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  1. Freduster

    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

    Hi Alex, and welcome to FISD as well as the German Garrison
  2. Freduster

    Greetings from South Korea!

    Welcome! You've come to the right place
  3. Freduster

    Hello from another New Member

    Hello Brad! I remember that time when I had a look at the 501st costume library first and realised there was more than one type of Stormtrooper I ended up with an ANH TK Stunt (can't really say why I went for this build), but I'm sure you will find your favourite soon enough Welcome to FISD, make yourself comfy, and enjoy your time with us
  4. Congrats buddy! Glad you made the ab/kidney connection work
  5. Freduster

    How much is a Tie Pilot?

  6. Hey Richard! All I can say is TAKE YOUR TIME! If you already have vouchers, good for you but don't rush any part of the build, be it the research, the purchasing process or the building. Take your time on all of these steps, and sometimes, if you put everything away for a week or two, it might bring your motivation back up Whatever issue you'll encounter though, we're here to help
  7. Freduster

    TK-12820 reporting for duty!

    Hi there! Like @TheSwede already mentioned, if you're willing to work on your armor a bit more while saving up for the next costume, give EIB and Centurion a chance
  8. Freduster

    HI from ITaly

    Hello Roberto! Hopefully you didn't have to wait as long as me (anovos took a long time to deliver - too long for my patience)..
  9. Freduster


    You can find it on the very last page of the blaster reference file
  10. Freduster

    Lorelei's 5'4" ATA ANH-S Centurion-Hopeful Build

    Oh, those shins look so symmetrical and sit so flush - stuff I have always dreamed of during my RS build looking good, and soon you will be part of the ranks
  11. Freduster


    Had a brief chat with Tino recently and he told me that @Bulldog44 would be very happy if I shared this little picture with you guys
  12. Freduster

    Rookie builds a rs anh-stunt tk

    Hey Wolfgang! Any updates on the armor? It has been pretty quiet in this thread for quite some time, I had to check if I accidentally unfollowed it All good?
  13. Freduster

    Thank you all!

    Glad you managed to get to Centurion as well we got EIB and Centurion approved pretty much the same week
  14. Cheers Dan! At one point during my build you were the guy who started his blaster build pretty much at the same time as me, and I have followed both your blaster and armour build very closely. At some point I though I might be able to catch up to you - basic member, EI, Centurion, Attaché... Now I'm finally there - and you've managed to get into the detachment staff well, I guess you'll always be one step ahead of me Thanks for everything, your threads (and YouTube videos ) have provided a ton of valuable information for me!
  15. And the ultimate goal has been achieved thanks to everyone who followed me until now and supported me whenever I was in trouble! It feels really weird to know that now is the time where I can't really do more for my TK.. Apart from two smaller adjustments that still need to be done, and maybe one day I might get a DLT-19 if I ever get bored of my trusty E-11 (will probably never happen ). So for now, I am looking forward to lots of troops and I'll also save some money for now - but the next costume is already in sight Thanks for standing by and reading, Freddy