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  1. Ooooiohhh HWT nice ! congratulations trooper !!!
  2. TK-40996

    Hello from the Upside-down!

    Hi welcome to fisd !
  3. TK-40996

    Hello from Manitowoc, WI!

    Hi and welcome to fisd ! Check out the link my fellow trooper send if if you have other questions feel free to ask them
  4. Hi brothers and sisters! I am planning on doing a sticker wall . Let me explain : So the sticker wall will be a wall with 501st stickers , other Star Wars stickers too to fill in some spots but the major idea is 501st legion garrison /squad/outpost/personals/... . The wall wil be transportable so we can display it on troops and cons . I’m planning on doing the same thing for rebel legion . If you got stickers you want to get rid of or gift for the wall you can always contact me ! Thanks in advance !!
  5. TK-40996

    Hello from Utah, Alpine Garrison

    Congratulations and welcome to fisd!!
  6. TK-40996

    Hello from the North!

    Hi and welcome to fisd!!
  7. TK-40996

    My Brown Box Came!

    Nice !! Goodluck with your approval! Good job bro !
  8. TK-40996

    Hoosier Trooper-to-Be (hopefully)

    Hi bro ! Welcome to fisd ! If if you got questions make sure to ask them ! Don’t be shy and you already got yourself a new friend
  9. TK-40996

    Greetings from Spain (Galicia)

    Hi and welcome to fisd !!
  10. TK-40996

    Hello from Spain!!

    Hi and welcome to fisd ! Great choice on rs ! Goodluck with the build !!
  11. TK-40996

    hello from kalamazoo MI.

    Hello there !! Welcome to fisd !
  12. Hi and welcome to fisd!!
  13. Welcome trooper!! Godspeed !!