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  1. Welcome to FISD! Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
  2. Very nice job on our armor, good luck w/ Centerion cause you got EIB in the bag!
  3. Gazmosis, thank you for the time you take for all of the EIB submissions. And definitely thank you for the suggestions on fitting. Those will be done before a Centerion submission. The hand guards are already here from the queen of hand guards. Just have not glued them to an extra set of gloves. Thighs and TD should be easy also. I didn't know about the ridge variations between the many armor vendors. Stands to reason there would be. Now excuse me while I do a happy dance! Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
  4. That's really personal preference. I used a #2 exacto knife nearly the whole time. Some folks will use dremels, plastic sissors and such. For fitting, I would highly recommend the rare earth magnets (nickel sized), clamps, and blue painters tape. The clamps don't damage the plastic if you get the ones with plastic ends. Metal on plastic will scar it up good though. A small file set is pretty good for working on the helmet teeth. Just get a large enough hole to start with. Or a small exacto if you have a steady hand. You've got a lot of options on tools.
  5. Its an adhesion accelerant for CA glues. Cures extremely fast! Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
  6. http://www.whitearmor.net/fisd/Tutorial-arms In this tutorial it does state a 7-8mm ridge on each half and a 15mm coverstrip. In EIB requirements it doesn't require the butt-joint method, but Centerion does. I'll let the powers that be decide this one, but for Centerion it looks like I may be taking them apart.
  7. Jonathan, Frank, Thanks for the heads up on the overlap thing. I just had never noticed it and went back and looked at my screen captures and sure enough, none of the ANH TK's have an overlap like that. I missed it during the initial build. Luckily, I have an extra set of thighs and biceps in case I need to tear something apart. Will check the proper documents to see how I need to approach this.
  8. Are you defining seam as the raised flat portion that the cover strip is glued to? If yes, then yeap. Tried to even the back and front seams out the best I could. But all do have the "butt-joined" attachment method. Sorry for the clarification need, its still early and I haven't had coffee.
  9. I agree on the shoulder bell placement. Thinking seriously about adding a 2nd and maybe 3rd stabilizing elastic strap to hold them in better. Added two more TD pics. Thanks!
  10. David Arnold TK-21707 ANH Stunt Armor : ATA Helmet: ATA Blaster Type: Droopy-Doos Height: 6' 0" Weight: 195 lbs Boots: TKBoots Canvas Belt: Local seamtress Hand Plates: Hard plastic (ATA) Neck Seal: Trooperbay Holster: Darman Front: Rear: Left arm raised: Right arm raised: Right side detail: Left side detail: Ab details: Action shot: Prop Action shot: (Thanks gmrhodes for footing PM advise) Cod and But plate attachment: Interior strapping: Helmet: Front: Sides: Back: Hovi tip detail: Lens color w/ backlight: Blaster details: Back: Left side: Right side: Neck Seal: Thermal Detonator: Holster attachment: Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your consideration.
  11. Been on a few troops with the armor now and have redone a few things... Biceps and thighs have been resized and fit much better. Thighs ride up higher to reduce the gap between them and the belt. No where near as much armor bite on the legs. A fellow GT member has recently made EIB and has motivated me to take some pics for my own submission. Will have some pics in a few weeks to post.
  12. Way to go Frank, one more EIB for GT!!!!!!!! Look forward to seeing the armor in a few weeks!
  13. Liked his work on the Danzig album "How the Gods kill" He was different and definately talented.
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