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  1. Whooooo! Very excited to join the ranks of Expert infantry! Thank you for reviewing my application! And thank you for the suggestions, they should all be easy fixes.
  2. Awesome! Better shot of the attachment Thank you.
  3. Thank you all! Very excited to finally be getting this process underway.
  4. This was my first official 501st troop back in October with Garrison Excelsior at Strong national Museum of Play in Rochester NY. Also in attendance was the Canadian Garrison and Rebel Legion. I dont think i could have had a better first troop. I was able to take part in a stage sized photo op, was part of blast-a-trooper, had pictures taken in front of some awesome sets built by the Canadian Garrison, and more importantly brought smiles to all the kids and parents! Rock on lil' dude! *stolen from Instagram* Thats my eager face FOR THE EMPIRE!!!
  5. Whoops! EDIT: added photos of sniper knee and ammo pack details. And the obviously necessary right side of the helmet photo. Heh, my bad.
  6. EDIT: Added the required D ring pic
  7. Name: Ryan Foresta Forum name: Manbehindthemask Leigon ID: 91593 Garrison: Garrison Excelcior Armor: RS props Helmet: RS props Blaster: Doopy Doos Height: 5:11 Weight: 167 Boot maker: Imperial Boots Canvas belt: Trooperbay Hand plates: Latex Electronics: TK Talkie, Ukswrath Neck Seal: Jedi Robes Holster: Trooperbay? FULL BODY: ARMOR DETAILS: ACTION SHOT!!! HELMET DETAILS: BLASTER DETAILS: ACCESSORY DETAILS: SNIPER KNEE AND AMMO PACK DETAILS: I believe thats everything! Hoping for the best and a speedy response! Thank you!
  8. TK-91593 requesting access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=28674
  9. Manbehindthemask

    Manbehindthemask's ANH stunt build thread (RS props)

    Well, I had my first (unofficial) troop last week with the wonderful folks with Garrison Excelsior! I had a blast! Was nice to get out in public fully suited up. They even helped me take some pics to send to the GML. And just last night got an email approving my 501st application! I am beyond PUMPED!
  10. Manbehindthemask

    Manbehindthemask's ANH stunt build thread (RS props)

    Okay okay. let me preface this by saying that I really intended to be more thorough with this build thread. I felt pretty confident with the techniques, reference materials and the things ive learned. i just kind of barreled through the rest what i had to build and all of a sudden i was pretty much finished. Would you guys be able to tell me how you think it looks? I will for sure make a post in the pre-approval page.
  11. Manbehindthemask

    Manbehindthemask's ANH stunt build thread (RS props)

    Pan head screws acquired! On the way to centurion!
  12. Manbehindthemask

    Manbehindthemask's ANH stunt build thread (RS props)

    Whoops, too bad I didn't see this yesterday. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ordered a few on the flea-bay. and by a few I mean 25
  13. Manbehindthemask

    Manbehindthemask's ANH stunt build thread (RS props)

    UPDATE! So the RS hand plates served as a great base to make some latex hand guards. All I really needed to do was build up the some of the soft edges with some bondo and super glue paste hardened with baking soda. After a little spot filling, sanding, and filing I managed to get most of the details sharpened up. After that I made a Ultrical-30 (mask making plaster) mold and filled with a thick layer of white latex mask paint, and filled the rest of the way with latex. Ultrical is amazing at drawing out moisture from latex, but to speed up the process i tossed the mold into the oven (180 degrees for an hour or so) These were fully cured by the next day. Think they came out pretty dang good if I do say so myself!
  14. Manbehindthemask

    Manbehindthemask's ANH stunt build thread (RS props)

    Some fitment pics. I am 5'11 ish and 165 pounds (i need to workout) Might have to heat up and shape the butt plate a bit so it hugs my rump a little better. The bottom elastic strap is being pulled pretty tight and its tricky to get it snapped, but I feel like once i get the belt all built and attached this gap will close up. Another question i have is if the back plate is sitting too low? Should i re-glue the white elastic shoulder straps to tighten em up ?
  15. Manbehindthemask

    Manbehindthemask's ANH stunt build thread (RS props)

    Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July! So this week off from work has proved to be a very productive one. Managed to get the torso-ab-back-kidney-butt plates assembled with the strapping kit from Imperial boots. (Those Trooperbay videos really come in handy for this) Also pieced together the thermal detonator. My main question at this point is the accuracy of the screws that RS props builds their detonators with. Are they passable for centurion? Because they don't quite look like pan head screws? (last pic) ^The screw heads in question^
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