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  1. GandalfTheImperial

    RS helmet build "mr no stripes"

    Hey, can i see some pics of the ears? I think you set them too low
  2. GandalfTheImperial

    New Build! Anovos Kit *Soon*

  3. GandalfTheImperial

    The Last Jedi (TLJ) Stormtroopers - a first look

    There's 7 teeth.
  4. GandalfTheImperial

    The Last Jedi (TLJ) Stormtroopers - a first look

    Guys, have a relook at the helmet from the set.<br><br><br> Looks pretty poor (blame Brian)<br><br><br> But i altered the gamma, exposire, light, shadows etc. <br><br><br><br> There's def. teeth<br><br> and it matches the games teeth count.<br><br>
  5. GandalfTheImperial

    New Build! Anovos Kit *Soon*

    I'm guessing the helmet looks like this?<br><br><br><br> <br><br> The helmet seen from site shots show small changes, such as the "Teeth" actually having teeth, and a narrowed frown
  6. GandalfTheImperial


    Also, may I ask, whose armor is that supplied from? eBay? I don't quite recognize it.
  7. GandalfTheImperial


    High man, you gotta burn the edges of the elastic strips to seal in the strands, otherwise you'd regret it.<br><br> Use a match or lighter
  8. GandalfTheImperial

    Black Series Stormtrooper Helmet for Rogue One

    No go. Black Series only one so far.
  9. GandalfTheImperial

    Carrie Fisher: RIP We will miss you.

    I bet you guys Disney or Hasbro is gonna pull some marketting BS next year with Princess Leia to sell more products because of her death >.<
  10. GandalfTheImperial

    Carrie Fisher: RIP We will miss you.

    No, no no no no! Why you do this 2016! First Kenny Baker, now Carrie Fisher... I'm literally crying right now, that's just sad.
  11. GandalfTheImperial

    We love you Princess

    I have to admit, when I heard of the news, I was freaking the hell out, like Noo! Don't you dare 2016!
  12. GandalfTheImperial

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Christmas? Well, Happy Life Day mate!
  13. GandalfTheImperial

    Why are stormtrooper commanders using jedi armor?

    Special Edition or Original 1977? Because it looks like a ROTJ helmet still with the very, very skinny ears and bubble lenses... although the faceplate isn't as squashed...
  14. GandalfTheImperial

    Why are stormtrooper commanders using jedi armor?

    Heard about that, playing the game, I can see they really wanted to make it look similar to an ANH armor in certain maps, but they can only do so little when they have a model that looks nothing alike... Although, the sand trooper helmet model they did looks gorgeous. I really prefer the ANH armor though. It looks wrong to have rotj armor placed in maps based off other movies >.< Imagine putting a snowtrooper on Tatooine.
  15. GandalfTheImperial

    Who watched Rogue One? Review/ *SPOILERS?*

    Why is everyone hating on episode VII? I love it... I was expecting an Apple to resemble an Apple made 39 years ago. I wasn't expecting anything new, and the majority of fans were OT fans, so they've proclaimed many times before the screening, "It was a movie for the fans" So I don't get why people were expecting something new... I mean, Star wars is Star Wars.<br><br> I came in the cinema expecting a reincarnation of an OT movie to give me back my hapiness, it was blown away. It was an apple made to resemble the apple you tried 39 years ago... (Although I wasn't born anywhere near there)<br><br> In Rogue One, I was expecting so,ething mew, but still contain the star wars feel... I was sorta dissapointed, but I liked it.<br><br> I mean, did anyone seriously want something new for Ep VII? You were pretty much warned. I don't think you go into a restaurant and asked for the customers choice, an Apple Pie, and Expect the dish to have Raspberry filling instead >.<
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