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  1. Hello and welcome (and great call on a classic ANH Stunt, not that I'm biased at all )! I found my ATA kit to be quite glossy and with very few bumps, with the exception of the helmet which, if I recall correctly, has lineage to the original screen used ones and consequently is ever so slightly lumpy. Not warty though, for sure. All in all I was thrilled with my kit. Just bear in mind it's on the smaller side.
  2. Welcome, Matt! Fellow ATA-er here; you'll be pleased, like Joseph said. Looking forward to your build thread! (side note, you wouldn't happen to have been asking about ATA on the 501st subreddit recently, would you?..)
  3. Welcome! It's always fun to see a transfer from another MOS. [emoji16]
  4. Welcome! Plenty of nutcases here, too - you'll feel right at home. Have you picked a vendor yet?
  5. Searching this forum is somewhat difficult. Not sure why. I find it best to use google, like so: www.whitearmor.net: my search term
  6. Welcome! In re: the Facebook thing - just wanted to note that I accomplished *most* of my build without using Facebook at all. Armor vendors are generally reachable by email. When it came time to get my blaster, however, I was reduced to using my mother's Facebook account to contact the maker. ABS is indeed wonderful. As for sitting down, some of us can. Has to do with your particular body/flexibility, the way your cod piece is joined to your ab, and how much you trust your butt plate to not crack, from what I can tell. I thought I'd be able to wear my glasses in my bucket but haven't been able to manage it, nor has it ended up being terribly important as I can barely see anything anyway. [emoji16]
  7. Cricket's build thread will likely be your best friend. Soak it all in. I got an ATA kit, and at 5' 4" or so, it suited me quite nicely as it's on the smaller side of kits. It's also a nice thick ABS and I'm all around super pleased with it. Anyway, welcome welcome!
  8. Welcome indeed, future garrisonmates! Be sure to reach out to Garrison Carida as well. They'll assign you guys advisors who can also help with your build, and you can get in the loop for armor parties if you so desire.
  9. Why yes, there is. Stands for Padmé. If she's good enough for Lord Vader, she's good enough for me. You sure will I'll be replacing my ab/kidney before submitting. Decent bit of work there and much busy-ness resulting in no timeline. Looking forward to it, though! Thanks for the congratulations, everybody! It's a real party over here in my head In fact, yesterday is now a recurring event on my calendar - TK Day!
  10. TK-72363 requesting 501st access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30325
  11. So yes, I just got my approval email, applied on the legion site, and I'm really hoping my top ID choice remains available... now to sign up for Brickfest (and a few more troops, let's be real!) and start those Centurion upgrades. This thread will remain updated with those improvements so don't consider this a closing or anything but... THANK YOU to everyone who helped me get this far. Every reply was and is appreciated, with the exception of maybe Frank. You guys are the best and it's a privilege and an honor to join you.
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