with lowering the snap attachments, the snaps on the bells themselves ect.... It looks like lowing the snaps on the chest and back plate might do the trick......but that creates more tension and raises my chest plate. So my next step is to replace the straps thar hold my chest to my ab plate with 2 inch straps vs the 1 inch straps I have. Wish I had more free time......these arent a lot of fixes but this hovering shoulder bell has got me scratching my head.
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