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  1. TK-40996

    Greetings from Michigan

    Hi and welcome to FISD ! Maybe be some interesting links for you to continue your search for your nice and shiny white armor ! https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/38-getting-started-read-this-first/ Types of armor and vendors . Take your time on choosing the right vendor and armor for you ! And ask a lot of questions when needed right here at fisd it’s all about troopers helping troopers ! Goodluck on finding your armor and building it !! Godspeed !
  2. TK-40996

    Hi from the UK

    Hi and welcome to fisd !! Take your time on finding your armor and building it and all wil be fine ! Do not rush into it and ask a lot but I mean a LOT of questions! Godspeed !!!
  3. Good build ! Approval will not be a problem for you I think !
  4. TK-40996

    Hello from Australia

    I agree on sly11 with that it’s always better to build it yourself to get the fit right ! But it I have seen some good assembled kits to
  5. TK-40996

    Hello from Australia

    Hi . i own a rs propmasters abs myself and it is awesome . Even if you go for a complete assembled it wil be very good because they work so close to your measurements! The golden rule is then to take your measurements precisely. A pluspoint for the rs is that you get every hard part , soft parts , boots and even blaster . The only thing that you wil need to consider is that the rs propmaster helmet may look like it has a brute Finnish but that makes it more screen accurate. You do not get the full polished perfect round without dent stormtrooper like some other vendors . but again that’s wat in my opinion means rs props screen accurate. after all you will not regret going for a rs props . hope this helped !
  6. TK-40996

    Hello from the Cotswolds

    Hi and welcome to fisd !!
  7. Hi ! Goodluck on modding your tk !! Make sure to make a wip that we can see your progress and your awesome TKC !!
  8. TK-40996

    TK 72715 Checking In

    Congratulations!! Welcome trooper !!!
  9. TK-40996

    Hello from St. Thomas, Ontario!

    Hi and welcome to fisd ! Goodluck with building your kit ! if you have any questions make sure you ask them !!!
  10. Good work ! You did very well on that armor ! And you should be proud of it ! The staff will be with you shortly . The only thing they will ask you is that you take a picture of the TD screws I think . Goodluck on that application!
  11. 4. 12 August 2018 troop at a benefit for animals . Great day ! No animals where harmed ! Actually they loved us (had a lot of work getting that dog slime of my shiny white armor ) Together with rebel legion and twin suns clan Belgium (Mmcc)
  12. Hi and welcome to fisd !!! Goodluck on your build !
  13. Welcome to fisd !! We are all here to help you ! Ask billions of questions if you want we will do our very best to answer them all !!!
  14. Goodluck on your EIB application!!