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  1. GOOD LUCK DON! Those are some sharp looking pics!
  2. Heh, been having trouble with my image hosting sites. Thank you for making a clearer pic!
  3. Since you're aiming for centurion, there is an alignment issue i noticed with your belt. The ends of the ABS should line up with the edges of the canvas. Its a small issue, but it was a little something that i missed on my armor and held up my centurion approval.
  4. Congratulations on receiving your armor! Hopefully you can get out with us next weekend for the Strong Museum troop!
  5. I have a feeling we can get to level 2
  6. WELCOME DON! I'm having a lot of fun building this with you, and the dinners are a nice bonus
  7. Very excited to see the finished product. This helmet is coming along beautifully!
  8. Ryan Foresta TK 91593 Centurion letter Daniel http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/91593-centurion.png
  9. Thank you so much! This was such a fulfilling process and I am extremely proud of my armor. Thank you @TheSwede for the review and to everyone on here that has helped me along the way. FOR THE EMPIRE!
  10. Alright folks, perfection achieved! This should do it. Tidied up the right and left side.
  11. Its all good! Theres a lot to look over. I did use CA glue, but only used little dabs in the corners, so gently sliding a utility blade under there and using a little patience i was able to pop it off. This looks a bit better. Would afixing the belt in this position pass me for centurion? Just want to make sure before I commit to it.
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