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  1. Hi Jelle, and welcome to FISD from your neighbours to the east good luck with the changes, and if you need any help concerning anything, we're all happy to help! Tot ziens
  2. What's up lee, and welcome to the FISD! We've all started from the same spot, even though younger members like me (and you in the near future ;) ) have so many build threads to look at that we're in a very comfy position! But I don't need to tell you about them as you have already found them and starting reading apparently :) so enjoy the read and enjoy your build as well!
  3. Welcome and hope you enjoy your time here
  4. Hi Michael! I have checked your original post and I can see all of it, so it might just be the fact that your post is very old and stems from a time where FISD wasn't as active as it is now. Maybe you can just start a new build thread but just skip the whole part of the beginning and just add a couple of pictures so people can see where you're at right now. Anyway, welcome back ;)
  5. Welcome David! Glad you made your way here, glad you went for a TK among all the cool Star Wars costumes, and enjoy your time with us! ;)
  6. A very nice TK you have put together there, welcome! :)
  7. Hi Alex, and welcome to FISD as well as the German Garrison
  8. Welcome! You've come to the right place
  9. Hello Brad! I remember that time when I had a look at the 501st costume library first and realised there was more than one type of Stormtrooper I ended up with an ANH TK Stunt (can't really say why I went for this build), but I'm sure you will find your favourite soon enough Welcome to FISD, make yourself comfy, and enjoy your time with us
  10. Hey Richard! All I can say is TAKE YOUR TIME! If you already have vouchers, good for you but don't rush any part of the build, be it the research, the purchasing process or the building. Take your time on all of these steps, and sometimes, if you put everything away for a week or two, it might bring your motivation back up Whatever issue you'll encounter though, we're here to help
  11. Hi there! Like @TheSwede already mentioned, if you're willing to work on your armor a bit more while saving up for the next costume, give EIB and Centurion a chance
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