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  1. TK-40996

    Hello from Manitoba!

    Hi and welcome to FISD !
  2. Clean build !!! Good job trooper !!
  3. TK-40996

    TB 8308 Soon to be TK!

    Hi and welcom to FISD !!!
  4. Goodluck with your application !!!
  5. TK-40996

    Hi from Humble, TX

    Welcome !! Rs makes the fine sit of armor !!
  6. TK-40996

    New guy looking for support

    Hi and welcome to fisd !! Hope the 3d printed version works out ! Goodluck !!
  7. Goodluck on your EIB application ! The details already pointed out to you by our fellow trooper are the things I would come up to change to
  8. TK-40996

    Hello from Louisiana

    Hi and welcome to fisd !! Goodluck on finding the right kit for you and Goodluck with your build !!
  9. 7. 4 November 2018 kicks and bricks Lego , Troop to support a charity organisation called children of Nepal . Together with Phoenix base ( belguim rebel legion ) and other cosplayers .
  10. TK-40996


    Welcome to fisd !!
  11. TK-40996

    Officialy Hello from VA

    Hi !! Welcome to fisd!!!
  12. TK-40996

    New to the forum, need direction

    Hi and welcome to fisd! Goodluck on on your build !
  13. TK-40996

    Greetings from PA

    Hi and welcome to fisd!!
  14. 6. 27 October 2018 Troop for charity group WITH LOVE BY FERRE ! The blue trooper andThe story behind it ! Its about a young Star Wars fan who suffers from a horrible disease, in the hospital he met a new buddy who also shared the same love for star wars . On a black day the young boy got the news that his new friend past away . From that moment it was the little boy his wish to start up a charity Organisation which later got named after him with love by FERRE . Because he was such a fan of Star Wars one of my good friends and fellow garrison member got the amazing idea of getting the organisation some kind of mascot . he started thinking and then the new idea was born he created THE BLUE TROOPER . Now I’m trying to do as many troops I can next to the blue trooper because it’s all about troopers helping troopers and I really love the idea where the organisation stands for ! Some pics of this troop together with the blue trooper .