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  1. 100% agree. It seems like getting to 100 EI was a pipe dream a dozen years ago, but the outstanding community that continues at the FISD blew that out of the water.
  2. I know I'm probably the last person in the world to join facebook, come on over and say hi. https://www.facebook.com/ATA-Works-592639421236812/
  3. Great news. Congrats to Panda for taking on armor making (I can't think of a more talented person to be a prop maker) and to RT for finding a great person to pass the torch to.
  4. Lat time I emailed with RT he had a year plus wait and was not accepting new orders. Haven't heard from him in a while though. His day job does keep him ridiculously busy.
  5. A little heat will make getting E6000 apart with the putty knife much easier.
  6. As it was posted a page back, there won't be a vote on it unless I missed an update somewhere.
  7. So will this change be voted on by the detachment as years of changes have been, or is it being implemented by fiat?
  8. Check out HVAC supply shops. They will have vac pumps and the sky is the limit on how much air they will move.
  9. Lens distortion just makes things look off, not necessarily bigger or smaller. It is most obvious when photographing Vader. Jesse (TK_Leper) did a great side by side thread with ATA and AP helmets.
  10. I've got the measurements from all the helmets out there, I'll have to dig up my notes. But the ATA helemt is larger than the AP. Also the 20% is way off, the FX is only 6% oversized. If I remember correctly the ATA is about a quarter of a percent (.25%) smaller than a TE/TE2. As for how it fits, it's all in the build. In the side by side above, the face do dome angle is different, and the gap from the top of the eyes to the prow trim is non-existent on the ATA where there is 3/8 of an inch of brow showing under the brow trim on the TE. Also there is some lens distortion from the picture being taken too close to the helmets, take the same pic from 6 ft back and zooming and you will see what I'm talking about.
  11. All the accusations, yet Jeff is being dishonest. Why not come out and say who you are, where you are really from, and what your real story is. No one is in bed with darth vorhees, but all you have made is many accusations, and name calling. Show some proof. Also with you claim in DV's other thread about What a joke, the admin tool box is almost never used to it's fullest potential. You could be censored, deleted, erased, banned, put on post approval, or a combination there of, just to name a few. Your existence on the forum shows how tolerant the staff is and will to have people's voices heard. But all the claims with big talk and no proof wears thin quick.
  12. I'm a hair under 6'2" and around 220 and I had to cheat on the backs of the thighs and shins, but no shims on my kit.
  13. Mirror glaze #2, I think it's called a medium cutter if I remember right. I've also tried #10 at a friends and it was nice, but didn't remove scratches.
  14. Yep, I switched to Meguiar's mirror glaze years ago. I heard about it from the Vaders and got some for my Vader dome and went from there.
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