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  1. That’s good to know. Maybe the current situation has made me a little paranoid! Yellowing ABS is hardly important in the grand scheme of things, but trying to carry on and keep some sort of normality seems the right course of action atm!
  2. Thanks for that, yeah I’m currently repainting my GF lid which unfortunately yellowed, even though it had been out of direct sunlight. I had an AT-AT lid which also yellowed at an alarming rate, so I think it’s down to certain batches that sellers use. RS state that the PVC is UV stable, but unfortunately they don’t seen to be offering this in their sale, only the ABS. I know the ABS is the screen accurate off white, just don’t want to find it going ‘off’ in the next couple of years. I know a lot of members here will have the RS ABS version, am hoping they can chime in so I can push
  3. Was thinking of taking advantage of the RS armour discounts. At present they only have the ABS in stock for the sale- would have preferred the PVC but this doesn’t appear to be included in the offer (or is currently sold out). Question is, does the RS ABS armour yellow over time, or has anyone had experience of this happening to theirs? Plan is to display it and not troop, so wouldn’t be outdoors.
  4. Unfortunately, that didn’t work- overnight soak made no difference. Looks like replacements in order.
  5. That’s great, thanks. I actually considered that, but wasn’t sure what it would do to the silicon (it’s difficult to test it on a small area when you don’t have much surface to play with). Think I’ll try it and hope for the best.
  6. Quick question re: some silicon handguards. Finally found these after a clear out- been stored with some other bits. Getting them out, discovered they had yellowed. Strange considering they’d been stored away from light. So is there any way of getting these back to white (presume paint won’t stick to silicon), or do I just throw them? Also is there a general consensus on which glue actually works with silicon?
  7. Yeah, dealt with them once before and the whole process went really smoothly. This time, ordered a pair of Hoth boots, which looked really great, so would be a downer if I don’t get them (not concerned about the PayPal situation- guaranteed to get the money back, but it’s the boots I wanted). Their radio silence doesn’t make sense.
  8. Sorry, don’t know why the text is screwed up, maybe due to cut+paste?
  9. Like the title says, anyone had problems with IB?I’ve dealt with Imperial Boots once before- system seems very good, ordered a couple of items, and no problems.This time, however, everything seems to have gone wrong!Ordered on 9th March, and after waiting without any updates (my order status says still in production stage), contacted them a couple of times. First got a belated email saying we’ve upgraded to express shipping and we’ll send you a tracking #. Never got the update, contacted them again, no # update and excuse saying shipping updates are running slow.Waited another couple of weeks
  10. Got an email from the guy saying he's working 14 hours a day as he's been swamped with orders, so may take a while.<br><br> Don't think there's anything to worry about, the optimist in me says he's created a decent product that people are buying, and at least he's been quick to update me on the situation, so we will see...<br><br> Bought via PayPal so no worries.<br><br> Will update when I get the goods.
  11. Thanks for the info., definately helps if there's a system that can get around the UK's inconsistant customs laws! I've gone ahead and ordered one of the Etsy blasters I linked in my first posts. He has a FB page which all seems very positive. Will be interesting to see how it turns out, and I'll post something when it arrives- it could be a good option for buyers in the UK. Just gotta wait for my Anovos TFA kit to arrive, now!
  12. I'm probably being a little slow here, but what's the process for using the forwarding services? It does seem a little strange that there's so little feedback on the Etsy version, it does look pretty nice, and the removable stock is definitely a bonus, for me. It does look like a nice piece, and being in Europe would definitely solve a few potential shipping problems. I remember getting very nervous when I kept checking the shipping status of 2 Blade Runner blasters I had ordered from Japan.
  13. Wasn't sure if posting to sales threads was allowed, so please delete if it breaks the rules:<br><br> <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='https://www.etsy.com/listing/451806300/diy-kit-f-11d-blaster-rifle-lookalike'>https://www.etsy.com/listing/451806300/diy-kit-f-11d-blaster-rifle-lookalike</a>
  14. Since options for getting hold of a F-11D in the UK are limited when compared to E-11s, I was looking round the net and found a nice looking printed one on Etsy (never used Etsy before, so not even sure how this works either, is it just a marketplace?), from the Netherlands, so great for UK buyers.<br> Question is, does anyone have any experience of this kit, is the seller a member here?<br> Would really like to get more information on this before I go ahead and press buy.
  15. The shipping costs we paid Anovos are totally separate from the bills that are coming through.<br><br> Customs charges are fully expected, so it's no surprise that you'll get stung when you import goods from outside the EU.<br><br> In the good old days, getting charged was very much luck of the draw- I bought many items from the States and never got a bill.<br><br> Now that global shipping is common place, virtually nothing gets through without some sort of charge.<br><br> The usual routine for collecting import/customs charges, however, is d
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