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  1. Very excited about being a finalist!! Very cool to see myself in the StarWars.com page. Excited!!!!
  2. I will be trooping this kit at Celebration 2017 in Orlando with some Mickey Ears!! I will be hard to miss!!
  3. Over a year away but if any of you plan on going let's try to get as many HWT's we can together for a group patrol and photo. I know one guy who lives right around the corner from there so there will be at least two of us. Book your rooms and pack your packs. We are going on HWT patrol in Orlando 2017!!
  4. Well I am going to do another pack. This one will be smaller and I am going to try and get it close to the screen shots from the game I hope. I will post pics soon as I am diving into the build today!
  5. Latest pic from photo shoot with the Garrison.
  6. Welcome aboard and looking forward to seeing your completed build!! TK!! There is no substitute!!!
  7. Well it took a lot of adjustments and I had to rework the ab kidney connection but I did it and it paid off. I have been approved Centurion level Death Trooper!!! I am very excited and it feels good to reach that level with my build. You can see the application here if you are interested: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/36379-tk-72627-requesting-anh-mot-death-trooper-centurion-statusapproved/ Thanks guys!!
  8. Welcome aboard! Take your time and pick the armor that calls to you. Plenty of advice and "How To's" on our boards and people are always willing to help. If your ever in doubt always go with a TK!
  9. Welcome aboard and as the Florida guys have said you are in one of the best locations for trooping and getting expert advice. The Florida Garrison has always treated me as family when I head south to troop with them. Good luck on your build!!!
  10. Review team also pointed out my shims on the side were done incorrectly. Nothing gets by these guys. Here is my plan to fix this and re-submit!
  11. Per EIB review I made some changes to some shims for Centurion Application!!
  12. Welcome aboard and I look forward to seeing your build and completed kits. There is nothing better than white armor and remember that Heavy Weapons Trooper is an easy addition to your TK if you are interested!
  13. Welcome aboard! Look forward to seeing your builds!
  14. Welcome aboard and if you want to display your build consider a duct tape mannequin. Cheap and easy and will be an exact copy of your body. Also a great item to check your armor fit on while building your kit.
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