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  1. 2. Replace the plastic belt Like the ab plate buttons, this is a pretty straightforward fix if you buy a belt or you can save some money and make your own. Buying a Belt TKKittell : http://whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=10293 TK4205 : http://whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=7954 For anyone that is considering the cargo strap as belt replacement, here is some additional information that was not obvious to me and others may have same question. 1. The belts come 60inches long and will need to be cut to size. 2. When I asked how to protect the ends to keep them from fraying, here is the response I got: The ends don't frey too much. If you have a sewing machine you can zig zag the edges. If not, you can use a little Elmer's glue, Fabric glue or super glue. Just make sure to cut it strait. We are glad to know you are enjoying your purchase. Please pass the word along. Cheers So, hopefully this information will be useful to others. If there is another thread that this should be posted, feel free to copy this info there as well. Best Regards, Michael Rose
  2. How would you fold it? I tried using a heat gun to adjust one of my forearms and nearly ruined it because i couldn't get the heat to distribute evenly...... Oh, wait I forgot I borrowed a sealing iron from a friend. I could do that. Or I also had the idea of using scrap ABS and crate a block at top and bottom of inside of drop box and just glue a flat plat across the backside. Anyone else have ideas or opinions?
  3. Ok. Here is next question. My FX kit only comes with the front dropbox. There are no backs. Anyone else there have this issue and what did you do? I might have some ABS to make backs, but would be open to suggestions on how to do it. I would also take any links on this site or youtube to use these. Thanks, Michael
  4. How much overlap is there usually on TK Belt for securing it? Asking for a friend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I don't doubt that or he would not have so much product out there and people raving about the belts. I am trying to confirm that he has gotten my order and there is no issue to get my belt. I have tried several means to reach out and have not heard back. I need to know if he has gotten my order or the charge I have is fraudulent. Michael
  6. Ok! Last night I got my amazon order of Tandy snaps 24&20, my chicago screws, and Dickies belt to attach leg pieces. I am also SUPER THRILLED that my local hobby store sold the Humbrel paints and they had all required colors. Super stoked. Did I miss where the ANH frown color gray is specified. Does it use the same gray as the ab buttons? I got my ABS sheet from trooperbay and the color matches my FX kit really well. So, i can get cover strips on thighs and still have plenty for ab to kidney gap. Now I just need a trip to the fabric store to get my 2in webbing. Ill be back in the basement on Sunday going to town!!!..... expect more questions Sunday evening! Lol.
  7. Yes, I did not pay attention to this when i placed the order because I got this as trusted supplier of group. I learned my lesson the hard way.
  8. I ordered a belt from this website in the screenshot below. Shortly after I had 2 large fraudulent purchases on my card. I am not confident that I used the correct site or a cloned site to place my order. Could someone confirm if this is correct website? I am hoping that Imperial Issue/Kittel will see this and confirm. Or someone else can confirm I used correct site and not a cloned site?
  9. I am having trouble finding a means to contact TKKittel to discuss belt order. The link in this thread is broken at least for me. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Best Regards, Michael
  10. I am 5'8" about 185lbs. The FX kit only as a return edge on the breast plate and back plate. All other pieces have no return edges. Al Tong from Great Lakes Garrison was nice enough to spend part of his Sunday afternoon helping me fit things. He is the same height and all of my pieces align with his Anavos kit save the back plate. That is oversized. He recommended at this point to leave everything as is until I get it wearable and see how it fits when assembled on me. Then stated I could get help from some more of the local guys or submit for pre-approval to see if changes will be required. My ab, butt, and kidney plate lined up perfectly with Al's kit. I just don't have the return edges. someone suggested in a post on different thread that when separating the butt from kidney plate on FX armor, should cut 1/4-1/2" below the line in armor. When compared to Anavos kit, the line on mine lines up exactly the same place as the Anavos kit.
  11. OK. New question that I need an answer to: When I had the opportunity to look at a thermal detonator up close this weekend from an Anavos kit it did not look like the one for my FX kit. I want to know if this is going to be an issue for getting approval or not. I don't want to waste time assembling something that will not work. If you look at the pictures below, the button on the pieces has a protruding nipple instead of an inverted one. Is this an issue??? If you scroll up to previous post above of the backside of the armor, you can see the difference.
  12. Ok, I got the thighs figured out with a little help from Al in the Great Lakes Garrison gave up part of his Sunday afternoon to come by to give me hand with sizing torso and thighs. I placed orders amazon order for my line 24 & 20 snaps and buttons for ab plate. Now I am waiting for some ABS from trooperbay to do the last of my cover strips. I am hoping by the end of the month that I will have the body armor at some level of assembly that is wearable.
  13. Ok. I’m back in basement today. Should have shin pieces assembled by end of weekend. I’ll add pics of progress later when log into computer. Posting from phone now. I definitely like the cover strip method over the FX over lap method. Cover strips only FX are Loki g good on my FX kit. I’m glad I took time to go this route. Thanks to trooperbay more abs is showing up By Tuesday so I can get thighs done with cover strips as well. I got a lead on belt I want. I just need to figure out fit for torso. I’m trying to find an extra set of hands and eyes to help.
  14. Last night, I was gluing front cover strips to my shin/calves pieces, and was trying to size my thighs pieces. It is hard to do by oneself. would you recommend getting front glued together first before trying to size each thigh?
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