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  1. Working on a CRL now. Optional things I found. Weapons: DLT-19 Possibly chestbox and hoses since they do not have one as seen here.
  2. Hey thanks! Ahh yes I see what you mean, I’ll make the change. Thanks for catching that!
  3. Also, since the figure is out. Wouldn’t we be able to make the “rebel” version movie style? Just have two options in the CRL.
  4. Actually I’ve been working on the BF2 version for a bit now. It’s still a WIP.
  5. Since Disney took over Star Wars canon, the SW story group has stated that TK's wear pauldron's to show rank. In Rebels the show, we see TK's wearing them. So does that mean that normal non-animated TK's can wear them to? Since it is a canon (as in story) thing now?
  6. Hey, where did you get this trimming?
  7. No there isn't. That's the odd part I've shut everything down and turn on airplane mode
  8. Hey troops, <br><br> So I'm having a problem with my TrooperTalk. So when I plug in my splitter (with the aker mic and amp connected), my iPhone decides to go nuts on me. It'll try to start up "voice control," and it'll randomly start playing music. Has anyone ran into this issue, and if so how did you fix it??
  9. I know for sure Uprising is. But not to sure on Force Arena. <br> But the unit in Force Arena came from Uprising.
  10. Hey guys, not sure if anyone has played the mobil game Star Wars uprising and Force Arena. <br><br> But in that game the TK's have a riot baton and shield. <br><br> Here's the artwork from Force Arena. Thoughts?<a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://i345.photobucket.com/albums/p399/TK14188/Mobile%20Uploads/E6B0E6C6-F5BE-4A40-B1B4-09B2EA0E90E8_zpsfibcxhtr.jpg'>http://i345.photobucket.com/albums/p399/TK14188/Mobile%20Uploads/E6B0E6C6-F5BE-4A40-B1B4-09B2EA0E90E8_zpsfibcxhtr.jpg</a>
  11. Awesome. Thanks guys for the help! <br> Joe, I sent you a PM.
  12. I've been looking around local Home Depot's, lowes, and Micheal's for elastic white bands. Sadly I've had no luck in finding any. <br> Does anyone know of a website that I can order some?
  13. So I know the E-11's are different from each movie. But I was wondering what is the "ok" for using different blasters for ESB? <br><br> Like can I use a DLT-19, T-21, SE-14, etc?
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