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  1. Ok, here is my latest try... Of course now that I see the picture I find things that are wrong.....unfortuately my firends who help though they try hard keep missing stuff which I cant see when in the arrmor
  2. Thanks all going to fix those issues this weekend and I'll post the new photos then!
  3. 1. Name - Frederick Marlow 2. Future Garrison/Squad/Outpost or local area - Canadian Garrison 3. Armor maker - Authentic Props 4. Helmet maker - Authentic Props 5. Cloth belt maker - Authentic Props 6. Neck seal maker - Soulart 7. Boot maker - Imperial Boots 8. Height 5' 11" 9. Blaster maker - Quest Design Canada 10. Weight 95kg 11. TK type - ANH Stunt 12. Name(s) of any Trooper(s) who significantly helped with your build. Alex Kung
  4. Hehe...I did already trim it then thought about the paint....LOL
  5. I am about to start working on my helmet & I want to paint it black inside but what is easier.......to assemble the 2 pieces then paint the inside or paint to 2 pieces separately and then assemble? Thanks
  6. Hi All, Silly question of the day....but I have a friend offer to do do some sewing for me and figured i would get the loops needed for the chest, abdomen, back & butt done! I read or saw somewhere but can't remember now that I need 9 loops each made of 1 inch wide black elastic with a length of 1 inch. What my plan was to cut 2 1/2 inch lengths of black elastic, burn the ends to prevent fraying and fold them over for a total length 1 1/4 inch loops once sewn it would be about 1 inch loop. Is this the correct ? Thanks
  7. Hi Q, I understand if elections have happened that explains why the GML name changed....But I thought to join their forums I had to be active member of the 501st: So since I haven't even started making my armor I thought I couldn't join.....
  8. Hi, Slowly getting decisions made for my build, but was hoping to talk to some of the members during Comic Con in Toronto next week but sent an e-mail to the GML awhile back but have not heard anything......I had sent two other e-mails before that then I notice GML had changed or had the wrong e-mail but either way 3 e-mails and zero response!
  9. Hi all, I am looking for my neck seal and body suit and was wondering if Stroomtrooper-Costumes was a good place to buy? I didn't see it listed here but i have have miss it... https://www.stormtrooper-costumes.com/ Also I am from Canada and try to buy from either the US or Canada, if someone know of another place feel free to suggest it Fred
  10. Thanks, I will have to decide which way to do it now.....though I like that self adhesive EVA padding you have Cheers
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