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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaand I just realized I missed that I was on page 1 of the thread .. well, welcome to the 501st!
  2. Sounds a lot like just minor issues to me tho, and surely you'll have taken a couple steps forward by now! Welcome from Duisburg (bit too late, but, you know, better late than never :P)
  3. Opening of a Kids' Psychiatry Duisburg, GER 09/13/2019 Detachment picture at Science-Fiction Days XII Speyer, GER 09/28/2019 Force Friday Lego Store Essen, GER 10/04/2019 Halloween Event Tierpark Bochum, GER 10/31/2019 Star Wars Reads Day Krefeld, GER 11/09/2019 (also included on the picture is @T-Jay (on the right) and his AMAZING E-11 (stand on the right)!
  4. Woooooooo, what an awesome birthday present
  5. Welcome Tori! Good luck with your build, hopefully you'll make it till Halloween! But even if not, it's not worth rushing it, otherwise take your time!
  6. Hi Jonathan! I'm in the same position as you, currently studying, but also part-time trooping. I was lucky to have an armor maker offer a May 4th deal with 20% off, that and a couple of extra shifts at my minijob helped me to get the funds I needed to buy the armor. Still quite a bunch of money, but I'm getting close to celebrating my 1 Year anniversary in the 501st and I have never regretted anything
  7. Hello Scott, and welcome to FISD! Enjoy your time and good luck with your build! :)
  8. Number of troops right now: 13 Looking forward to that badge
  9. Troops: Star Wars Reads Day Krefeld, GER 10/13/2018 Star Wars Reads Day Herne, GER 11/16/2018 Star Wars Reads Day Wuppertal, GER 12/04/2018 Star Wars in Concert Oberhausen, GER 01/06/2019 Kids' Carnival Schwelm, GER 02/24/2019 50th Anniversary Observatory Essen, GER 03/31/2019 Union of the Force Con Herne, GER 05/04/2019 Power of the Force Con Oberhausen, GER 05/12/2019 Cosplay Day Movie Park Bottrop, GER 06/15/2019 Woodpeckers Summer Festival Bottrop, GER 06/16/2019 CCXP Cologne, GER 06/29/2019 SciFi Days Bergkamen, GER 07/14/2019 Photoshoot Hangar Herongen Straelen, GER 08/04/2019
  10. Hi Jelle, and welcome to FISD from your neighbours to the east good luck with the changes, and if you need any help concerning anything, we're all happy to help! Tot ziens
  11. What's up lee, and welcome to the FISD! We've all started from the same spot, even though younger members like me (and you in the near future ;) ) have so many build threads to look at that we're in a very comfy position! But I don't need to tell you about them as you have already found them and starting reading apparently :) so enjoy the read and enjoy your build as well!
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