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  1. Sorry for dropping off the radar recently. Life got in the way but I’m still planning on finishing my armor. Currently cutting cover strips for my forearms and doing some research on how to mount the hand guards to my gloves. From what I’ve seen, is the correct width 15mm for the cover strips?
  2. Thank you. Are the ears acceptable? After looking at everyone else’s helmets, I believe my lower screws are incorrect.
  3. Just finished the paint I also realized I may have misjudged the reference pictures I’ve been using. I placed the lower ear screws higher than I think is acceptable. I’ll either order new ears to try and fix it or just keep this helmet as a display and start over. the references: I really need to stop working on this so late at night haha
  4. Taking a break from the forearms, I painted the teeth on the bucket. I may try to clean them up a bit later. next is to paint the vocoder I traced where I believe the edges should be. Does this look correct?
  5. Okay, thanks I was curious because when I look at other forearms, they look relatively nice and tight. Wasn’t sure if I was missing something.
  6. I refitted the forearm while wearing my undershirt and glove. I also adjusted it so there is more room at the elbow and wrist. Because of my hands, the forearm seems too big now. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to look that way or not.
  7. going to test fit again with the undershirt and gloves on then figure out where to cut. I’m going to try and complete the left forearm before working on the right in case I mess up somewhere.
  8. https://i.imgur.com/v4paV9b.jpg Thank you for the tutorials. Let’s see if this works edit: I’m not sure if I did this correctly. All I can see is the link I posted. I’m decent with many things but my smart phone is not one of them haha
  9. My wrist is 7 3/4” and the largest part of my forearm is currently 13 1/4”. I’m not sure how to measure my hands but I wear size 2xl nitrile gloves at work and they fit nicely.
  10. Quick update: During my free time I’ve been cutting out the return edges on the forearms and going to start fitting them. It’s going to be a challenge to trim it correctly to both fit my forearms and my massive hands. I may attempt to do some form of Velcro or magnetic closures. edit: I’m also trying to figure out Imgur so I can continue uploading pictures of the progress
  11. Would the Testors #1139 work in place of #1747? I've been having issues finding 1747 and was wondering if this guide was correct?
  12. Yeah, that's sort of where I am at right now. I may have goofed big time on the helmet as I was using a reference picture that may not be correct and my eyesight is not the greatest. I'm attempting to see if there is anyone nearby to assist me or to give me a physical example of what I should be doing. I'm taking this as a learning experience and still look forward to completing my armor to the best of my ability.
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