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  1. Welcome and all the best from your favourite neighbours! Hup Holland Hup!
  2. I'd be up for that! Lots of free time on my hands right now
  3. Hi Dan, welcome to FISD and good luck with the approval pics!
  4. Hi Wayne, first of all, welcome aboard from my side as well! To answer your question: if you want to have a costume approved by the 501st, no weapons are needed. For some costumes, you have higher costume reference levels that require weapons and also some necessary greeblies/attachments on them (e. g. the E-11 blaster for Level 2 and 3 approval of the Stormtrooper). Concerning the blaster themselves - you can 3d print (pretty much all of them with the right files), you can get resin casts of some (DC-17 clone sidearms, E-11), or you can buy a toy blaster, sand them, paint them and add some stuff. It's all up to you, really. I personally liked the idea of having some weight in my hand, so went for a resin E-11 build which looks awesome and is certainly heavier than a 3d print, but after some time trooping, it does wear out your arms quite a bit. So for my next costume, (a clone commander), I decided to just go for 3d prints for all his guns. Look at the builds, look at the files, do some test prints, and most importantly, if you have any questions, HIT US! ;) Best wishes from Germany, Freddy
  5. Not sure to be honest I didn't see much from my position (you can only see my helmet on the top right)!
  6. Despite the shucksty way this year is going, I would happily like to request my badge to be updated to 25 troops! Two of the troops were really cool photoshoots as well, so I hope you like them! Also, I can't edit the number in the title, I hope someone with more forum rights can!
  7. [22] Imperial Photoshoot near Waalre, NL 06/14/2020 (picture by Max van der Veer, edit by ID-77888) [23] Child's birthday party in Düsseldorf, GER 07/18/2020 (sadly no picture, but you wouldn't want to see my in my armor at 96° F anyway..) [24] Ringbearers for a wedding in Krefeld, GER 08/08/2020 [25] Imperial Photoshoot at Zeche Zollverein in Essen, GER 08/23/2020 (picture and edit by SleepingBeastPhotography a.k.a. BH-4517)
  8. Glad to see you made it to the FISD forum, we'll be happy to help wherever we can!
  9. Keep up the good work Troopers, I'm looking forward to the day we hit the magic 1000!
  10. Hey guys, I just updated my troop log from 18 to 21, but now it won't let me change the title to the correct number.. Also I would love to have done more than 300 troops, but I haven't so theres something wrong with my earned trooping badge. Thanks in advance, Freddy
  11. [19] Lichtburg Cinema Troop Dinslaken, GER 12/28/2019 [20] Lichtburg Cinema Troop Dinslaken, GER 01/18/2020 [21] RTL Television Troop Hürth, GER 05/12/2020
  12. Hey Logan! As the rest here were saying, buying a commission is always an option, and I can totally understand how nervous you are! Personally I'd go the "Blaster first, armor later" route, that's what I did back then. Making the blaster can be just as challenging as you'd want it to be because there are so many modifications you can, but don't have to go for. You'll find your own way, and once you're done with that, there's still plenty of time to build the armor (or buy a commission). However, in the meantime you will have probably "grown out" or, you'll have noticed you don't grow anymore. Either way, just take your time, and if you ever feel comfortable building the armor yourself as well, like many here said before, we're here for you and always happy to help!
  13. Aaaaaaaaaaaand I just realized I missed that I was on page 1 of the thread .. well, welcome to the 501st!
  14. Sounds a lot like just minor issues to me tho, and surely you'll have taken a couple steps forward by now! Welcome from Duisburg (bit too late, but, you know, better late than never :P)
  15. [14] Opening of a Kids' Psychiatry Duisburg, GER 09/13/2019 [15] Detachment picture at Science-Fiction Days XII Speyer, GER 09/28/2019 [16] Force Friday Lego Store Essen, GER 10/04/2019 [17] Halloween Event Tierpark Bochum, GER 10/31/2019 [18] Star Wars Reads Day Krefeld, GER 11/09/2019 (also included on the picture is @T-Jay (on the right) and his AMAZING E-11 (stand on the right)!
  16. Woooooooo, what an awesome birthday present
  17. Welcome Tori! Good luck with your build, hopefully you'll make it till Halloween! But even if not, it's not worth rushing it, otherwise take your time!
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