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  1. Right, I have some ideas but people who do this regularly to pick their brains might be a good thing. Just as an update, my TK kit ships from Florida tomorrow gang. Next weekend hopefully it'll be in hand. If it arrives sooner I'm seriously going to have to fight the urge to tape the helmet pieces together and wear it prior to putting it together. Kid with a new toy. Sick almost all weekend, slept for most of it after Saturday, got me a stomach bug somehow or another. Any suggestions on any items that I might need to pick up to get started? Was talking to Justin he was saying do just a few things a night and sooner or later it'll be completed. Think with masters and long work hours I might have to kind of go that route... Haven't had a chance to look through the build thread everyone's been sending me to.... will though. -Wayne.
  2. Here's a question for you guys, I'm sure you'll know, blasters, and lets say sabers, are there 501st Armorers that actually make these items?? Reason i'm asking is I've found a ton of 3d print files for these, just curious is all. I know someone had said you can buy the toy version of the TK blaster, but meh, i'm gonna' print it, drill it and dowel it out. Found files for even the DL-19 as well. Just curious if anyone does this or do most people do the toy with a modification? Thinking about starting the blaster for my TK build now so it's all printed by the time I'm ready to drill it and assemble, paint and go. -Wayne.
  3. You are "real stormtroopers" Just because you aren't on screen doesn't mean any different in my mind. When some of you guys know more than what the film-makers do, that says something. Ability to walk on set and be ready to go says it all in my mind as far as 'reality'. Difference is film-makers do this on a huge budget to make their stormtroopers, you guys do it all yourselves without that budget of millions. I'd say that's real to me. -Wayne.
  4. Oh... me-thinks I will... already planning ahead to build #2 Shoretrooper... Mickey sent me the 3d print downloads for the majority of it and spent time downloading and arranging files to start getting ready. Trooper #2... lol, Then i'd asked about a medic, beings I'm a nurse if there was an option, at first the guys said no we didn't have one, then someone said oh wait the medic clonetrooper... Build #3... and of course I want my mandolorian. Years past it's all been about Boba Fett... Since I was a kid that has been my favorite SW character ever, but since the Mandolorian came out and it was oh hey look at that one, whoa look at that one, oh that ones co... dude that one rocks... Yeah, Boba's been overdone time for one that's different. First build is ordered along with the voice changing system to go in the bucket, boots as IB is open only a couple times a year... yah, good start so far, just nothing in hand to get working on as of yet. 24 hours into this venture and ((poof)) things are rockin' already. -Wayne.
  5. I heard about 501st at least a few years ago, was something I kept telling myeslf, hey I'd love to do that. Seemed like it was always other places never near me. Never really looked into it to see that there were guys in my area already doing it. This bug bit 40 something years ago sitting in a movie theatre watching EP IV.... long time coming. -Wayne.
  6. First one's not even in hand yet and i'm downloading and doing some logistics in regards to the two 3d printers I have, Mickey Bukowski pointed me at the shortrooper 3d print... downloading it all now but taking a break. There's a ton of files for that one, wow... That's gonna be second on my list.... -Wayne.
  7. Well... I'll be starting with any luck this next weekend. Procured my first build today. It's shipping from Florida tuesday, with any luck they'll be delivering it by the weekend. Also working with Brian Payne on a few other items, picked up the boots as IB is only open as it would seem twice a year figured pick them up now and not have to be the footless Stormtrooper... he also pointed me to the voice changer with speakers to install in the bucket... so well on my way, just nothing in hand... yet. -Wayne.
  8. Thanks guys, all of you, I've been already talking it up with one of the local members here Justin Reed, he's putting me on the path of procuring my first build an ANH trooper kit already i'm antsy... waiting to be admitted, hoping they have a kit that will fit me i'm 6' and 205 lbs, so he said that would be my best bet with my height/weight locally, any input you all have is appreciated. I'm so giddy it's not even funny... It's weird 501st has been something i've heard of for years and always thought nothing local it's always "other places" that have a 501st... watching mandolorian behind the scenes last night and "Inland Empire" guys were on that set and I totally had to do a double take and was like whut... you mean to tell me there's a squad HERE??? in my area... been on it all morning and afternoon talking to peeps on the FB page getting set in the right directions... -Wayne.
  9. Good afternoon everyone, new to all of this, but a die hard Star Wars fan and bounty hunter fan since I was a kid. I'm Wayne, been a nurse for 18 going on 19 years, was watching some of the behind the scenes from Mandolorian on Disney+ last night and my mouth about dropped open when they called the 501st and you guys from the So. Cal area stood in as extras... my heart dropped when I found out there's an Inland Empire Squad and right on it I was. Been talking to a few of the guys who actually were in that Mandolorian episode and I'm just giddy like I'm 10 years old again at even just the thought of I could build my own armor and look like I walked off a set and be a part of this kind of thing. SO EXCITED about this. Anyhow, a little bit about me, I grew up in so cal, literally 5 blocks from disneyland, lived here all my life, spent 3 years in the US Army stationed first in an OSUT unit for basic training and AIT at Fort Sill Oklahoma (am a 13B artilleryman by training), then permanent duty at Fort Bliss in El Paso Texas for the remainder of my enlistment. I got out of the Army and wanted to be a police officer, sought my education and graduated in 2000 with my first AS degree in criminal justice. Took the EMT course over that summer and fell in love with the medical field. 2 years later found me in the LVN/LPN program, started working after graduation as a registry nurse in the acute hospitals taking assignments first in a gero-psych unit as a med nurse, then one night got asked if I had any ER experience by the shift sup, got sent to ED to assist the two RN's there. From that point I got pushed into ICU to take 2 patients, med/surg and tele units and of course ER. Did that for four years, then in 2007 we had a shift in nursing to RN only. Went through Cancer with my dad in 2009 which put my RN off a bit, then finally returned to school in 2013 to pursue my RN licensing. In 2017 I graduated the RN program, quickly started my bachelors degree and finished it last year in June, took a year off and am now pursuing my Masters in nursing education which will last a year and a half. I have, since I was a kid, always wanted to be a storm trooper, and even one year a home-made Boba Fett costume had me out trick or treating. This is super cool that this even exists and even more cool that there's a squad right here where I live, which I was totally unaware of. The guys on the Inland Empire said this might be the best for the first run costume to get started. I'm super stoked to get going on this... So giddy right now it's not even funny that I MAY even be just ABLE to do this, let alone it's something that I actually can do... yay!!! -Wayne.
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