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  1. @CableGuy no havent been able to send them a email yet ill be doing this tonight. i am still waiting on account activation for the dutch garrison Best wishes Kenneth
  2. Heyy everyone, I have been wanting to start a armor build for years but dindt have the money or space to do so. Finally i was able to obtain a nice suit of stormtrooper armor for only 425 euro This included: Armor (AFX) Helmet (with vents and padding) ( EFX Blaster Holster Undersuit Boots Gloves The seller told me this would be a cat 3 armor. After some consulting on FB i got contscted by several 501st members who where able to tell me the armor needs a lot of work before it will reach cat 2. A cat 3 was unfortunatly not possible. So i decided to just go with the armor i have and make the best of it. Here are some pics of me in the suit. I am looking for feedback and a lot of tipss as this is my first armor maybe some dutch members who could help me with armor party? =) Will soon be putting some pics of the back side on there as well If u need extra pics let me know and ill be happy to shoot some for u https://www.instagram.com/imperial_stormtrooper13/ Starting from 1st of december ill be starting with a 3d printer printing lotsss of star wars related itemss if u have any requests let me know and ill be happy to make it for u. Thankss!
  3. Hey everybody I am kenneth from the netherlands And i am very happy to be here and have been wanting to join for like 10 years but never haf the money to start a build. Now i recently bought a full kit and posted some pics in FB some very helpfull people pointed me in this direction so here i am. I will be starting a WIP soon after i finish writing here so ill be looking forward to meeting all of u. Edit: link to my armor
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