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  1. 014 - November 30, 2019 - Santaland Parade - Garden City, MI A group photo before we lined up. Really cold day, but no rain or snow..... Great turn out! I am the TK just over Luke's right shoulder. Lining up to begin walking the route. That is me just over left shoulder of Imperial Officer (Al Tong). Screenshot of the live feed of the parade.... I'm the TK with the weapon holstered. Hand warmers worked better not holding weapon or prop. They had the rebels out front. Great turn out from both groups! Even baby Yoda was there..... Here is our float for the parade driven by some of the youngest participants in our group. The 501st are in hot pursuit of that landspeeder.... The Imperial march.... literally.... These guys wore the right outfits for the weather..... brrrrrrr.... cold! Not sure how those officers faired exposed to the elements. They are real troopers! Scouting the crowd. Lots of flair added to some of the participants. Got to step up my game next year. Lord Vader took time out of his busy schedule to greet his fans.
  2. 013 - November 9, 2019 - The Force for Hunger 4 - Port Huron, MI This was one of the coolest events I have participated in. This group had food drive. As part of the drive, they created an interactive Star Wars based story line where the participants were thrown into the story and actually had an impact on how it ended. I will definitely signing up for this event again! The Rancor they built was crazy good with moving head and jaws. It was giant puppet someone made. Great for pictures below.... The karate school team with Joe Fera and myself. Ron Zill had to bow out early. A shot from the story where one of Jabba's henchmen had his arm ripped off by Rancor! Me on the left and Joe Fera trying to rescue me before I lose an arm. A shot with the live story lighting... from left to right: Ron Zill, Me, and Joe Fera. Black and white shot of same scene above without fog. Post story shot with a couple participants. Left to right, Ron, Me, and Joe. A happy mom who wanted a pic with us. Left to right, Joe, Ron, and I. Ron and I being goofy.... I am always the short one.
  3. I've done 12 troops since getting approved and still getting biting and making fitment tweaks. Congratz!
  4. Congratz to you! Don't worry about how long it took you... I got you beat. I ordered mine back in 2005 and finally got mine completed this past June. It's part of your journey. Now the fun begins!! Welcome aboard!
  5. Welcome to the lighter side of the dark side! Good luck with your build.
  6. Glad you made your way back..... Good luck!
  7. Welcome and good luck! IMHO you were very ambitious to start with Vader, but more power to you! Good luck with both.
  8. Welcome and good luck with your build!
  9. Mine is an FX kit from 2003. So, I probably should have the bottom of my chest piece sitting right at the top of button panel because the chest is oversized compared to current armor kits. I will be donning my armor on Halloween for the Trick-or-treaters. I will hike up the cod piece and play around with it a little bit. Maybe wife can take some more updated pictures as reference. The picture that has the blue and green lines on it is much older than my first ref pic at the top of post. BUT, I noticed a lot of clicking and pinching between thighs and cod/ab during my last 2 troops. So, I know something needs to be adjusted more AND I want to look best that I can. Looking at my signature pic below, There is definitely too much hanging boxes overlapping the thighs. That may be another source of the clanking and highlighting ab and belt are not high enough.
  10. Yes, this is mine. When I did this I was more concerned about the ammo pack laying flat along the thigh. I did not notice that most TKs the ammo belt is has a upward tilt to it. This is evidenced by my picture vs the one you inserted. It is on my list of things to correct for EIB. I am in the process of ordering new thigh ammo belt. The one from my FX kit I haven't really liked that much after reviewing other armor kits.
  11. 012 - October 26, 2019 - Downtown Trick or Treat - Farmington, MI Pictures pending.....
  12. 011 - October 24, 2019 - Spooktacular Trunk or Treat - Garden City, MI Group photo of those in attendance (from left to right): Ed Benitezbertheau, Derek Lane-Walters, Me, Jay Dobry, Akyio Fisher, Kevin Johnson, Jason Connor, Mike Lica, Jerry Russell, Kyle Fisher. Putting on a show... Another group shot.... whose idea was it do take it front of the BBQ pit??? Soooo hungry! Cool shot of Kyle Fisher with the REALLY long line in background. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I am working on how to secure my iphone and speaker while running TrooperTalk. Instead of reinventing the wheel, share your setup here!
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