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  1. Hello all.<br> I'm well on way with making my own helmet sculpt/mold but one thing that keeps annoying me is my helmet detail parts. <br> One specific detail I'm hoping someone can hel me with is the dimensions of the ears on the helmet.<br> I was specifically looking for measurements of the <br> 1. Main lower circle area, depth and radius<br> 2. The upper circle area, depth and radius<br> 3. The depth and width roughly of the stock.<br><br> If anyone can help me out with these it would be amazing. <br> Thanks for any and all help
  2. Thanks for reply. I have the full unlocked version of pepakura designer so altering is no problem now. In addition I have almost completed both lower area of the arms just have to do the upper bell armour then moving into the chest and back. Will prob use fierfieks files for this as dung0bettles are overly complex and the pep file I have for his rear back armour seems not to be quite right.
  3. That's great news. Save me a load of time in re-peping again and again to get right sizes. I actually found an upgraded version on line that I may pep.
  4. Completed the left and right lower gauntlets peps. Been slowed down with work and family. Looking at helmet it is the right size (slightly larger than needed) and as such I have found a version of the popular space cowboy helmet pep so I'm gonna build that and decided which helmet to go with.
  5. Thanks for all the good feed back. Rick all you have to do is just give it a go. After all its just card and if you make a boob ( which I have done a lot ) you can always fix it easy. Jeff: I hope I can get close to what you have made with your fantastic helmet Glen: dear god I know it's going to take a loooooooooong time and many many nights of glued fingers Finished the left lower arm pep last night and I'm hoping to have the rest of the left arm armour done by end of weekend
  6. Hi all. Thought it time to start posting my Trooper pep build. I am using a combination of Fierfek and Dun0bettles pep files to do my pep. At present i have made Fierfeks trooper helmet and i present the images below for peoples responses... be gentle as i have NEVER done pepakura before and this is my first real go at it. The helmet was put together using UHU glue as i just couldn’t get the hot glue gun i have to co-operate but i guess that will come with practice. I'm going to hold off resining the helmet and practice on a easier pep piece that if needed can be rebuilt without alot of cursing lol. As i'm in UK my resin of choice is to be Jesmonite AC100. Note Mr potato head is a great reference for me lol
  7. Thanks again Walt. Is there a did between a single and 2 stage pump? Looking at a budget of £150 uk
  8. Cheers for that. I was looking at that site. I'm only looking to do minimum pulls. Currently trying my hand at pepakura build. Done the helmet but not started hardening it. Going to make it into a mold a use it to pull some HIPS. Should really start showing off my new pride and joy before getting to far ahead in the helmet and armour so people believe me lol
  9. Hi. This is just a quick question that probably has been asked before but as I have finished my vac table and a surge tank set up also made up I am looking for a decent vac pump to use INDOORS. The tables got a vac surface of 60cm square and if my calculations are right there are 2 6ltr tanks for holding the air. I have seen a few options and they are around 1.5 too 4 CFM and have an HP of 1/4. This is a range of pics of my table set up http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/27868-vacuum-forming-table-pump/page-2#entry353775 All help as usual greatly appreciated
  10. Always on the look out for help

  11. Thanks for all the replays everyone. I ended up getting a dremel with flexy attachment and it's been great with everything I have used it for. Unfortunately I have snapped a couple of the sanding both wood and metal discs but these can easily be replaced.
  12. Check out fonts up. They seem to have the font that SIMpixels is using. I just used google and pasted in "univers LT Std 59 Ultra Condensed" and picked the second link
  13. Thanks for the info. Have also been finally contacted by troopermaster about his TM armour. Anyone know if my build might fit his armour?
  14. My word... I thought this would be a fun hobby but now it looks like i'm being press ganged into EXERCISE!!!! I have today sent the PM off asking to be put on the lists for the next run so I'm committed to the fun and games ahead. The rest of the gear to finish off the armour i.e. body suit etc should be fairly easy to come by. I have also purchase a E11 blaster resin model from doopydoos... just hope it gets delivered ok as don't trust their choice of delivery transport from prior experiences.
  15. This has probably been asked in the past but I am currently looking into getting a cutting tool. I was thinking of buying a Bevel Dremel 3000 multitool for around £39.00. I was wondering if people have used this in their sculpting and trimming of plastics and if its a good tool to purchase. Thanks for any answers
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