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  1. Hey everyone, There are so many talented people here, I'm hoping someone knows a thing or two about sewing machines. I'd like to get some opinions on heavy-duty or industrial sewing machines. I've been wanting one for a while. Something that can do thick vegetable-tanned leather, or, um, a yoga mat. The antique treadle style machines are intriguing, and also the slightly newer hand crank versions. Assuming they're in good working order, are they capable of some heavy-duty materials? I have a few upholstery projects I'd like to start - boat and camper van, and
  2. Here are some pics before I mask, prime and paint. I think it's finally ready.
  3. 2/28/2020 Celebration of Eric's Life San Mateo, CA 9/27/2020 Headshot Virtual Troop
  4. I got the halves glued together. I kept all the screws except for the one in the scope. Where the top T-track, and under the scope rail have the gap, I made "snakes" out of epoxy putty (Plastic Weld) but that didn't work exceptionally well. I think the idea still has merit, but it might be best to actually measure the gaps and size accordingly. Not think "oh gosh what can I do with this leftover epoxy before it cures in 6 minutes". I used ABS paste around all the seams, and used a hypodermic needle to painstakingly add paste to the aforementioned gaps drop by drop. And sanding. So
  5. I'm looking forward to my first troop! I was fortunate enough to meet some fellow troopers at an armor party yesterday. Since I was approved on Valentine's day, I'll post this silly picture -
  6. Requesting access TK-19155 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=31471
  7. Still not a lot of visible progress, but it's almost to the point where reassembly can start, after priming & a few other tweaks. The forward lens is about the same size as the plastic, but wouldn't fit inside, so I cut it off and made the hole big enough to clamp down on the lens. The rear lens involved removing a lot of material from the inside of the blaster, but I didn't get a pic of that. For the barrel I used a pipe that comes with fish tank filtration systems. I have a lot of spare parts / junk since I've had fish most of my life. I decided to
  8. YAY!!!!!!!!! I just want to say: I'm APPROVED! I got the notification with more details to follow. I have to go to work now but too stoked to not share. A big thanks to the members of this forum!
  9. Well, I must have weird forearms. The GML commented that they looked a little thin from the angle I submitted. They do look kind of large in those photos, but they fit my arms without a lot of wiggle room. Maybe I just have weird arms. I do remember getting them round was difficult, because to go for really round I would've had to have removed a lot of material. In all fairness, he couldn't tell what the material was. I'm hoping the new photos will at least give him a better idea of the nature of the fix, or maybe they'll be OK with more context, if they're just secured better.
  10. I decided to bite the bullet and get something I can use immediately, and of course I'll be working on it long enough to prevent that from happening. I wanted to have a proper blaster for photos to submit to my local GML, and it did serve that purpose after a quick blast of black paint. Even after dropping it in the dirt and painting over it. I learned that trick from my ex, who used to work at ILM. Right now it's a garden variety mod, I'm going to replace the D-ring, add aftermarket power cylinders, drill out the barrel & scope rail, fix where the folding stock melded into th
  11. Wow, I can't believe October was the last time this thread was active. I did reach out to my local GML last year, then the PG&E outages commenced, then the holidays happened, and somewhere in there was a period of about a day and a half when my mailbox filled up. Of course I missed his reply. I re-sent an email a few weeks ago and got in contact! Waiting to hear back after a few minor adjustments, with one potential snag. I refitted the latex hand plates to smaller gloves, and they look, well, disproportionate. Here's what was sent back: So looks like I
  12. gmrhodes, Thank you for the input! I redid the stripes, and they're a little better. I can't paint a straight line to save my life! Redid the brow a bit, and removed the offending wire tip poking out from the ear. Also took the paint down on the teeth: I also reworked the ab plates:
  13. A dot of Velcro *should* do the trick on the belt, & I touched up the screws/rivets with white paint. I trimmed the right thigh a bit, and cinching up the garter should hold them a little higher. But the shoulder bells bother me the way they match with the chest plate. Either I can avoid holding my arms so close to my body, or trim. But should I trim the bells, or the chest? If the chest, where? Or more importantly, where DON'T I trim?
  14. UPDATE with more photos! Front: Left: Detail: Right: Detail: Rear: Abdomen Detail: Action Shot: Fairly good neck seal and shoulder strap: There are some things I noticed - Need to trim the threads off the belt Belt sitting a tad too low in the center Forgot to paint the bracket screws on bottom of chest Need to tighten up the belt - thighs now look a little low. The right one feels like it might need more trimming.
  15. Might as well get the ball rolling even though I don't have all the pictures yet. INFORMATION: 1. First/last name Jennifer Foreman 2. Future Garrison/Squad/Outpost or local area Golden Gate 3. Armor maker RS (except for left shin - ATA) 4. Helmet maker ATA 5. Cloth belt maker SELF 6. Neck seal maker SELF 7. Boot maker Miko Lotti dyed white 9. Blaster maker (if applicable None yet - hopefully soon 10. Gasket maker (if applicable) N/A 11. Height (optional) 5' 3" 12. weight (option
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