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  1. My last quote from ATA was $450. That was in November. Jef
  2. Reach out to ATA NOW if you are interested. Last I checked in November there was a 9 month wait on an ATA kit. Jef
  3. That Husky plaque will pop off pretty easy. I pulled it off without too much effort on mine. <br><br> I just bought some padding and a thick felt for my box and will put mine together soon. <br><br> What did you use to attach the padding to the lid? There's not a whole lot of gluing surface up there. <br><br> Jef
  4. Please enable me for 501st access: TK66667 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22672 -Jef
  5. I'm amazed your belt came apart so easily. Mine had about a gallon of CA and I ended up cutting out sections of ABS to get it apart safely. I ended up using scrap ABS to shore up and reenforce the damage. It will all be covered up by the buttons which I also get to remake :/
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