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  1. Harbinger Thank you for the comment. Yeah, I'm realizing as I look that it's going to be difficult to find something that meets the exact billing with the time I'm being provided (I don't even officially start until next week, but I knew this would need time). I'm located in Michigan in the U.S. I have found a few options within my price range that will come ready to wear, but most of those options don't check off all the boxes that I'm looking for, so I'm already preparing to let my supervisor know his expectations may need to be adjusted. I'll check out the sites that you've mentioned.
  2. TK-40996 Thanks for the post, I've looked into Imperial Surplus, but it looks like they have a 6-8 week turnaround. I need to have the outfits ready for our event in March, so I don't think I will be able to go with them, as their kits still require some assembly. I'll keep looking, but I may have to look at some of the other vendors on this site and other 501st groups and build the suits up piecemeal.
  3. I appreciate the link. I haven't ruled out going in a stormtrooper direction, which is why I'm posting on here.
  4. Hello All, I've always been a huge Star Wars fan, and to my delight, my first assignment at my new job is to purchase a pair of stormtrooper/clonetrooper outfits for an event we have coming up. I have a budget of about $2,000 for each suit, and we have about 40 days until our event, so I thought I'd reach out to the community to see what people would recommend. I know there is a recommended vendor list, and I'm currently working through those, but many of them have a wait time that makes them unavailable. I'm also a relatively inexperienced builder, so I was hoping to find something that would come pre-assembled. Some other requests from my supervisor is that one of the suits be painted red, and the other blue, and they are also interested in suits from the Advance Recon Commando line. I'd be willing to do some of the paint work myself, but I need the suit comes in with enough time to paint and make sure that everything fits. Could someone help point me in the right direction, or share their tips? Your help is greatly appreciated.
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