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  1. Now that I'm logged in. Here's a pic of the model in blender (which a smoother modifier added to smooth those nasty faces) with those weird lines visible Might try to contact the seller see if he as a model without them. Because looking at the possibility of 3d printing this as one piece looks like a challenge when you look at the mesh.
  2. Hey, can i see some pics of the ears? I think you set them too low
  3. Guys, have a relook at the helmet from the set.<br><br><br> Looks pretty poor (blame Brian)<br><br><br> But i altered the gamma, exposire, light, shadows etc. <br><br><br><br> There's def. teeth<br><br> and it matches the games teeth count.<br><br>
  4. I'm guessing the helmet looks like this? The helmet seen from site shots show small changes, such as the "Teeth" actually having teeth, and a narrowed frown
  5. Also, may I ask, whose armor is that supplied from? eBay? I don't quite recognize it.
  6. High man, you gotta burn the edges of the elastic strips to seal in the strands, otherwise you'd regret it.<br><br> Use a match or lighter
  7. I bet you guys Disney or Hasbro is gonna pull some marketting BS next year with Princess Leia to sell more products because of her death >.<
  8. No, no no no no! Why you do this 2016! First Kenny Baker, now Carrie Fisher... I'm literally crying right now, that's just sad.
  9. I have to admit, when I heard of the news, I was freaking the hell out, like Noo! Don't you dare 2016!
  10. Christmas? Well, Happy Life Day mate!
  11. Special Edition or Original 1977? Because it looks like a ROTJ helmet still with the very, very skinny ears and bubble lenses... although the faceplate isn't as squashed...
  12. Heard about that, playing the game, I can see they really wanted to make it look similar to an ANH armor in certain maps, but they can only do so little when they have a model that looks nothing alike... Although, the sand trooper helmet model they did looks gorgeous. I really prefer the ANH armor though. It looks wrong to have rotj armor placed in maps based off other movies >.< Imagine putting a snowtrooper on Tatooine.
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