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  1. Requesting Stormtooper Status and Detachment Access: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24196
  2. Is it possible for a HWT to wear a Holster for the SE-14R or how do you wear that weapon?
  3. thank you ABomb. The HWT Looks great and the Idea with the cheap E11 Blaster is also good. Had you have a Problem with the approval because of the E11 on the Backpack?
  4. Thanks for your answers.I've seen that the E11 is allowed and was looking for a method that I do not have to carry it in my Hand all the time. I would prefer the DLT19 instead. I saw in the CRL that the Shoulder Pouch should be black in color and made of leather or leather-like material. So I bought mine now in leather. Hopefully I can use it for approval.
  5. Let me ask one question to this older thread, please. Just because I see first time this fact on a picture. Is it allowed for a HWT to wear the Holster for the E11 and have the Amo-Pouch just on the right side and at the breast plate of the armor?
  6. Greet you. I also have a RS Armour. Wish you a lot of time or a good friend that helps at the start ;).
  7. Welcome aboard and good luck with your costume :).
  8. Welcome aboard and where ever you are,... hail to the emperror :).
  9. Hallo, mal eine Frage: Hat schon mal jemand Hand Guards auf Nomex Handschuhen befestigt und vielleicht Tips diesbezüglich? Ich habe etwas Angst da mit E6000 ranzugehen... oder? Bin für jeden Hinweis dankbar
  10. Please Enable me for 501 Access ID-29107 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24196 German Garrison | SW Squad
  11. Thank you for the feedback. This said, here is my actual Status: The front view: At the moment I didn't fix the arms to the shoulders. The biceps armor will move a little bit up so that I'm able to put my helm on without any external help :). View from the left side: I feel comfortable with it. Do anybody see something I missed? The back view: View from the right side: Here I think I have a Problem on the Back armor. It seems that it reaches a little bit outside the rest of the shape at the hips when I
  12. Hi Chopper, Thank's for your tips. Are you using the original strapping sysytem ?? ( brackets and elastics) --> Yes, at the moment I use this. Could there be a Problem with that? Also have a look at crickets and fragarocks builds good solid info on alterations --> Crickets build is I follow at the moment. I will look for fragarocks, too. Thank you.
  13. Hmm,... interesting. I checked the gap between chest and backplate on the "Shoulderstraps" and it was been 40mm. I opened it up again and went to 50mm on both sides. Now it looks like this: Sorry for the bad pictures and the shorts but it is hot and they are at least black ... I think now I have: - The length of the front side is ok now. - The back seems to be a little short furthermore. - I have a hole between backplate and my back. Is this ok? Personally I think I could form the Shoulder straps of the OII-Platte a litte bit so th
  14. Hello everybody, I started with my first stormtrooper armor build some time ago. Parts are prepared and and now I reached the Point of assembling of the Parts. At the moment I assembled the Chest and back parts together. The front view looks like this: I feel the front looks good. But when I switch to the side it seems that the amor is a little bit long, maybe about 1-2 cm. Would you shorten this and how could I do it? Shoulder and neck is comfortable for me so I wouldn't change there. First idea was to shorten the thighs but when I have a look on the Picture
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