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  1. gmrhodes, Thank you for the input! I redid the stripes, and they're a little better. I can't paint a straight line to save my life! Redid the brow a bit, and removed the offending wire tip poking out from the ear. Also took the paint down on the teeth: I also reworked the ab plates:
  2. A dot of Velcro *should* do the trick on the belt, & I touched up the screws/rivets with white paint. I trimmed the right thigh a bit, and cinching up the garter should hold them a little higher. But the shoulder bells bother me the way they match with the chest plate. Either I can avoid holding my arms so close to my body, or trim. But should I trim the bells, or the chest? If the chest, where? Or more importantly, where DON'T I trim?
  3. UPDATE with more photos! Front: Left: Detail: Right: Detail: Rear: Abdomen Detail: Action Shot: Fairly good neck seal and shoulder strap: There are some things I noticed - Need to trim the threads off the belt Belt sitting a tad too low in the center Forgot to paint the bracket screws on bottom of chest Need to tighten up the belt - thighs now look a little low. The right one feels like it might need more trimming. Chest looks wide, but I'm not sure it is, since it seems to conform to the ab, and the ab fits me well. Paint coming off ab/kidney rivet
  4. Might as well get the ball rolling even though I don't have all the pictures yet. INFORMATION: 1. First/last name Jennifer Foreman 2. Future Garrison/Squad/Outpost or local area Golden Gate 3. Armor maker RS (except for left shin - ATA) 4. Helmet maker ATA 5. Cloth belt maker SELF 6. Neck seal maker SELF 7. Boot maker Miko Lotti dyed white 9. Blaster maker (if applicable None yet - hopefully soon 10. Gasket maker (if applicable) N/A 11. Height (optional) 5' 3" 12. weight (optional) 125 13. TK type (ANH Stunt/Hero. ESB, ROTJ. TFA etc.) ANH Stunt 14. Name(s) of any Trooper(s) who significantly helped with your build. Shout-out to Cricket/Christine for fastener help! PHOTOS: 1. Front view (arms down) 2. Back view (arms down) 3. Left side (arms raised) 4. Right side (arms raised) Pending someone to actually take the photos - 5. Ab plate close-up 6. Helmet close-up (front, left and right sides) 7. Detail photos of any parts you have questions on I assume the traps are up to snuff now - 8. Interior strapping (optional)
  5. I can't belive it! I'm DONE!!! Well, no not really, but all the armor parts and accessories are assembled. Still need to go over the checklist and CRL now, paint rivets, fix some things and find other things to fix. And of course get some photos submitted to the pre-approval forum, once I find someone to take them. Though I'll take a look at the requirements and submit any that highlight the armor without being worn. And then I need a blaster. And then?? I guess contact my local garrison and see what they have to say. Cool!!!
  6. I was wondering why those traps looked a little funny to me. Improved version:
  7. D'oh!!! That bothers me more than the neck seal!
  8. So I made a cover plate - it's somewhere between meh and OK. I can space another one out so it sits flush but I have the concept down. I rolled the edges over and superglued them, then cut out a flap which I glued onto a piece of 3/16 high pressure plastic tubing (one of many items I happen to already have laying around), and stuffed the tubing into the weatherstripping.
  9. Rob, I do vaguely recall reading a discussion about it that hints at what you're saying, but this is copied from the CRL for Centurion level: Ear bars have only one bump painted in black (rank stripes). That's it. Basic says: The “ear” bars may have three or four bumps and are grey or painted grey, with a black outline. Painting the bumps with a rank stripe (highlighted) in black is optional. It feels good to be closer to completion. I've almost completed the neck seal (and it's possibly "good enough" right now), and based on my experience over the last three days, JUST BUY ONE!!! But I'm a glutton for punishment, I guess. I still need to come up with a way to cover the zipper in the back, but that should be relatively easy. Finding good reference photos might be harder, other than the one side view of Han in the Death Star that sure looks like a cover. This was made with heavy weight spandex, rubber weatherstripping from Home Depot, and a felt-like "Absorbent Super Shammy" from Amazon. The idea is that the material is breathable and will help with cooling.
  10. Can't believe it's been just over a month since my last update! I have been working it, but not a lot, and progress has been somewhat slow. All because I wanted to try an expanding foam insert for my head. It took a lot of tweaking, but I'd consider it successful. I carved out a place for some hearing augmentation electronics (which I've abandoned for the moment), and interestingly, there's a LOT more room on the left side of the helmet. It also has some channels for a blower system. I have some ideas that involve a largeish blower fan, though I'm not sure where I'll mount it. Probably under the chest plate, but I haven't started that project yet. I lined the helmet with a trash bag (taped it in) and did the insert in two pieces. I wanted to make sure it would come out: I have mics fitted in the ears, and got the ears fitted to the helmet. The green lens is kind of disappointing, and will probably be replaced. There are some annoying scratches, but since visibility is poor, it might be something I can live with. I also wired up a mic to a speaker, and it works, but isn't very loud (yet). Feedback will probably be an issue but as long as it's louder than my muffled voice, it's an improvement. So the helmet is "done", finally! Minus cleaning all the smudges, painting the screws, and all those types of details. But I'm well into the last 10%. Now I'm down to just two more things: Neck seal and holster. I'll probably wait for approval before I start the blaster.
  11. Time for an update. I haven't had much time to work on the armor, but did determine the microphones are worthless for this application. I ended up with a slightly larger mic, with a pre-amp built in: I also finally had a friend over that could get some better photos. The helmet is not complete, so the lens is just sort of placed in there over the screws, and the ears are taped on. But the stripes are looking pretty good! Trooperbay decals. I didn't trim the upper thighs yet. And there seems to be alignment issues with my left limbs. Dying the boots is a tedious process and there is still dye left. I think it they'll need all of it.
  12. Here's a few more pics clarifying (hopefully) what I'm trying to do. Please excuse the excessive photos - I just got a replacement laptop after having been without for almost a year. Posting photos is now *easy*! A fresh coat of paint to start over on the scrap ear. Microphone placed in hole. Here's a new black stripe. The featured bump seems to be larger overall than the "correct" one. It almost works. And here's the mic overlaid on the good ear, no holes drilled. It's wider than that stripe.
  13. Alright, here's some pictures of the real ears. I hope the alignment holds true. Gap is larger than I'd like, but hopefully fine. And here's the fat stripe one. You can see the large hole where the microphone was hanging out -
  14. LOL that’s my scrap ear. I just slapped on some paint in about 2 seconds to get a feel for how wide that stripe has to be. There’s a microphone fitted in there! The microphone is tiny, but still wider than a normal stripe. So the big question is, would that pass being that wide? It looks funny to me so I’m guessing no. I’m not sure if I could paint the margins of the mic grey so I can get the stripe width down. I must say, it seems to be well camouflaged! Or maybe the weird stripe dimension draws attention away from it. I don’t have any pictures of the completed ears, I’ll have to add them when I get home. The comparison photo with the R1 has a fitted, but unpainted ear.
  15. One more question: Which is the front? I'm assuming it's the one with more of a banana curve? I did trim two stripes off to make it fit, so I'm not sure which end I trimmed.
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