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  1. Good news they will be shipping at the end of the week!! BBB day is coming soon.
  2. I bit the bullet and got a new shin on order. The original just wouldn’t line up on both sides and the front. If I lined up the edges, then the kneeplate was angled in at the top, with only a small contact patch. If the kneeplate lined up, then the edges would meet at the bottom, but resulted in the off angle, as seen in the photos. I went with lining up the kneeplate, but maybe it’s not that important? Is it supposed to work out with the best of both worlds, and if so, what went wrong? Also have the ANH bucket arriving soon! I use predominantly ABS paste because of the low(ish) toxicity of acetone...I’m exposed to a lot of fun chemicals at work and getting sensitized to a few, so my preference is to avoid exposure while doing fun hobbies. Has anyone discovered a non-volatile alternative?
  3. Well, I’m making progress. I was able to salvage the kneeplate, but it required a lot of sanding, filling, sand some more....and fill. Again. I’m happy with the contours and hopefully can start the final sanding/polishing. There’s enough parts put together to try on. The thighs attached to the belt turned out ok, and with everything on it looked like a stormtrooper! Those shoulder bells though.... and my left bell is attached too far back. The elastic is glued on with ABS paste. Is there a preferred method of getting it off? I was going to try a cotton swab soaked with acetone and gently peel it off. I have my work cut out for me. The boots came from Groupon and were $35. That will be another post.
  4. Brow Trim: The brow trim looked a little high. Here is a pic taken about two minutes after opening the box, so original configuration. This was further along, still original: I ended up replacing the rear neck trim with square U-channel. Not wanting to waste it, I cut it in half, leaving a lip to go on the bottom, and covered it extra wide vinyl tape. Finished result:
  5. Filling in the battery compartment: This was my first ever attempt to do anything, including making ABS paste. It’s been a while, but I’m not sure the Hasbro bucket is ABS. A tiny speck of rubber got into the paste and I didn’t have a lot of material to start over, so I went with it. This necessitated painting it.
  6. Of course the last piece to assemble is the one I screwed up bad enough that I might need to bite the bullet and replace - left shin and kneeplate. I got carried away with the ABS paste. I don’t know if it’s salvageable, but putting on a filler layer of paste made it look better, so maybe I can fix it. I have hope, but no confidence... So that being said, is it ok to mix armor? ATA is having a 10th anniversary sale, so might as well buy from them along with the helmet. One more thing, do the shins *have* to open in the back? I have been able to get the thighs on, and slip my foot through the shin, and put the boot on (with a hook), but not both at the same time yet.
  7. Hi Jeff - I have been following them on Facebook and it’s definitely down to the wire. I did message Kevin a few weeks ago. I forgot if I paid in full or not, but I did tell him how much I paid. He didn’t say I owe more so I’m hoping it’s good! I have a warm and fuzzy feeling BBB day is two weeks or less! I’m almost done with my ANH assembly, but screwed up the shin/kneeplate, and might need to reorder. Bummer because I don’t like to have multiple projects going at once.
  8. Looks like I should send them an email. Thanks for the info!
  9. Oh. My. Those colors are a bit different, aren’t they? I’ll have to think about that, if I would paint it, live with it, or just get one that matches. Is the ATA the same scale as the RS? It looks smaller in the pic, but maybe it’s just the photo. Full scale doesn’t look odd either. I might end up painting at least a few things, anyway. I got the shin repaired, and it turned out OK, but the butt joint gap shows, and at the bottom there’s a little pencil showing through too. It polished up acceptably well, this was just 5000 grit paper. Some wax or Novus should help. Hopefully the cover strip will cover some of it, and I can touch up the rest. I looked in the BBB, and there’s just a kneeplate, some gloves and extra hand guards, and cover strip material. The other shin is taped together and needs trimming to match the first. Then I can move on to the last 10%, which is the other half of the job - it still needs strapping, boots, holster and neck seal. And a helmet, unless a R1 can somehow be made to pass basic...
  10. Update! I had surgery a little over two weeks ago, and while I’ve had plenty of free time, surprisingly I did not feel like doing all the things my brain was envisioning. But I have made progress on my armor, even counting for my oops... I think I can salvage it, but this poor trooper is definitely going to be a battle damaged unit. I’ll just blame it on the meds. I cut a super wonky line on the rear calf halves. The fix is to glue it together with ABS paste, sand, fill, and repeat as necessary. Then cut a straight line if needed. I have discovered that I can get my foot through it. So... the CRLs do not mention anything about closure method in the back. Can I get away with none, put a cover strip on and call it good? That cover strip isn’t held straight either. I was having a day. Second coat of ABS. Taking it down with 150 grit sandpaper was a little heartbreaking. Looks like I get to find out what 5000 grit can do! (Thanks, Amazon for your all-inclusive multi pack) I still need to get my hands on a helmet, and follow up with WTF. Would anyone here know if their child’s helmet will fit a small adult? I hesitate to call myself a pinhead, but I once got a $180 motorcycle helmet for $39 because apparently nobody actually can fit into an XS.
  11. This is the link I tried to access: I don’t know if you can see it from your end, but even the hotlink shows a frowney face on my display - Indeed, the CRL link you just posted has a date of May 5 2019. I’m assuming that’s not the updated version. I was building towards Centurion, but I have made enough mistakes that it’s likely going to need a few fixes at least. I’ll be eagerly waiting for the update to post. Thanks for your response.
  12. Hello, I would like to access the new CRL but I can’t. Not sure if it’s because I’m not a 501st member yet - I’m still working on my first build, but making good progress. The link in the May newsletter informs me I don’t have permission to view that link. And a site search of “CRL” doesn’t return any results. Is this a tech support question? I’m not sure what access level I should request, since I’m still a month or two away from applying for official membership...is there a different link? Thanks!
  13. They have been posting a lot of pictures to Facebook the last few weeks, at any rate. As close as they appear to be, I’d say expect delivery in the cliché 4-6 weeks. My ANH armor is my practice build. The plan is to make the R1 the “best” one, and if I succeed then I’ll just have to get *another* R1 helmet, because what I have now is the “beta” version. It’s kind of a mess inside, which I’d like to make more professional looking.
  14. I’m trying to source boots on a shoestring (ha!) budget. I found out that the original boots in the films were dyed white. I’m not afraid to try that, so have now opened my search to other colors. I came across this Groupon link: https://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-cm-harrison-classic-chelsea-boots I have love-hate sentiments with Groupon, more towards the hate side of the spectrum. If it’s an item sold by a small business, it never hurts to call and ask if they will honor the price directly. Unless something has changed since I last dealt with them as a vendor (2014), there is absolutely nothing requiring you to sell your product through their website. Bypass them and you’re not shelling out upwards of 50% of the already discounted price to them. But I wanted to share: Discounted boots in the wrong color! Other than all the cons associated with dying, are these boots okayish?
  15. Let’s see... I have the torso assembled!! First big milestone. I decided to hang it so I can fit the bells. I cleaned up the butt joint on the left forearm, then got to trimming. I traced the edge and moved it down...three times. Here’s a picture of how much I took off the upper half. I repeated tracing the edge and trimmed the length match the upper.
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