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  1. I had same question. I was given same answer. That they update once a year. Otherwise, it would be a full time job to update every time a new person joined especially at the scale of people joining in recent years. I was told not to worry until March. As long as you fill out the Census for 501st and are using the same email for 501st and FISD, then you should be good. I am not sure how you found out, but I saw this when I was filling out the census. So, if you did the stuff above, you should be good. Best Regards, Michael Rose
  2. Welcome! FYI, blaster not required for basic approval.
  3. Thanks! I knew I had figured it out before. I just couldn't for the life of me figure it out again.
  4. Yes, build thread is the way to go! People seem to be more quick to respond to topics in there for armor help.
  5. Yes, what he said. Wow! What a great first troop! Look at the shear volume of participants!!!
  6. Prayers for you and your family. I hope things continue to improve. Best Regards, Michael Rose TK-12037
  7. Up until this weekend, I have been able to edit my topic title. That is why I put the number of troops completed in parenthesis at the end. However, I tried to update this weekend and again today 9 to 10 and it will not let me edit this. It asks for a password to edit and I assumed it was my board password, but it does not recognize this password. I am wondering if the board permissions have changed and it takes an admin password to edit titles now. If that is the case, who can I talk to in order to remove # troops at the end of title OR what am I doing wrong that I cannot edit title? Maybe I am trying to edit in the wrong place? Help, please! Michael Rose TK-12037
  8. 010 - October 5, 2019 - Star Wars Reads Day - Farmington Hills, MI Still looking for those droids..... (me) Look, sir, droids. (Ron Zill) Lord Vader made me work with these guys. We don't need their help... well, maybe we do. Scott Larkins as Mando. Exploring the library to let people know there is Imperial presence keeping order. Also, I just like the shot over my shoulder with Edgar B (Ed Be) in the distance. My wife Rachael took a great shot. Picture with one of the elders from my church, Steve Ilmer. I am TK on left. Ron Zill is TK on the right. That guy is everywhere. Mandos working to keep order in the lobby. Rachel Devin on the left. Scott Larkins on the right. Nice group shot welcoming guests to library. From left to right: Ron Zill as TK, Edgar b as TI, Rachel Devin as Mando, Gloria Northrup as Mara Jade, and Scott Larkins as Mando.
  9. Any updates on your progress? Interested in seeing what you come up with. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Where is it opened up? I don’t see it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I just saw your build thread. It has inspired me to go all out on the one just bought. Can I ask what you used for tk the blaster counter? I got the screws out of mine, but they must super heat them together because it did not come apart easy. I am going to try to capture every step of my build. I might be back for more questions. Again, great job. Oh, what did you use on your scope. What is the red thing? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. What did you end up doing about boots? Did you find something that works for you? I am looking to go for EIB and want a boot that I know will fit. I wear a 10W and Imperial Boot suggestion is to order an 11. I am worried it will look to long for my frame and build. I'd appreciate to hear what you decided doing and how happy you were with your decision.
  13. Blasters are not required for basic approval. Here is direct quote from CRL, "Blasters are not required for legion membership per our weapons policy." I did not realize how old this post was. Sorry.
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