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  1. Here you go... Those are two of the longer ones. I taped the ones at the chest because they seem to damage my undersuit. Thank you for the hint. Only found those that cost a fortune ready-to-wear. Sadly the last post was that his wife died four weeks ago. Makes me feel bad to ask if he's taking orders when life hit him that hard.
  2. Reads like it's basically approvable Those gaps already bothered me from the assembly. Will give ABS paste a go which means another shopping trip to the local hardware store. I can also fill the gaps at the front of the thighs like in the LFL archive ones. Speaking about thighs: Just follow the edge of the inside part in a nice curve? Same with the bottom of the left thigh? Outer ridge is 2mm bigger than the inner one. Another non-visible question: How do you protect the bracket screws from tangling up with the undersuit? Cut them down? Shrinking tube? Ductape? Now I'm a little indecisive what to do next: Would love to see how close I can get to EIB and Centurion but this would mean to build an ANH-Blaster. At the moment I feel like I need a break from drilling, glueing and sanding not so well fitting parts And I need additional space for storing blasters...
  3. Like I learned a lot of times: Nothing beats the real glue. So I glued the back coverstrips and the hooks for the right shin... And couldn't resist taking photos. Things I see, that I need to fix/finish: one of the unglued hooks came of. Glued them and will see how they look then I constantly need to remind me to adjust my arms after getting dressed. Didn't have contacts on so checking was a bit difficult Added a drop of glue to the thigh ammo pack so it stops moving downwards Left shin is twisted. Also a thing of "There's a mole under the bucket" Looks like the left dropbox is doing its own thing. My constant struggle with the shoulder bells. I put them into position and while I'm not looking they're doing their own thing Well, that's at least the thing I see from my amateur point of view. But I feel like this is nagging on a high level.
  4. So the rumors are true... You've an eagle eye for nearly invisble details:
  5. It’s not the angel I‘m already thinking about how to fix this without removing or damaging parts. Painting the screws and rivets is in the list
  6. Waiting time is always a good time to do research. Talked to @Ripper_L I had the pleasure to troop with in May and send a picture of my calves to our GMOs... In the meantime I started to paint the buttons... and felt like a monkey holding a brush for the first time. It's not like I have shelves full of Warhammer Miniatures with freehands and all the tiny details... Maybe I should have painted the imperial insignia on that button... But it's on the ab and doesn't look that bad. It's the typical thing I've with my miniatures, too. And while the Legion's bureaucracy takes time, it came to my mind (like very often) to scroll through EIB and Centurion applications and look for the calves of RS armors. Well... More or less diagonally coverstrips everywhere. Can someone do me the favour and hit me with a sign that says "LOOK AT OTHER APPLICATIONS!" when I run into things like that? Thank you...
  7. Yes, I saw this on RS shins like mine some time in other builds. But it was always just for reshaping and realigning the ridge as far as I understood. From what I tried and moved yesterday I would need another ~15mm of additional material at the bottom for the outer half. Then I could could a wedge out of the inner half for the perfect straight line up. My guess was to shorten the coverstrip in the back so it does not get over the edge at the bottom or angle the end to follow the shape of the cutout. And again I feel like I'm overthinking this thing...
  8. I stayed strong and let cure the E6000 for the full 24h... Didn't move or try my left shin before it was time. And it was really tough. Tried it on with coverstrip and strip as reinforcment on the inside and nothing broke apart. But I'm still sure that plastic is not ment to be bent in that way. Now rear-coverstrip... Is it fine for the rear coverstrip to be that angled? It looks like it's running diagonally across my calf. Would be an easy fix to reduce the diameter of the lower end, but wait there's this thing I really like: My ankle. So diagonally is fine and I cut the strip a little above or find a plastic (no pun intended!) surgeon for my ankle? I mean... who needs an ankle if he can be a Stormtroooper? Good thing I didn't start with the shins. I would have given up month ago.
  9. Sniperplate - Sundaymorning magnet edition. I cut the ends and moved from painters tape to magnets to keep it in place: Slowly getting into this sniperplate-insanity. Please correct me if I'm wrong: With this sniperplate... a) I can align the ridges of the wings with the ridge of the shin but then the plate itself is tilted slightly towards my knee. That's because shin and plate don't have the same angle (and nobody cared back in 1977) b) I've a vertical plate and a slightly not straight in line shin to wings. Reading the CRL that's a no go for me c) I've to narrow down the upper end of the ridge of the shin from currently about 45mm closer to the 35mm of the lower end of the plate d) I've to do something I haven't even thought about I also moved the plate more to the center of the shin but this feels like it's currently the least of my problems
  10. You mean from the above view and move it slightly more to the left? Thought this shifted placement is a result of the asymetrical shins as long as the two bumps at the bottom of the sniperplate are in line with the coverstrip. I won't get sloppy on the last pieces But that's now higher movie accuracy right? Trimmed it down to no edge and sanded to edges with very fine sandpaper. Once in its final shape I'll repeat that and hopefully get a round edge instead of the blade I've now.
  11. Thanks for the hint with the trim angle. Will cut them vertically on both ends. Used @Crickets Post as reference and the Post she linked Besides the trim angle anything wrong with the placement? Tried to align the lower edge of the sniperplate with the shin an the plate in one line with the coverstrip
  12. Thanks for your feedback @PhilBobTheFish and @ukswrath Had a pretty productive day today. I tied up my thigh while glueing. I hope this helps to reduce the gap in the back while the clue cures. Also thigh-related. Trimmed my ammopack and an old tupperware came in very handy But back to the main topic. My shins and the sniperplate. Read horrible things about it so I'm a little worried because it felt so easy so far ; Shins first. Trimmed the returnedge a little more and they feel almost comfortable... And the sniperplate. First try: I did some minor adjustments after that I'll remove the upward-facing edge on the right side to have a flat end. Also the edge of the shin seems to be above the sniperplate-edge. Is that normal? Can't raise it because it's aligned like that with the edge of the shin. And there's a loooot of space between the sniperplate and the shin. Guess that's normal, too. Another shin question: Because shins are always right shins in the original, do I have to adjust the lower edge of the left shin? Where? Or just fine like it is?
  13. Trimmed the shins and did some fitting with tape and magnets. They barely close in the back but I think it‘ll work. Another thing I came across is getting into the shins. How do you do that? The order I found was putting on the boots and then pull apart the calf to slide in. With maxing out the size of the shin I‘m afraid to rip apart the buttjoint in the front. Is there a way for people with not so small calves to get into the shins? Like sliding into the shin and then into the boots? Or a special techniques to open the shin without putting much stress on it?
  14. I won the fight over the thighs... or just gave up and decided that this is close enough to perfect for me. I get used to screen accurate inaccuracy... But I saved the best for last: The shins! This one looks a little weird because I turned my leg in a very unnatural way to take this picture. Maybe I should have asked my wife but she was too busy laughing about the squeaky noises I made walking around. First question: Return edge! On all pictures of shins there's a pretty broad return edge. I went for 10mm as usual then tried it on and... well to much sport. There's no "must have" for the return edge in the CRL but it seems like good manners to have so. Can I reduce them by half to give my calf little more air to breath. Also I would like to get rid of that pokey spike in the back.... This will also solve issue no. 2: I didn't trim anything at the calf and it barely touches. I read that the shin should close alone by the pressure of the shin coverstrip. Those bra-hooks are just for alignment. And with great shins comes great sniperplate: Roughtrimmed it and marked the line where, judging from other builds, the cutline should be. Tried to get a feeling where to attach the sniperplate on my shin but no way because of big legs and rough cut sniperplate.
  15. Thanks @ukswrath I don't know where I got the 25mm from. I've now a lot of 20mm coverstrips to finish the project. Today I had a confidence boost, a military grade haircut and I needed to do something sensible after my dayjob. I returned to my old enemy: Thighs! Right one wasn't a problem. Left one on the front was also pretty easy. Again looks like there's no right or wrong when it comes to the upper part of the rigde on the left thigh. Saw RS with the ridge running out sideways at the top and saw with a straight ridge. For me it seems like you can do what you want and it depends on how you cut your thigh there. Back was more of a problem. Really struggled to get the raised area on the lower end in one line. Also was afraid that I had cut too much. However I twisted and turned the thigh I didn't get a really straight line. This is the closest I could get there. Also have to remove the return edge at the upper end and some of the return edge on the lower end. Any suggestions so far? Or "Looks good, put glue on it" Moving in these things is pretty funny so far. Not sure if I made them to small or if it's just because they aren't attached anywhere so far. Like when I was working on these things before: My real thighs are in the way of my plastic thighs and I'm a little stuck in the middle
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