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  1. I used just sugru and tried gluing lenses to sugru directly with E6000. The glue does not want to stick to sugru very well. Has anyone tried removing sugru after it cures from their helmet. I like the idea of inserting mounting posts before it dries to attach lenses. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I just put together my FX kit I have had in box forever. I read this thread so many times. There is one thing I did not do. I cut my butt plate at the seem. I had a local Garrison member bring his ANOVOS kit to my house to compare. His butt plate matches up perfectly to the line on my FX kit. So, I went with it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thank you for the feedback. I will find a method that will work to keep shins closed in the back. I will try velcro as suggested. I will permanently glue the thighs. The glue did not hold without an reinforcing cover strip on the inside of thighs. I have already started to fix thighs. As for centering the coverstrip on the back of thighs, I am not sure that will be possible with my FX kit. Looking at your comments, I do think that I can trim them down some more to make them fit my frame better. However, the only side that I can trim to do that is the inside half. If I want to keep the cover strip centered in the front, I do not think that the seam on the back will move much towards center. However, I will do my best to improve upon current state. I used FX kit EIB approvals as a guide when I was putting mine together. I saw similar issues with rear centering on some of them as well. Yes, when I was at Motor City Comic Con, someone suggested using foam on inside of leg pieces to keep them aligned and more centered on legs. I plan to do some more trimming on legs in the areas you suggested to get more even gaps to abs and butt plates. Walking around at the convention highlighted some of those areas. I appreciate your time and feedback on my kit. Please, do not take my comment about thigh trimming as pushing back or negative. When I was assembling the thighs, I wanted them to be even and centered as well. I had trouble figuring out a way to achieve this. I finally just moved forward thinking it is in the back and will not be seen or obvious as much.
  4. 1. First/last name: Michael R. 2. Future Garrison/Squad/Outpost or local area: Great Lakes Garrison 3. Armor maker: FX w/ TD from Trooperbay, TD clips (bent) from PandaTrooper 4. Helmet maker: AP 5. Cloth belt maker: Kittel 6. Neck seal maker: Geeky Pink's Phantastic Gaskets 7. Boot maker: Caboots 8. Interior strapping (optional): Me 9. Blaster maker (if applicable: N/A 10. Gasket maker (if applicable): N/A 11. Height (optional): 5'8" 12. weight (optional): 185lbs 13. TK type (ANH Stunt/Hero. ESB, ROTJ. TFA etc.): ANH - Stunt 14. Name(s) of any Trooper(s) who significantly helped with your build. - In person, Al Tong on multiple occasions - Facebook: James Anderton, Dave Araujo, David Ashcroft, Vern Beezer, Rebecca Beiderwell, Sha Sha Chu, Rat Ferrell, Jose G. Garcia Jr, Jeff Leone, Nicholas MacNeil, Teresa Nuthall, Dave Tinsley, Mike Souza, Tim Waychoff, PLUS so many more...... sorry to those I did not list.... - Forum: Wook1138, TheSwede, fragarock, Digz Graavs, CableGuy, Dark CMF, VaderDave
  5. FYI, I noticed there is no #8 under the INFORMATION requested info.
  6. Ok, as it turns out I did not make a final decision until Friday about the initial harness for torso. Thanks to my wife and another trip to Joann’s, I have begun assembling the starting harness I will use to get approval. Pictures to come later in week when it’s done. I did get TD/O2 canister painted and assembled minus the clips. Those should be arriving from Pandatrooper in next day or so. Then that will be done. I wasn’t sure how to get cap mold flash trimmed. I ended up taking lexon scissors and cutting them as close to cap as I could. I used a dremel tool to remove the remaining flash to my taped off line for where I wanted cap to end. I did not have a belt sander to make nice uniform edge, so I grabbed my vibrating sander with 220 grit. The result as you can see turned out quite well. The top cap is before vibrating sander and The bottom cap is after. I am actually glad I didn’t have belt sander. I feel like I could make really fine tweaks with the vibrating I may not have been able to do with a belt sander. Here is pic with it glued with tape keeping plates secure while it dries. Final pic coming later with clips. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Did the S gasket come with your helmet? Or did you buy it some place??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Ok. Progress. Frown is cut out and rough filed. I will clean up eyes and frown in the daylight tomorrow with some 400 grit paper. Then I can install lenses and frown mesh. I’ve just primed ab buttons. Then can paint buttons and get them installed on ab plate. I’ve also made a decision on how I am going to harness my torso pieces. That will be installed tomorrow. Tune in for post with pics. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Here are some pictures comparing my FX chest and back plate to an ANOVOS kit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Ok. Here are some pics from fitting today. Thanks, Alan Tong TK-76239! We put a strap to pull cod and butt plate together between my legs. That made a big difference in helping get fit right. I learned that I can cut 1/4-1/2inch off top of kidney plate to be same size as ANOVOS kit. More to come Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I will install a elastic strap between cod and butt plate before making any changes. Right now, my straps for kidney-to-butt plate may be a scouch too short. I tried to avoid this by gluing the straps in before separating the butt plate from kidney. The thought behind this was it would give me smallest gap possible. However, any movement right now without the connecting strap to cod does cause butt edge to pop up over kidney. I was thinking that belt my cover this, but looking at pic you posted from movie, I may be off on this assessment. I am meeting up with local garrison member on Saturday to help with butt/kidney/ab fitting. So, hopefully, get some of these things ironed out. I will post updates Saturday or Sunday. Thanks to everyone for their help if I have not already done so.
  12. Yes, the vertical edge of kidney and butt plate are already line to line. No notch is needed. I see what you mean about the ab might be able to drop same amount when choose to cut any off butt. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Here is a link to my original build thread before life happened..... if anyone is interested..
  14. Does your red line at the bottom of the butt plate take an inch all the way around except the mating edge to the kidney plate OR just the bottom edge of the armor? The reason I ask is if you look at profile shots, the butt and kidney plate meet evenly without having the notch in the kidney plate. What are your thoughts? The other issue I just thought about is that if Ab plate looks correct, then if I cut an inch off of butt plate, the top of the ab and kidney plate will not line up. I had my wife make sure those were aligned during fitting. I don't know if this would be allow, but since I have to put in a shim to fill gap between ab and kidney, I could taper the ship at an angle so there is no step, but it would not be straight across. I know that is only a requirement for centurion, but I want it to look as good as I possibly can.... even I wait to do it until after basic approval.
  15. Dan and everyone, Thank you for clarifying. When I went to bed last night, I was really feeling encouraged that the end was getting close. I think that suggestions you made above are worth pursuing at some point. I have been following the EIB guidelines as I have been building the whole way through. So, I plan to go for EIB after initial approval. I realize if I don't make some of these corrections suggested now that it might mean some added work and tearup when I do. However, I am really pushing to cross completing my armor and joining your ranks off my to-do / bucket list. I was already heading down the path of the reshaping the neckline, but I did not consider the butt plate. Thank you for the pictures and cut line reference. In the pic, I can see that the FX butt looks a little long compared to picture. I did compare it to ANOVOS kit before separating it from the kidney plate to make sure it was proportional. Do you think that the shoulder tabs on back plate need to be more rounded? If so, that would also pull up the back plate.
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