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  1. Tried that very gently, but it feels like there's not enough material left to do excessive trimming. And they tend to slip outwards at the top which seems to be a result of the connection to the biceps. Haven't found a proper way to prevent the white elastic from streching. Guess this would be a huge improvement.
  2. Reached EIB. Guess I won’t apply for Centurion. Shoulders are a constant struggle Thank you everybody for your support and constant advice. That‘s why it’s so awesome to be part of 501st
  3. Stratil Florian TK 61215 A4 Mike http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/61215-eib.png 267
  4. First of all: Thank you for your Feedback. We focused on certain points and missed other ones. The mandatory pictures: Sniper Plate Thigh ammo rivets inside and outside TD Front Panel D-Ring Shoulder Straps Ab-Buttons and Hand-Plates (Hope this counts as one...) Belt Boots Now on to the stuff @gmrhodes13 already mentioned: Helmet I pushed the rubber a little upwards (veeeeeeery gently) and it's like this now. Maybe it was the perspective with the other pictures. Will also do the trimming of the rubber as you recommended. E-11 I don't know what it is with this blaster. As long as I have it right in front of me it looks perfectly straight. As soon as I took the pictures it mostly looks like I'm carrying around a banana. Right side I'm working on finding the sweetspot between too loose and too thight. I guess with "hanging butt" your talking about the buttplate sticking out like a duck's butt? I'll try tighter strapping but I was afraid ripping out the bracktes sooner than later. Calves Aligend nicely. The left one is closed in the middle. Don't know why the whole is showing. I'm maxing out the RS ones pretty much. Shoulder bells They are indeed my archenemy! They can look like this or like this I guess that's based on daily motivation and placement of the biceps. Back looks like this Thighs Hope the height of the thighs is better in the second picture. They don't get any higher. I'm stuck with my real thighs in the middle of the plastic ones. Already tried a lot of adjustement while building. As a result I always had a lot of room at the ends and was stuck in the middle. Guess it's too much running to keep my midsection slim enough to fit into the torso. Belt Belt is a bit of a disappointment. Looked fine when I got it, but as soon as I stored it while building the velcro started pulling strings from the front layer. Have to say I'm a little disappointed from the quality RS delivered. I already tried to fix the ends with glue and clear coat to prevent any further ripping. As you can see in the pictures it was only a small success. I hope I covered everything so far.
  5. I've been silent around here because of holidays and work stuff. And trooping Handed in my EIB-Application and can't wait to wear my TK on a movienight next week
  6. Hi, I'm requesting EIB status for my ANH Stunt. My name is Florian Stratil and I am a member of the German Garrison. Build-Thread: Mandatory Information Armor = RS Prop Masters Helmet= RS Prop Masters (Commission) Blaster= Imperial Warfighters (Rubber-Version) Optional Information Height = 1,83 m Weight = 89 kg / 196lbs Boots = Imperial Boots Canvas belt = RS Prop Masters Hand Plates = Latex RS Prop Masters Electronics= None Neck Seal = RS Prop Masters Holster = RS Prop Masters
  7. Well that was quicker than expected: I got approved. No further questions from the GMO. Also had my first troop as a stormtrooper on Saturday which was pretty great. I now know where I need to do some minor adjustments for comfort. And my first repair because the snap of my left Shoulderbell came loose. I was really surprised how good the ventilation is in a TK compared to my TS. guess I’ll wear it more often now.
  8. Requesting update for Detachment access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=28171
  9. One more update: Had a double mail day yesterday. My summer undersuit arrived and E11 by Imperial Warfighters Instead of the two to three weeks Ryan delivered in under a week. It's so fresh I can still smell the paint Unfortunately approval seems to be just a little slow at our garrison... Read that people are waiting for six weeks to get their FO Admiral approved. So I won't be doing that much in the meantime and put the armour away... Maybe I'll troop an event as unregistered. Can't wait to wear this beauty.
  10. Noticed that when we reviewed the photos. And changed it. Unfortunately I held my arms pretty strange in the corrected pictures
  11. Here's the finished trooper on its way to the approval. As you can see here my shoulderbells already decided to do their thing. I've no clue how to prevent them from doing so. I also ordered a summer undersuit. I've the "all-year"-two piece one from stormtrooper undersuits and it's definitly not all year (25°C and 80% humidity and I was soaked before I even put on the bucket) I'm currently doing some testruns on working with ABS paste and wetsanding and polishing before closing the gaps.
  12. Chatted with him. He's taking orders and I placed an order for an ANH rubber E11. Looking forward to take the road to the higher levels
  13. Here you go... Those are two of the longer ones. I taped the ones at the chest because they seem to damage my undersuit. Thank you for the hint. Only found those that cost a fortune ready-to-wear. Sadly the last post was that his wife died four weeks ago. Makes me feel bad to ask if he's taking orders when life hit him that hard.
  14. Reads like it's basically approvable Those gaps already bothered me from the assembly. Will give ABS paste a go which means another shopping trip to the local hardware store. I can also fill the gaps at the front of the thighs like in the LFL archive ones. Speaking about thighs: Just follow the edge of the inside part in a nice curve? Same with the bottom of the left thigh? Outer ridge is 2mm bigger than the inner one. Another non-visible question: How do you protect the bracket screws from tangling up with the undersuit? Cut them down? Shrinking tube? Ductape? Now I'm a little indecisive what to do next: Would love to see how close I can get to EIB and Centurion but this would mean to build an ANH-Blaster. At the moment I feel like I need a break from drilling, glueing and sanding not so well fitting parts And I need additional space for storing blasters...
  15. Like I learned a lot of times: Nothing beats the real glue. So I glued the back coverstrips and the hooks for the right shin... And couldn't resist taking photos. Things I see, that I need to fix/finish: one of the unglued hooks came of. Glued them and will see how they look then I constantly need to remind me to adjust my arms after getting dressed. Didn't have contacts on so checking was a bit difficult Added a drop of glue to the thigh ammo pack so it stops moving downwards Left shin is twisted. Also a thing of "There's a mole under the bucket" Looks like the left dropbox is doing its own thing. My constant struggle with the shoulder bells. I put them into position and while I'm not looking they're doing their own thing Well, that's at least the thing I see from my amateur point of view. But I feel like this is nagging on a high level.
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