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  1. Hey Steve, do you by chance still offer the set?
  2. 1.) 07/19/2020 - Photo shooting with the Echo Nova Squad [ESQ] of the German Garrison [GG] in front of the "Brandenburger Tor" (Brandenburg Gate) / Berlin, Germany. 2.) 09/19/2020 - Charity event and photo shooting with the Echo Nova Squad [ESQ] of the German Garrison [GG] for the "Tierheim Berlin" (Animal Shelter Berlin), Germany.
  3. Ah, ok...thanks a lot - it could have been, that you make lists about it.
  4. I wanted to ask, how many EIB-approved Heavy Weapons Troopers (HWTs) are there at the moment? Do they also have numbers, like the regular ones? There we are currently at #697, right?
  5. That's exactly what happened to me...whereby here in the Formum there are already really very good and useful tips - but just trying this out and looking for different possibilities, that's what we enjoy, right? Anyway, for a new pack I'ld also like to use some ingenious 3D parts from Eric.
  6. Thanks a lot, comrades - I'm really very happy about this promotion!!!
  7. Hi Joseph, thank you very much for your first evaluation of my application, respectively the photos... ...and I don't think any of this should be a problem! Here come the close-ups: Pauldron (scuffed and battle-worn + Side views): Backpack (scuffed and battle-worn): Thigh bottoms (close-up view of the back):
  8. Name: Carsten Hüne 501st Legion TK ID: 11672 Legion Profile: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=31364&costumeID=124 FISD Forum Name: Sidius Base ANH-S Suit EIB Link: Garrison: German Garrison / Echo Nova Squad Armor: Shepperton Design Studios (SDS) Battle Spec Helmet: Shepperton Design Studios (SDS) Battle Spec Blaster: DLT-19 (3D printed Kit by Tk421propstop, self-assembled & painted) Height: 5'10" Weight: 244 lbs (at the time of the photo ;)) Undersuit: Rough Radical "Black Iron" Boots: unknown Canvas belt: made by "felice" [TK-20047]
  9. Are there any (official) differences between the rebel version and the imperial Version?
  10. So this oil pan is called RODCRAFT P4 and is sold in Germany (approx. € 45,- / US$ 49,-): - Mod.-No: 8951081032 - 17 Litres / 4.5 gal lqd - Total length: 26.6" (without the lower handle/drain, which I've severed: 60 cm / 23.6")
  11. Thank you, comrades - all of you! Come on then - I'm looking forward to your pictures! Oh, I'd no files... I'd only purchased the finished items, which I'd then assembled, sanded and painted.
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