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  1. Looks great! How did you start cutting it out?
  2. Small update. I finished washing my armor. Thankfully the fiberglass isn’t to bad to the touch anymore. Meeting with the group today to discuss our plan of attack.
  3. Finally got everything in and was able to pick up my BBB! Definitely excited for this after opening it all up! Couple of things noticed, just some small cracks thankfully nothing major. And I’ll have to get the under suit taken in just a bit. But other then that, no major problems with this kit! Can’t wait to get with the others in our build group and start putting this thing together!
  4. Congrats on BBB dude. Definitely will be watching! Glad to hear Jim was kind enough to send you another one! Jim is great with communicating. A bunch of us in SCG got his kits too.
  5. 14166 WIP 07/18/2019 California TK No Jimmiroquai
  6. Yeah they do! The lining is great. But yeah I feel they may get a little hot fast. Ahh no string on mine, but they do have the opposite velcro on the back of the hands. I really hope our helmets come in tomorrow. Lol
  7. So since there’s 8 of us in this run. We got our first of 4 BBB’s! No ETA yet on when the last 3 will arrive. We had our armor shipped to our buddy’s work place. (Also apart of our SCG build group.) Thankfully he was nice enough to start separating all the parts and put them in a box for each of us. And here’s my BBB. Just missing the helmet and the other few parts that were still awaiting. And I got my gloves from Endor Finders. I really like the feel of these gloves. They fit my hand pretty well. That’s all for now. More incoming soon!
  8. Hey guys! So finally decicded to get the anthology set from Jim. I'm apart of the SCG group build that @TheRascalKing is a part of. I'm defintally excited to be in a group that'll double the number of anthology suits world wide. Half of that number in my own garrison! It's great to be apart of this team and working with everyone on this new challenge. (under suits) Just waiting for our BBB to arrive and then I'll start posting updates on my progress.
  9. Think you'll make them @iceknyght?
  10. That's a neat little Easter egg. Still rather have my number on it. lol
  11. The logo on the bottom left corner, is that the garrison image?
  12. Hey guys, gonna start building a ROTK. Any tips or tricks you have for Jim's? Fiberglass suits are new to me. Also how ROTK's are out there that are approved?
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