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  1. 100% agree. It seems like getting to 100 EI was a pipe dream a dozen years ago, but the outstanding community that continues at the FISD blew that out of the water.
  2. I know I'm probably the last person in the world to join facebook, come on over and say hi. https://www.facebook.com/ATA-Works-592639421236812/
  3. Great news. Congrats to Panda for taking on armor making (I can't think of a more talented person to be a prop maker) and to RT for finding a great person to pass the torch to.
  4. Lat time I emailed with RT he had a year plus wait and was not accepting new orders. Haven't heard from him in a while though. His day job does keep him ridiculously busy.
  5. A little heat will make getting E6000 apart with the putty knife much easier.
  6. Glover is in Pensacola too. Unfortuantely when some people leave/retire from the 501st they sell off there merch collection to make a quick buck. It's not right, but if you aren't part of the Legion anymore there isn't much the Legion can do other than not let you return.
  7. As it was posted a page back, there won't be a vote on it unless I missed an update somewhere.
  8. So will this change be voted on by the detachment as years of changes have been, or is it being implemented by fiat?
  9. Check out HVAC supply shops. They will have vac pumps and the sky is the limit on how much air they will move.
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