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  1. Agreed. It was very well done. Too many stormtrooper deaths, but, what did I expect?!? Lol
  2. Very sad indeed and still so young. She will be greatly missed.
  3. Good call. I have the same questions so I'm going to follow your thread.
  4. You've come to the right place for help. Good luck in your alteration/build, and trust me, it's all worth it when you can troop in it!
  5. Looks pretty accurate to me. Good work trooper!
  6. Yes to everything you said! Seems like the stormtroopers went down a little easy but the death troopers put up a bit more of a fight. Just loved it all around. So many winks for the fans and that new droid was a highlight as well. Looking forward to trooping tonight at the theater!
  7. Wow, very cool. I never realized so much of the armor was sewn on. Going to have to watch your progress!
  8. That is so cool! Way to go trooper!
  9. Lots of factories for a huge army. This seems to make the most sense. During most of our wars (on earth) this has been the case for clothing and kitting our soldiers.
  10. That's a pretty cool costume. It's about the only action figure for the new movie on the shelves still. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Congratulations! Awesome comments about your wife. Mine is very similar. Lol
  12. After seeing this post and thinking about it awhile and then checking out the Inland Empire FB page repeatedly, I decided to go ahead and order one. Can't wait! Lol
  13. That's really nice. Excellent work! How heavy is it? Just thinking about longer troops. Thanks!
  14. Haha! Excellent! Reading through the helmet must have been tough! Lol
  15. Congrats and welcome! Awesome to have more troopers in the family!
  16. Do you have Velcro or something on the front to keep the front of your chest attached to the abs? Then it won't all pull down the back. Pictures would help, but it's probably a simple fix.
  17. Wow, tip of the cap to all involved. Proud to be a part of such an organization.
  18. Wow, that's awesome. Thank you. I also have done a fair amount of foul words (didn't work) and spitting (also didn't work)!
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